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Book: Captain Cloud and the Dark Invader by David Tish

Book: Captain Cloud and the Dark Invader by David Tish

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David Tish

Author David Tishabout this book: Some years ago my wife received as a birthday present a book called "The Invention of Clouds," by Richard Hamblyn. The book had the subtitle "How an Amateur Meteorologist Forged the Language of the Skies."

Up to that point, I really had never given much thought to clouds. But that book, which I actually read before my wife did, changed everything. Although my purpose here is not to give a review of the book, I must say that after reading it I had a much better understanding of – and a greater appreciation for – those wonderful creations that roam the skies and play such a vital role in making planet Earth habitable for all living creatures.

So when I decided in early 2013 to try my hand at writing children's books, it was no particular surprise that the subject of clouds came to mind. The eventual result was "Captain Cloud and the Dark Invader."

But I've gotten ahead of myself.

When I had finished writing but had not yet published my book, my wife's niece, through the grapevine that is commonly known as "family," got wind of the book. As luck would have it, the niece teaches a class of first-graders. Would it be possible, she asked, to read the unpublished book to her pupils?

Would it be possible? Are you kidding? Do you see the lightning before you hear the thunder?

I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect of having a class of 6- and 7-year-old kids as "beta" readers.

So, not only was the book read to them, but they also gave me feedback – good and bad. And you have to know that kids at that age are incapable of dissembling. If they like something, they'll say so. If they don't like something, you'd better believe they will tell you that as well.

The point is, I got an HONEST review of the book from those 22 children. And that kind of help is invaluable to an author. Those kids made "Captain Cloud and the Dark Invader" a better book. So I dedicated the book to them, each by name, and to their dear teacher.

So what is "Captain Cloud and the Dark Invader" about? It tells the story of Farmer Brown and his garden, and how Captain Cloud was worried that that black cloud on the horizon was going to cause trouble. How did it all end? Sorry, can't tell you that.

But I can tell you that not only did the kids in my wife's niece's class enjoy the story, they also learned a lot about clouds, rain, thunder and lightning.

And that's not a bad thing.

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