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Book: Starman Jones - A Relativity Birthday Present by Robert G. Williscroft

Book: Starman Jones - A Relativity Birthday Present by Robert G. Williscroft

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Robert G. Williscroft

Author Robert G. Williscroftabout this book: When my son was a toddler, I regaled him with bedtime stories about Starman Jones, Billy, and Space Pup, and their adventures flying around the universe on their starship Willywinder. Although these stories were fun and fanciful, I carefully built into each a principle of esoteric science. My son grew up with an intuitive understanding of Special and General Relativity, quantum mechanics, celestial mechanics, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, and mathematics.

"The Relativity Birthday Present" is a story about using Special Relativity to your advantage. Baby Billy is born into the circle that includes Starman Jones and Space Pup. They want to take Billy with them on their journeys throughout the universe. But Baby Billy needs to be older. So Starman Jones and Space Pup journey to Sirius and back, traveling very, very fast. The result is that when they return, they arrive on Billy's 9th birthday, although they, themselves, have barely aged. Thus, they become Billy's Relativity Birthday Present.

The story is told in simple language and illustrated with lively pictures. Over time and several re-readings, young readers (and their parents who read the story to them) will gain an intuitive understanding of one characteristic of Special relativity, time compression.

This book (and entire series) is endorsed by Dr. Frank Drake, world-class scientist and founder of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute. He wrote a foreword for parents that explains how these books can help youngsters understand science, and he wrote a second foreword for children that helps open their eyes to the wonders of science.

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