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Book: Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner by Will Estell

Book Reviews: Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner by Will Estell

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 Highly recommended book for any entrepreneur or new business owners

I was recently given a copy of Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner as a gift, and though I am not a big reader I read this book front to back within a few days of receiving it.

If every business or self help book could be this simple and to the point, I'd probably read five of them a year instead of one every two or three. As an owner of three businesses and founder of countless others,I normally do not have or take time to read as much as I probably should, but I found Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner to be one book that got the points across in short form and made since to me, and I would suspect most anyone who reads it. If all books could achieve opening up such a reader thought process and such introspection using so few words more busy people would read, and learn.

I admire Will Estell's ability to make such a "call to thinking" statement by saying so little. Or is it by saying so much? I definitely suggest this book. [by Laken Molden]

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 Short, Sweet and Full of True Wisdom

Bought it, read it, read it again, and again, and find myself actually making some of my retail store's business decisions based on the advice and wisdom in this book. I highly suggest that if you are in business for yourself, or thinking about making the move to working for yourself, you pick up this book. Wisdom & Wisecracks For The Aspiring Business Owner is wise beyond its pages and words. [by Michael Nash]

 Simple, Useful, Real Life Business Wisdom

I recently purchased Wisdom & Wisecracks by Will Estell, the second edition, on Kindle after reading the reviews about the book. I have to admit that at first I was surprised at how very simple the book is, and how at one quote a page I could probably read it in 30 minutes or less front to back. What I found though was that as I read the quotes I found many that had real meaning to me; things that had been issues in the building of my own businesses, and still are. Because of this I spent lots of time reading and thinking about the aspects that affected me personally and I came away feeling that I literally became a little wiser by reading Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner. Definitely worth it. [by Adam Goldstein]

 Wisdom & Wisecracks by Will Estell Inspires and Educates Entrepreneurs

I recently purchased this book after attending an event that Will Estell was one of the motivational speakers at. As a relatively new tech business owner I was impressed with Estell's speaking and his ability to really make myself and other entrepreneurs think about what determines the makings of a successful business for anyone personally, so much so that I purchased his book, Wisdom & Wisecracks afterward.

Though much shorter in format and more direct in it's points, the book also conveys Estell's thoughts in how to choose the right business, or how to better the one you already have. As many others have said in the book's reviews: This book is one that every entrepreneur can gain from owning and reading.

 The Book That Doesn’t Preach

When you read Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner by Will Estell, you get the feeling that the man knows what he’s talking about. This book is like drinking from a clear stream, devoid of pretense, preaching, and pomp. Something about the structure and the intent of the book appeals to me – it is straightforward, makes no apologies, and focuses on what is important in a business: The people who run it and are involved in it.

As the owner of a small business, I often focus on the execution of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks without pausing to think about the quality of life I experience. This book compels me to take the time to think and take steps to improve that quality of life for my clients, my employees and myself. Will Estell places succinct, pertinent, and practical business tips before us, allowing the reader the luxury and pleasure of reading and interpretation. Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner is not just a book – it is a manual for the business mind.

 I Believe This Author Actually Gets Me

Being an entrepreneur and owner of two businesses I read helpful business tips when I get the time, which is to say, not as often as I should. And why? One reason: most business books are long, boring and full of information I don't need, and short on the topics and ideas I do. This book is different. I read it, understood it, thought about many of the wise tips, and I came out the better for it! I highly advise any business owner to read, think, and learn what Will Estell has to say. Wisdom & Wisecracks For The Aspiring Business Owners Will be in my office and on my book gifting lists for some time. [by Nester Alteras]

 Will Estell Gets it Right Page After Page!

I have to say that Wisdom and Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner is the one book I have turned to over and over for the last six months and continued to get good, easy to follow, business advice about my entrepreneurial journey. I wish every long winded business book author would learn to write like Will Estell does and save us all some time. I highly regard this book and suggest Wisdom and Wisecracks for Aspiring Business Owners to business owners anywhere. [by Lea Yutang]

 The Best Entrepreneurial Book You Can Read In 30 Minutes!

After hearing a few other people in my tech business circle talk about Wisdom & Wisecracks I decided to pick up a copy on Amazon myself. And am I ever glad I did! While the book is short and easy to read (both good features in my busy tech world) I found myself able to directly relate to what the author has to say, and seemed to find answers to some of the new business venture questions I had been asking myself. I certainly would recommend this book to anyone who is going into business or growing or expanding any current business. I think it is especially helpful to people like myself who are well versed in one business type, but still have ideas and dreams of beginning others we are less familiar with. I agree that it just may be the best $10.00 you will ever spend on a business book. [by Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android]

 Short Read, Big on Meaningful Advice

I bought, Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner, for myself, as a book that I hoped would help me gain some direction into becoming an entrepreneur after being in upper management for other companies for about fifteen years. The book was refreshing in that the author avoided the often mundane act of business books that go into pages of almost senseless rhetoric, and instead used short to-the-point quotes that really make you think about what you need to know and do to choose the right business and make it yours. I loved the book, and think that most any entrepreneur will too.

 Wisdom & Wisecracks Rocks!

I've probably used this book more than any book I've ever been given as a gift. Not only do I love the fact that it can be read front to back in thirty minutes, but I like the fact that it is to-the-point and makes sense to anyone in business for themselves. Too many times authors of business books stretch out chapters and pages to simply fill space, where as Will Estell says it plain and simple in a short and sweet, but memorable, way that the reader can remember and actually learn from reading. [by Megan Cyrus Barney]

 Be Prepared to Change

Will Estell has a unique outlook on life, and business. This book is not one of those that makes you feel good because he says you are doing everything right. It will inspire you to look at thins much differently. Although my views and Will's views are not completely copasetic, it is refreshing to look at many things in the new light that he provides. I highly recommend this book, and if you ever get the chance to see him live, do not miss the chance.

"The old adage 'Do what you love and the money will come' is only true if you have enough money to wait."
Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner [by Victor Binkerd]

 The Most Business Wisdom I Ever Read in Less Than 150 Pages

I purchased Will Estell's Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner when it first came out in late 2009 and I still refer back to it every few months when thinking of new businesses to personally start or provide funding for with our company. I find his quotes to be simply but prolific and impacting in helping make the right decisions for the businesses that our business should invest in and follow. I often refer to quote 41 especially and have made it a memorized basis for some of the newer and smaller companies looking for vc funding from our group.

I've gifted the book myself to some friends in business, and look forward to more such books from this author. [by Doug Pepper]

 Buy it You'll be Surprised How Enlightening it is

I was given Wisdom & Wisecracks by Will Estell, as a gift from a friend of mine, who happens to be a partner at the well known, internet television company, Hulu, and I must say my buddy definitely knew what he was doing when he bought it for me. A life long entrepreneur, I have been in the process of trying to figure out what kind of company to start next, after selling my last gaming tech company to a larger group. I read Wisdom & Wisecracks For The Aspiring Business Owner, and within twenty pages of Estell's quotes I had already thought about many aspects of certain businesses I had considered starting, and ruled out two of them right then.

I can assure you that you will not have read a short simple book on business and business start-ups that will make you think this much and help you gain the insight and thought patterns you really need to decide on the business that is right for you, and then give you so many good tips for growing and managing it after you start your business. I suggest this book to anyone going into business whether for the first time or the fifth time, as it is one of my all time favorites now.

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