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Book: The Bond by Paula Mccoy Williams

Book Reviews: The Bond by Paula Mccoy Williams

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Paula Mccoy Williams

Author Paula Mccoy Williamsabout this book: I came up with the title the Bond because the book speaks about the bond that the substitute teacher has with her students as well as her husband and friends. It took me about 3 weeks to write this novel. This book also has some surprises in it about how the teacher and her husbands world is turned upside down. I learned that people are stronger than they think they are and when push comes to shove, a person will find the strength to get through a life alternating illness. The hardest part about writing the book was trying to keep the characters interesting and to take some twists and turns in the story.

I want to tell my readers to never lose hope in the trials and adversities they face in life. They will get through anything as long as they hold strong to their faith and have a good support system in place.

I think that the primary readers for my book would be adults from about age 18 and up.

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 Faith in all things

It's amazing that a person can go through so many trials and tribulations and still have faith in humanity. What an awesome writer! [by Colleen Tekell]

 Superb writer

I can't believe the talent Paula has for writing. I know that this is only her first novel but the story keeps you riveted from start to finish. I hope that she will continue with her writing she has made an excellent start. I urge her to explore more topics in her writing as she is a fine writer.

 quite a storyteller

I have never read such an interesting and exciting read before from a first time author. Paula has a true knack for storytelling and she is able to take the readers for a walk in the characters shoes. I hope that she will continue to pursue writing, she has a real talent for it and a bright future ahead of her and I would encourage her to continue on this path as she had made an excellent start.

 Wow - exciting read

This is a brilliant work of fiction by a first time author. I loved the details and the imagery. Mrs. Williams is off to a great start. This is a book that should be applauded and be a required read for anyone that has gone through cancer or is going through cancer.

 This is an excellent read

It is a great work by a new writer. This book keeps one riveted until the end. I would highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone that wants a great read. Can hardly wait for her next book.

 The Bond

This is a very well written book, and very inspiring. It shows how life can change rapidly, and how a good support system can carry you through.

 Bond ... the bond

It's always an exciting experience to read a promising authors first published work and Paula McCoy Williams continues that trend with her first foray into the writing field with... the Bond

If this book is any indication I am anxiously awaiting her next project. For a book that was written in just one month is a truly remarkable accomplishment. Each character has many different sides to them that slowly reveal themselves with each turn of the page. Adele's battle with cancer was obviously written by someone who has fought that battle personally. For those who have never experienced this dreaded disease you will feel everything that Adele feels. The physical pain, emotional pain, the highs and the lows. This book has so much to offer that I would be spoiling it for you by discussing it in depth. Be sure to get the Bond so that in the years to come when Mrs Williams becomes a best selling author you will be able to say you have her first book..The Bond

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