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Book: Live What You Love - The 20 Golden Secrets of Business Attitudes to Succeed by Jean TCHAMGUE

Book: Live What You Love - The 20 Golden Secrets of Business Attitudes to Succeed by Jean TCHAMGUE

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Jean Tchamgue

Author Jean Tchamgueabout this book: Today I have something special I want to share with people. We all know sometimes that we need help to achieve our goals and more faster. In the twilight of my five years of hard work and research on the Internet to build my business and earn Financial Freedom, I felt the desire to share with you a story.

I mean, sometimes, it's just so frustrating to breakthrough to the next level of success in life, right. Unfortunately, I can't help everyone one-on-one, and most can't invest the 4-figures to do that anyway.

So I have this idea: Can I personally help you get ahead?

What I want to share with you today is a Book. I spent the last two years working on this Guide every spare hour I had. It's the most important work of my lifetime, so I want to share it with you first. It's my Bible of Business. I hope you will enjoy it and will share this opportunity with members of your community to better their life. You and your family deserve a new year that is SPECTACULAR. You couldn't believe it until you read your free book copy available here. now.

A fabulous resource to help people to achieve any goal they set out to achieve personal/professional. Because if you're like me, you struggle at times with doing what you need to do, to get the results or outcomes you desire.

The story is about a black guy living in Portsmouth who was student in Switzerland in 1998-2002. It is an inspiration moment of my life experience and the uncertainty situation I was facing in my own country in 1996 when I started my first business.Then I went to Europe through the air; my family expected a lot from me, I had to fulfil the dreams of young people of my Mother's village by building an Integrated Centre of Development and Health Centre. The dream was so big and I hoped that my integration would be quick and easy. Unfortunately, there are people who hate you and want you to fail It seems like I had the winning combination of Lotto in my hand.

I know your message for this year it's clear that you want to achieve your dream lifestyle with less difficulty, greater clarity and at an accelerated speed. You start your life with expectations and dreams, but as you go, life is not always as you had imagined.Life is as it is and sometime it depends on someone else.

I know there is another level of achievement and fulfilment, and I know I can help you get there FAST. May be you've never heard of this book, or someone told you about my training, never mind, you see there are millions of anonymous entrepreneurs like me out there, and often people do not discover us until they have a problem they need to fix.

I used to really struggle to get up, stay focused and motivated, and achieve as fast as other people did especially with any semblance of sanity and fulfilment! Like many foreigners, the language was a barrier to my integration, consequently I was doing odd jobs, and this didn't stop me fighting to build my own business. By ambition, by choice or by necessity I've never asked the question. As long as human beings continue to immigrate, to move to the land of Human Being I would never ask a question. Then I figured out some new achievement strategies... and the rest is history.

This book is my effort to pull back the curtain of my 5 years hard work and research, to bring this model and system in the hands of people and invite them in, whenever they will decide to quit the Club45-45-45 where they work 45 hours per week for 45 years as slave for money to pay tax and bill, to receive 45% of what they earn now which is not enough to sustain their living standard, then to be in financial slavery for their personal debts.

So, this book would help you in a new way, a powerful way, and give you many of the same achievement tools and strategies I give to my elite clients, and that I use in my own life and business every day. day.

If you're willing to commit to your journey of self-mastery, go here grab your copy of the book.

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