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Book: The Caves Book One - The Event by Meldo Laughlin and Geo Dell

Book: The Caves Book One - The Event by Meldo Laughlin and Geo Dell

categories: Book, Horror, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Apocalypse, World End, End Times, Earthquake, Survivor, Fantasy, Apocalyptic Thriller

Meldo Laughlin

Author Meldo Laughlinabout this book: Watertown is a sleepy little town in upstate New York, nestled between Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Not much happens there, most people like the fact that their town is considered boring. That is all going to change soon.

The military base has always had a prominent role in the town, but suddenly their role is changing and they are interested in buying up land along the banks of the Black River.

Why does the military want all that land? Frank Weir is asking that question these days. Frank a reporter from Seattle realized there was a story that was yet to be revealed about recent military action. From land surveys, Frank could see that there was not much along those riverbanks but a series of caves.

Gary worked at the stone quarry, and though he did not mind all of the overtime, he did question why the military needed all the rock they were suddenly ordering.

June 15th was just like any other day… until suddenly people started vanishing. Where did they go? The news said there was a nuclear strike, but do nuclear strikes make people disappear? The people left on June 16th are the survivors. Every survivor will be asked to make a decision. They will be tested and expected to stand up for that decision… For some it could cost them their lives.

Joe died in Watertown on June 15th and woke up very much alive on June 16th in Seattle, Washington. He did not know what happened, he just knew he had to find a woman named Arlene.

Who the heck Is Ira Pratt playing checkers with?
Read The Caves… it could save your life!

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