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Book: The Amazing Wood-Gas Camping Stove (A Simple DIY Project Book 1) by Paul Andrulis

Book: The Amazing Wood-Gas Camping Stove (A Simple DIY Project Book 1) by Paul Andrulis

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Paul Andrulis

Author Paul Andrulisabout this book: Building a wood-gas stove is nothing new, but information on the net is often either bluster and lacking any real understanding of the concept, or completely inadequate for the person who wants to make a fully functioning unit without spending a small fortune.

I have personally built numerous different designs and styles of personal camping equipment over the years, of which the wood-gas stove is but one of many stove types. What sets it apart from the pack is that you do not have to carry any fuel, as fuel is inevitably wherever you are. It runs on bio-mass, meaning any dry carbon based natural biological substance. It will burn pine-cones or weed stalks as readily as wood, making it a compact and inexpensive to operate unit, which can be built for free.

One place where these units shine are during or immediately after natural disasters, or in other emergencies, when clean drinking water cannot be had, or cooking is impossible due to power shortages. Most camping stoves will work... until you run out of fuel. With the amazing wood-gas stove, fuel is probably your last concern. It will efficiently boil water for drinking purposes, and quickly cooks a meal.

The design is also scale-able, in that a unit can be made either quite large to fairly small. Considering the largest units I have made with this design, a pair of them cooked full meals for thirty people, for an entire week long camping trip. They easily handled a thirty quart stock pot and the units themselves were the size of a full sized coffee can. The size I use in my backpack is the size of a quart paint can, and will boil a half-gallon pot of coffee with just nine pine-cones.

I originally started making these after my family went through a month long power outage, in which I found myself having to boil water and cook in my fireplace. That is difficult, and I wanted something better. Now you can build yourself a stove based upon my instructional book, and not have to worry about losing your ability to cook or boil, when the lights go out.

They are also great for outdoors use, a small list of reasons why:

• They are durable... little maintenance or upkeep required.
• They are light weight... quart sized unit is less than a pound, no fuel to carry.
• They are cheap to operate... free
• They are cheap to build... free (or less than $15 if you buy the materials brand new)

No other stove type can say that, and the units are easy to build and assemble.

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