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Book: Secrets of UFO Technology by Kenneth Behrendt

Book Reviews: Secrets of UFO Technology by Kenneth Behrendt

categories: Books, Science, Astronomy & Space Science, astrophysics

Author: Kenneth Behrendt
Publisher: AuthorHouse

 Totally Awesome!

I've read dozens of UFO books in my time and always came away wondering if these objects could be real. After reading Behrendt's book, I am now a FIRM believer! I literally went from being confused about the whole subject to having about 99% of my questions answered. Yes, this IS a VERY unique treatment of the subject.

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 The Most Detailed Treatment of the Subject I've Ever Seen!

This is a massive (390 page) treatment of the technology and effects that are demonstrated by UFOs. The author is a firm believer that most UFOs are exactly what they appear to be - extraterrestrial air and spacecraft that are piloted by extraterrestrial beings. What is unusual about this book is that it goes into the detail of these craft with unprecedented depth. If you have been wondering how the elusive UFOs manage to perform as they do, then you will find the answer to the riddle here. It involves the emission of "anti-mass field radiation" from special equipment aboard a UFO which has the amazing ability to neutralize the "mass field radiation" normally emitted by objects which gives them their usual gravitational and inertia properties. Once the mass field radiation of an object (such as a UFO and its crew) is neutralized by the artificially generated emission of a sufficient amount of anti-mass field radiation, the object will become massless and can then easily by propelled about a planet's atmosphere or through space at velocities in excess of that of light.

But propulsion is not the only focus of Behrendt's book. He also delves into many of the so-called "EM effects" associated with UFOs. You'll find VERY interesting treatments of the reasons UFOs stall automobiles, spin compass needles, and produce "solid beams". The author has not neglected the aliens themselves either and gives a detailed description of life aboard a mothership and the reasons for the appearance of UFOs in the skies of Earth. I think anybody who takes his saucers seriously should read this book. I've never seen anything quite like it!

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