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Book: The Divine Truth Setting Us Free - Christian Conspiracy To Rule The World by Jabulani Andrew Nzilane

Book Reviews: The Divine Truth Setting Us Free - Christian Conspiracy To Rule The World by Jabulani Andrew Nzilane

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Jabulani Andrew Nzilane

Author Jabulani Andrew Nzilaneabout this book: This book is about revealing the lies that have been told to us for a very long time by Christians and their followers. The lies that so many people have gone to their grave believing in and the host of others still believe in. The Christian charlatans have got the world on their hold as this brings them income and there is no other way for them to make a living. It also reveals the truth as to where God Resides.
The book was inspired by the revelation that came to me after a long session of meditation and coming out of a Kundalini meditation trance.
Anybody can read this book as there is no age limit to it. In essence, parents are advised to read this book as it will teach them to let their make their own choices in life instead of relying on their teachers and pastors for guidance.

This book took me a period of a year to write as the revelation was coming through slowly. God is not in a hurry, if we are. I came up with the title because a lot of books had been written on revealing the truth but no truth was ever revealed.

The hardest part about writing the book came when I was thrown out of the house I was renting with my family for not being able to pay rent and found myself in the streets with no food and then I had no laptop or computer to write with. Struggling to find money to go to the internet café to start writing was God inspired, because the revelation came to me everyday.

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I have no doubt that this book will be considered one of the best out of Africa to challenge the orthodox and fundamental lies that the world has been exposed to by the Christians and their ilk. The author does not mince his words and asks for no favours from anybody. This will surely leave some quarters of the population fuming but hey, I got educated from reading this and now I know that the truth is not what it always seem to be. The world can never be subjected to those who think they know the truth. I think the people of the world are beginning to be educated as to what matters most. We cannot rely on Christians and the Jews to continue to lie to us in order to enrich themselves while others remain poor. This book has been long time coming. [by daniel]

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Thought provoking, controversial and taking the road less travelled. The book is taking the direction of the Da Vinci code and other controversial books. Thanks we are living in a tolerant society where anyone can share his/her views without any fear or favour. [by Bona]

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