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Book: Angel in Disguise - Children's Edition by Violeta Barrett

Book: Angel in Disguise - Children's Edition by Violeta Barrett

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Violeta Barrett

Author Violeta Barrettabout this book: As an award-winning author, I was aware how much time and effort it takes for a novice to find their way around the world of book publishing. I made many costly mistakes in the early stages, but eventually learned the ropes. So when I encouraged others to write their stories, I felt obligated to help them find the "short cuts" that I had learned, the dos and don'ts, the most important of which is proofing your work, not once, not twice, but at least three times before submitting it.

I was doing just that for a friend who had written a book about her cat when it suddenly occurred to me that I had a story to tell about my own experience with a cat that magically appeared in my life when I most needed someone or something. I had recently lost my husband and it felt as if my life had ended too. Oddly, I didn't like cats ... or so I thought ... so why a cat? I was a "dog" person! But I soon learned that God sends us many gifts, some are wrapped in different packaging so we don't catch on immediately. So when this little gift from heaven appeared one day scratching on my screen door, I was less than enthusiastic. I tried to shush him away, but he ignored that part completely, and strolled across the tiny kitchen porch of my country home in Canada. He climbed up on a rocking chair, curled up into a ball, closed his eyes and fell asleep. As God's messenger, he had found the right address.

Suddenly a breeze caught the branches of the trees that surrounded my home. The branches parted and a sunbeam shone straight down from the sky onto the orange coat of this tiny, furry ball. He opened his eyes for a moment and a pair of the most beautiful aquamarine eyes, stared back at me. It was then I knew why he had come and who had sent this angel in disguise.

When I decided to write my book, I originally intended it to be for older children, but when I had the book edited, my publisher suggested that it had a much wider pet lovers and people who had lost a loved one. It hadn't occurred to me, so focused was I on my intended audience. However, that's exactly what happened. People who are pet lovers, bought the book immediately, while those who had lost a loved one, human or animal...including a bird lover...could relate to the story. I soon realized that I had omitted one group--small children, who although they couldn't read the book themselves, loved to look at the beautiful photos that fill the pages. So for them I created a Children's Edition, a part of the original book that can stand alone and has an upbeat ending. I have always believed that every child needs a time to be just that...a child, happy, carefree and loved.

It wasn't coincidence when I wrote these lines in my first published book titled FIRST LOVE : "there are many different kinds of love ... " If you believe in love, ANGEL IN DISGUISE is your kind of book. If you don't, then it will make you a believer.

Writing the book, just like training the cat, required lots of research and even after all this time, I learned things I never knew. For example, did you know that when a cat blinks his eyes at you it means, "I love you?"

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