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Book: Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships and Careers - How research-based Western and Chinese astrology can help you make the big decisions in life by Y Kwan Loo

Book: Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships and Careers - How research-based Western and Chinese astrology can help you make the big decisions in life by Y Kwan Loo

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Y Kwan Loo

Author Y Kwan Looabout this book: Do please read on if you are looking for someone compatible to be a friend/spouse/business partner OR if you are seeking guidance for a suitable career. It will NOT predict your future – as often the case in newspapers or magazines.

This book is based on both Chinese and Western astrology which have existed for over 1000 years. Basically, it contains succinct information on all the 24 astrological signs, listing the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Also listed are examples of famous people for each sign and compatibility ranking so that you can decide whether this particular personality fits your criteria.

Another key section contains 1728 combinations of the Sun, Moon and Chinese signs, listing real jobs/careers for each combination. There are also examples of people if I have found any.

There is a chapter on famous groups or couples. For example, Princess Diana/Prince Charles, President Reagan/Dame Thatcher and Yoko Ono/John Lennon etc. Here, I have attempted to explain using information of the earlier chapters, what happened in terms of compatibility concerning those mentioned.

I wrote this UNIQUE book so that you can understand astrology better and more importantly, use my book as a independent reference to check on any star signs. For example, you might be desperate to find a life partner but are apprehensive in case this will end in disappointment. Or you may be uncertain as to which profession might suit your temperament or personality traits. My book has some impartial answers for you!

My book took me about 8 years to complete, using obituaries from established publications and from other databases. It is based on astrology, which was a hobby for the past 30+ years. It started when I was seeking someone compatible to marry in Malaysia and I'm still married to the same person, albeit a lot wiser! Now you will benefit from my knowledge.

My aim was to include all the key words in my book title. It is about career and relationships, and based on the zodiac. It is research based (i.e. on about 24,000 famous/infamous people, involving over 800 professions), using Western and Chinese astrology to ensure completeness.

The most challenging aspects in writing this book were:

• Ensuring accuracy of the 24k birth dates (there will be a few unavoidable errors).
• Obtaining a good spread of jobs.
• Finding enough examples of jobs of the famous/successful for each of the 1728 combinations.
• Convincing my wife that it would be a 'worthwhile' exercise in view of my effort/time incurred.

What some of my reviewers had to say:

• "I was taken aback by the level of commitment and dedication he has put into this amazing book. After reading a couple of pages I knew I had to buy it."
• "It was a very interesting book, also a great Read."
• "Kwan Loo is from an engineering background, and is therefore a man of science, and empirical evidence, and his book is backed by the countless thousands of hours that he has spent in his professional career and his own inquiring mind."
• "The combination of Western and Chinese astrology works in harmony and is accurate. A good book for anyone interested in relationships/careers through astrological signs."
• "It provides a different perspective from other astrology books I have read which involves analysis using both western and eastern astrology. It also features well-known names in the analysis which is a distinctive feature of astrology books I have read."

Ultimately, I hope that you, as my reader, will find useful answers and insights to your search for a partner or the right job. Hence, you may well be an astrologer, a career counselor, a potential employer, a job agency, a match maker or dating agency/company. As my book is based mainly on research (not just astrological principles – whose?), both quantitatively and anecdotal, I am confident that it is UNIQUE reference work for years to come. If you have doubts (either personal or religious) about proven astrology, this is a cost effective way to check it out for yourself.

It will be great pity for anyone to miss out on one of life's source of pragmatic knowledge.

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