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Book: Born Again Opinion by Philip J LoPresti

Book: Born Again Opinion by Philip J LoPresti

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Philip LoPresti

Author Philip LoPrestiabout this book: I wrote this book to share the experience of LEARNING the difference between religion and relationship with God. I suppose there have been many books written about this subject over the course of time, but none will describe what you will read here. Christianity and churches may disagree with what I write here, but I did not write this book for them. I wrote this book for anyone who may be struggling with the same hopelessness that I felt. I needed to answer questions about God that Christianity and "churches" could not give me. God appeared aloof, or separated, or apart from mankind and from me. It was as though He was unsociable or "too good" to associate with the people He created. My religion fell short in answering my questions; so I began to question God's existence. I became an agnostic.

It took me approximately one year to write this book. I chose the title "Born Again Opinion" because I knew the title Born Again had been used many times but it was my opinion that had not been. Each person's opinion is deeply rooted and set. It is their cover, just like my book has its cover. But each person's heart is not deeply rooted and set. It is like a cat scan of their spirit. High Definition CT Full Body Scans take a direct look inside to find the early stages of the leading killers: cancer, aneurysms, coronary and vascular disease, etc. We get a cat scan to learn about our true physical condition. Your heart tells your true "spiritual" condition. Only God can read it. That's not my opinion either. That's what the bible says in more than one place.

I chose the cover of my book is a "fall" setting. Fall symbolizes nature "dying" to itself and preparing to be born again in spring. I believe that is what is necessary in spirituality as well. We all have our opinions no matter who we are. If you are like me, you hear everyone's opinion every day. Like it or not, agree with it or not, that's their opinion. If everyone took the time to think out their opinions or "philosophy", they would learn a lot about themselves I believe.

There is no judgment in my book. I don't like judging people. I apologize ahead of time if my book may make you angry. That is not my intention at all. In my book I take on the tough question, "Are Born Again Christians the only ones going to heaven?" I sure hope not, but read my book to find out! Goodbye for now, and God Bless.

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