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Book: REVERSING ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA BREAKTROUGH - 172 Proven Recipes for Overcoming Brain Fog by George J. McClelland

Book: REVERSING ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA BREAKTROUGH - 172 Proven Recipes for Overcoming Brain Fog by George J. McClelland

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George J. McClelland

Author George J. McClellandabout this book: Alzheimer disease is devastating to both the patient and the family. It is expensive and heartbreaking. In my opinion, it is worse than cancer. I know how to get rid of cancer but am still trying to figure out how to restore my wife to health. I fully believe if she had listened to me years ago when I advised her not to eat so much ice cream and to avoid artificial sweeteners, she would not have the disease. However, I might be wrong for a number of reasons.

First, both her parents died with Alzheimer disease but most of us carry the gene so that is unlikely the reason this disease is at epidemic levels. Second, we have all been exposed to glyphosate (roundup) and it causes holes to form in our intestines which allows undigested proteins into our blood system. Those proteins are attacked by our immune system. Once our immune system is attacking proteins, anything that looks like proteins are likely targets. That means our thyroid, heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, brain and other organs can be attacked.

Third, when glyphosate is combined with aluminum, it easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. Aluminum is a main element in brain damage related to Alzheimer disease. Aluminum is also an ingredient in many household products.

Fourth, Stress is a known factor in brain irritation and I don't know how anyone can get all the stress out of our lives. My wife's biggest stress came with the trauma of being fired from a church she had sacrificially served for seven years. It was immediately after this event that she began showing signs of Alzheimer.

Why one develops Alzheimer can be one or many of those factors. Some research says it starts many years prior to the first symptoms. It is clear now that when caught early it can be reversed. Current medical and pharmaceutical protocols say it cannot be reversed. But they are apparently wrong as I have heard a number of Functional Medical experts say they have been able to reverse it. And I bought a book from a man who, along with a doctor, developed a diet regimen which rid his father of stage 2 Alzheimer in less than a month.

This book was inspired from reading his book. He gave a list of foods in 4 categories which need to be eaten at the same time using the exact ounces of each food as specified. He gave a few recipes and instructions. I have added a little information from my own background and then combined the 4 food groups into 172 recipes. Some of the recipes taste great while others might need some revision to meet a person's taste preferences. Revising the recipes on the fly is simple and I do it all the time.

This book does not replace the original book and I give a link to it. I am not an affiliate although they are supposed to have an affiliate program.

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