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Book: Max's Hallowe'en Adventure (Shadows from the Past Book 14) by Wendy Leighton-Porter

Book: Max's Hallowe'en Adventure (Shadows from the Past Book 14) by Wendy Leighton-Porter

categories: Book, Middle Grade, Magic, History, Hallowe'en, Adventure, Talking Cat, Witches, Superstition, Children's Fiction


Wendy Leighton-Porter

Author Wendy Leighton-Porterabout this book: I wrote this novella, a spooky Hallowe'en tale, as a prequel to the next full-length book. In his fifth solo mini-adventure, Max the talking Tonkinese cat, the feline hero of my Shadows from the Past series, travels back in time to the year 1646. He doesn't understand how this has happened until he recognises his surroundings and realises he's been here before. Why has he been brought to this tumbledown cottage in the middle of nowhere? All is about to be revealed…

The mid-17th century Essex Witch Trials took place at a dark period in English history when the country was torn apart by civil war. They were unsettled and dangerous times, when people were fearful and suspicious. Superstition and belief in witchcraft were the norm, so, for many spinsters or widows living alone with only a pet (often a cat) for company, life was even more precarious. And then, along came a man by the name of Matthew Hopkins who gave himself the title of Witchfinder General. Preying upon people's fears, he made it his mission to rid the local towns and villages of witches, for a price, of course. His work must have been very lucrative, because it's thought that he sent over 400 women to trial and execution over a period of three years.

Max is called upon by an old lady, Goody Clowes, to come and help her, for Hopkins has arrested her sister who is now awaiting trial. Max must defeat the Witchfinder, but this is too big a job for him to face alone and he must return to the present to fetch his usual time-travelling companions. Being forewarned of the situation will enable them to do lots of research and prepare them for the task ahead.

Before Max heads back to his own time, however, he has an unpleasant encounter with the man himself and is dreading meeting Hopkins again. Throughout this short story, we're never entirely sure about Goody Clowes. Is she just an ordinary old woman and is her sister innocent, as she claims? Or could there be more to her than meets the eye? The mystery is just beginning…

"With its edge of the seat action and tantalizing conclusion, this book is certain to have even the most reluctant readers begging for the next installment!" – READERS' FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS

"Wendy Leighton-Porter handles the subject matter in an exciting and very child-friendly, accessible way, in a tale which rattles along at the pace of a broomstick fizzing across the firmament… and there's more to come, as we are left, breathless, on a cliff-hanger. To be continued!" – JOHN CLEWARTH, author

"Max's Hallowe'en Adventure is a delightful and deliciously scary prelude to the next adventure." – FIONA INGRAM, author

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