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Book: Kiss of Death by Katie Haynes

Book Reviews: Kiss of Death by Katie Haynes

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Katie Haynes

Author Katie Haynesabout this book: Katie knew as an child, someday she would be a writer. As an abused child herself she felt to stop abuse, you must first educate people on what abuse does to the child as well as the family itself. The cover seemed to be fitting for the novel, until we marry someone you never really know who they are or if they have darkness inside of them. The hardest part that Katie had writing the book was that it brought memories of her childhood back, but she wanted to continue writing so that maybe she could reach out to an child that has been or is being abused. She wanted to tell them that they are worth something and that it wasn't their fault, and to keep fighting, that there is happiness after abuse, and she ask them to please don't give up themselves.

Millions of children are being abused and molested, if it's not alright with you, then let's stand as one, and fight as one.

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I bought the book, loved it. I couldn't put it down, super crazy that child abuse is not stopped, and how these children suffer. I only wish more Authors would write about this and help stop it. [by J Gandy]


I did read this book, like Broken, this book is by the same Author, she has went above what others are doing. She is writing on a subject that is not the easiest to write or sell. I can see through her writing that she cares and that should make us all care just a little more about this subject and stop being so blind. Loved the book! [by Victoria]


Broken by Katie Haynes is a touching story about child abuse and the damage it leaves. I have to admit that at first it was difficult to read and I kept putting the book down becoming too emotional to continue being a victim of child abuse myself. But this book has taught me that forgiveness is the key to overcoming the torture and scars left on my heart and soul. [by Dottie]

 A Friend Gave Me The Book To Read

My hairdresser gave me both copies to read. Her client is the Author herself, and she had given her copies of both books. I thought I wouldn't stop crying when I read Broken, and then when I read Kiss of Death, I thought to myself, I don't know how any child endures what pain they go through with abuse. My heart goes out to all the abused children out there, we all should have more patience and love for these children, and maybe do what we can in our community to help stop the abuse. I have to say, I did like the book, putting it down was hard. [by Danielle Jamison]

 Loved It

I read the book and I can't even comprehend what children of abused families go through, it is so sad that we shy away from helping the child, just because we don't want to get involved. it did open my eyes and my heart. I really loved the book as well as the other one she writes about. [by Diane L]

 So Heartbreaking, Yet Turned Out Great

It broke my heart at first and then made me laugh and cry, and how sweet the ending was for starting over. It showed that there are happy endings after the children are abused. Thumbs up to this writer. [by Vic Hanes]

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