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Book: Ill 4 Life! Our Time, My Story by J. Wrice Sr.

Book: Ill 4 Life! Our Time, My Story by J. Wrice Sr.

categories: Book, Non Fiction, Music, Street Tales, Hip Hop, Tell All, Chicago, Rap, Drama, People, Love, Autobiography


J. Wrice Sr.

Author J. Wrice Sr.about this book: My book is about me during the 1980's and 1990's in the Chicago hip hop community and music scene. I was a part of the group Tha Chamba under the umbrella crew the Ill-State Assassins. What I shared about are the trials and tribulations that the group and I went through trying to make in the music industry. It starts from when I first got into hip hop music at a young age, relationships, friendships, betrayals, feuds and trust. Living the street life style and being so deep in it, can be your downfall.

The reason I wrote my book is because I believe everyone has a story to tell. No matter if their life is filled with drama or none. From creating our crew the ILL-State Assassins we made a big impact, not only did we help ourselves get through the door we planted a seed that grew a tree in our city that have other groups on our branches that we helped out. I want to make sure I left something to solidify the hard work we did for the movement in Chicago and we deserve the recognition.

If you are into hip hop music or just non-fiction stories than my book is for you. Everything I wrote is based on the truth and I don't mind inviting you into a part of my life that I once lived. As much as I wanted to put everything I went through with me and my crew some things had to stay where it lay to protect individuals.

Since this is my first book, I read on how long it takes to write a non-fiction book. The writer of the article said usually from their experience it takes less than 3 months to write one. It took me three months to finish at least have the skeleton and then I went from there. But I didn't sit down right away and start. It came to me one day out of the blue. My mind just tuned into my life at that time and the next thing I knew I was typing my book.

I came up with the title of my book ILL 4 LIFE! OUR TIME, MY STORY from a term we used when we departed from each other. We would say ILL 4 Life and that meant being an ILL-State Assassins forever. How much we love the crew and the people in it. That's also the reason for my book cover the symbol on it is our logo, an assassin holding a double barrel shotgun with the state of Illinois around him. Even though we are from Chicago we wanted to represent the entire state. The ILL in our name is the abbreviation of Illinois. The shotgun meant we kill microphones and the assassin is self-explanatory.

The hardest part of writing my book I would say was keeping the story in order. While I was writing at times I would be in the middle of a story when another part of my life would enter my brain. It could be something from earlier in my life and I would be writing about later on in my time that would have me to stop. Go back to fill that in before I forget and then continue finishing from where I was already writing.

I did minimal research because most of my story was inside my head. But certain things about the record company or things on that line I had to reach out to people I know that would remember it better since it was vague to me.

What I have learned from my book is if I had a chance to go back and change some things that was done wrong I would. But being young you really don't think of the consequences or how it will affect you in the future. But now that I'm older and wiser I still make mistakes but now I own up to them and try to correct them the best way that I can.

What I would like to say to my readers is that it is alright to live life to the fullest. But make sure while you are doing it be mindful of the choices you make. Because what you're doing now can bite you at the end. I had a lot of friends during my time,some weathered the storm while others fell to the waste side. I've been through a lot and made it to tell my story on pages. Like I said before I didn't put everything I have been through in my book because of those circumstances but what I wrote will give you enough of a glimpse to where I am coming from. Live life, Love life, Choose life.

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