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Book: Graven Image by RF Hawthorne

Book Reviews: Graven Image by RF Hawthorne

categories: Books, Mystery & Thrillers, Thrillers, Suspense, ancient biblical technology

Publisher: Christopher Scott Publishing

 A Note From the Author

No, I'm not dead yet and still very much involved with the technology surrounding the idea that led to the book. Thank you for your favorable review. You have made some very perceptive observations concerning the modern bio-medical efforts that are racing ahead to catch up with ancient, forbidden capabilities as you also astutely recognized, are forbidden in the Ten Commandments which are being completely overlooked...either by accident or on purpose*. Incidentally, that portion of my TV interview in Huntsville was completely edited out of the final interview that was aired. Indeed, the mounting evidence has become for me more than just a sequel to the book at this point, though not out of the realm of possibilities. You are not the first to convey expectations of a sequel and yes I did certainly leave that door open with the ending. I've heard many people say to me they can't wait for it either. One woman, after reading it, almost seeming glum when asked how she liked it, saying, "It was okay..., I just wish it had been a thousand pages!" As you are aware, it was a quick read at 219 pages! I suppose the time has long since passed for me to proceed in one direction or the other. I hear you. The books are being sold on line in the U.S., on and throughout Europe and surprisingly, it has attracted somewhat of cult following. A movie to the book has been postured and I actually recently declined a production company contract offer to write the screenplay. I suppose the time and circumstances, while close, just weren't quite right. Here are a couple of options to learn more, which also include direct email contact with me for you and anyone so moved:

*Soon I will expound more on what I believe are clear indications our government and medical science are aware of and are working on producing the ultimate stem cell prize - the human brain produced in laboratories! (The human heart has already been produced in labs and medical scientists are awaiting their starting to 'beat' just as animal hearts previously produced in labs have already done.) And based on my discussion with Dr. Leon Kass, (President Bush's Chair, Council of Bioethics and Professor, American Enterprise Institute, Washington D.C.) unlike the heart, these pronouncements may be less forth coming. [by RF Hawthorne]

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 It Grabbed my Interest Like Few Others Can

Where is RF Hawthorne and And WHY hasn't he written the sequel to "Graven Image" yet, which is clearly presented at the ending of his book?

I read it while on travel to Huntsville, AL a number of years ago. It grabbed my interest like few others can, after seeing Hawthorne's interview on the news, which I watched with interest, having just read the story of his experiences in writing the book in a story published in the Huntsville Times, I think in 2000. The idea absolutely captivated me. Since then, I still look for the sequel because I can still see the correlation between his description of graven images (completely unlike any other explanation) and how, current medically technology regarding stem cells, which wasn't around yet when he wrote the book appears to be providing the path to the creation of graven images, just as he projected! Wow!

As I recall from the article, it was the death of his own son that triggered his research into developing the book after recognizing the ancient graven image description in the Jasher book. Jasher, translated in the mid-1800's, described a means of producing graven images, which Hawthorne described as brain-like, oracle servers -- servers that used human brains as divinating devices that could 'answer all questions asked'. What's compelling about that is they are forbidden in the TEN COMMANDMENTS and its all under religion's radar!

I would be disappointed to learn that RF Hawthorne died an untimely death, without fully developing what I see as a most compelling possibility and right in line with current bio medical technology. I know it wasn't all made up because I actually researched the Jasher account to which he referred to as holding the keys to unlocking an ancient and lost, forbidden practice.

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