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Book: Imagine That! Planting the Seeds of Possibility by Kevin Mullani

Book Review: Imagine That! Planting the Seeds of Possibility by Kevin Mullani

categories: Book, Children's Book

Author: Kevin Mullani
Publisher: Tru Publishing

 Sparks a dialogue with your kids and encourages spending more time together

Now dear reader, I want to tell you about author named Kevin Mullani. He has been described as a spiritual being having a human experience, happily married to his soul-mate Stephanie, and proud father of two beautiful, amazing children. They reside in Boise, Idaho where Kevin and Stephanie enjoy helping each other expand their spiritual mindfulness. Kevin wrote a book titled, Imagine That! Planting the Seeds of Possibility.

There is nothing like a story to spark children's imaginations and help them learn about different places. When children see pictures of African animals, European castles, Egyptian Pyramids, Asian temples, or any other cultural scene with stories from these far-off lands, it transports them to these places. Sharing books together as a family is a perfect time to have conversations about the world and the unique ways that people live. However, Kevin Mullani takes his novel a step further. His mindful story and guide for parents will foster limitless potential of children, build resilience, and develop a positive mind-set both with intrapersonal skills with developing ideas from thought to reality.

I expected this book to provide exercises and the like which ignite or launch an imagination process. In a sense it does however, I was so sparked by the creativity of the author with the use of a poem at the beginning. Kevin Mullani's writing is crisp and engaging and the book is a pleasure to read. I was comfortable using the parent guide with my 10 year old son and his friend. There are nine steps that are given to explain or to expand on the child's growth. This book can be used for children age 3 to adulthood.

I found myself contemplating on several points such as

-Step Six. Don't let negative people get you down or put limits on you.

-Step Eight. Accept the growth of your ideas with gratitude, regardless of how fast or slow it is growing

-Step Nine. There is always another idea seed, so don't ever stop creating!

Stephanie Mullani 's illustrations are a treasure. She has a unique style that combines Fauvism influences with a modern flair. She paints brightly colored, organic looking objects, people, and animals that convey emotion and invite empathy. This is a visual equivalent of a great short story, it seems that every color and line adds to the value of the narrative; yet her achievement remains informal and friendly.

This husband wife team or "soul mates" embraces the central theme of Imagine That is mindfulness with imagination. As stated by the author, "Your mind is the planting ground for all idea seeds, your joyful emotions are the sunlight it needs to grow, and the actions you take to achieve your goals are equivalent to tilling the soil, pulling weeds, and watering your plant." There's a satisfying warm glow one gets after reading this book; discussing this book evokes similar feelings especially with a child. Although praised by many for Kevin and Stephanie Mullani's outstanding talents, I still somehow feel that this book deserves even more. Perhaps a journal for children to express themselves and an adult workbook will be explored as an accompaniment. This book would be extremely valuable with schools, families, and religious organizations. There are so many amazing books on the shelves in the children's section, but this one is not to be missed. I love any book that sparks a dialogue with your kids and encourages spending more time together. I highly recommend Imagine That! Planting the Seeds of Possibility. By Kevin Mullani. [by Ginger Dawn Harman]

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