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Book: Mow - The Story of a Piratical Tom Cat by Roger Penney

Book: Mow - The Story of a Piratical Tom Cat by Roger Penney

categories: Book, Rivals, Adventures, Ghosts, The Disaster, Naming Pets, Boss Cat, Bully, Fish and Milk, Sleeping, Fighting, Singing, Cat


Roger Penney

Author Roger Penneyabout this book: Long ago during World War Two I lived with my parents in Birmingham, Britain's major industrial city. O.K. so London was bigger, I don't care. We lived on a working class estate and there were only about two people who owned cars. We were English so most families had an animal. We boys had tadpoles in a jam jar. Some families had dogs, next door was a spaniel, a couple of doors further on they had a large tom cat called 'Panda'. He was white and black and was the only male cat in the immediate area.

Things changed. You know how things change when some dominant person makes his or her appearance! That was how this was. He just appeared. Naturally my mother, who loved cats, fed him. After that he just naturally took up residence. He ate our food, well the scraps from the plates and fish heads my mother got from the fishmonger and he had milk in his bowl. He took over the comfortable armchairs if we were not sitting in them. If we were then he simply sat then slept on us. My mother of course was favourite, she almost had to give up knitting. Then he discovered the beds.

Well to cut a long story short he grew. He was wild and he was as predator. He began to stay away for days and nights on end. Nights were his favourite time when he went singing and fighting and consorting with he lady cats. We knew that because he was black and white. Black with a white patch on is nose, a white bib and white socks. There suddenly appeared an increasing number of kittens all black and white. That is how we knew what he got up to at night. Neighbours kept their cats in.

Read how he defeated his male rivals, terrified next doors Spaniel and chased my friends Labrador up the road. Read about the disaster which was the local pet and flower show and how the Vicar got accused of holding services at midnight to worship the Devil. Read how a Piratical Tom Cat went through life dominating everyone and everything as only a very large, intelligent and fierce Tom Cat can, and how he endeared himself, finding a place in our hearts so that I just had to write some stories based on his adventures. Discern if you can the fact from the fiction.

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