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Book: Granny's Magic Garden by Diane Griffith

Book: Granny's Magic Garden by Diane Griffith

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Diane Griffith

Author Diane Griffithabout this book: The stories found in Granny's Magic Garden are stories that made my own grandchildren laugh. I wanted t share them with other children all over the world.

George, Freddie, Harvey and Saffie love to listen to the stories their granny tells them about the magical things that go on in her garden during the night. Sometimes some amazing things happen during the day too! Then the children feel as though they are becoming part of these stories.

The characters show through their actions reasons to do good things, and reasons why not to do bad things.

The silly fairy, Dirty Gertie gets turned into a frog for a day because she stuck her tongue out at the Fairy Queen, and was very rude! However, she did later earn her wings so she could fly like the other fairies, when she was kind to a lonely little fairy.

There are many more stories like this with a little lesson in good behaviour in every chapter.

This book is suitable for boys as well as girls. It has lots of pictures, is easy to read and will have children laughing while they learn.

Children can join George, Freddie, Harvey and Saffie as they too enjoy these enchanting stories.

I was inspired to write this book mainly by my two grandsons, George and Freddie. They were going through a difficult time of parents splitting up and accepting a half brother and half sister. These days wnen families break up children sometimes behave badly because they can't express how they feel.

I made stories up about fantasy characters that made them laugh, but also taught them certain lessons. It was so rewarding to see them laugh!

So, I decided to try to help other children to accept how things are with these same storries.

The title was simple, the stories were about my garden. I chose the cover becuse it looked magical.

The hardest part was remembering how sad George and Freddie were at tha particular time. However they remember the stories and the time we shared together with fondness now that they are grown up.

I did not do research. I simply remembered how I had helped my grandchildren to laugh.

I learnt from writing this book that children remember time spent with them.

What I would say to my readers if they are adults reading to a child:

The art of telling stories seems to have died in this modern age of technology, but children love to listen to stories. People should remember that. No-matter what expensive toys are given, the thing that children appreciate more than anything is your time! Also, their imagination should always be encouraged!

To a child reading this, I would say: Enjoy these stories and remember to tell a grown up who you can trust, like your granny, if someone is hurting you, or making you feel sad. You can write it down on a piece of paper and tell your granny where it is, so the fairies will find it if you would rather do that.

No child should ever feel they can't talk about anything.

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