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Book: The Coma Whisperer - The non-medical, self help, stress management book for women uses hypnosis to reduce stress and communicate with a loved one suffering from TBI and coma by Susan Fox

Book: The Coma Whisperer - The non-medical, self help, stress management book for women uses hypnosis to reduce stress and communicate with a loved one suffering from TBI and coma by Susan Fox

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Susan Fox

Author Susan Foxabout this book: Day in and day out you paint a smile on your heart before you visit your comatose loved one. Off you go to the rehab center to visit your heart's passion. You settle into the chair next to your precious darling's bedside. But it's getting harder and harder to feel hopeful. What you crave is to see your sweet one's eyes open and connect.

The Coma Whisperer shares a story based on true events about eight-year-old Jonathan. Playing by himself near the river at a family picnic, soon someone missed him. Found underwater in the river, paramedics revived him. Massive brain damage rendered him a vegetable.

After five weeks in a coma, the pastor at our church told the congregation about the drowning accident. They prayed for a miracle. Nobody knew how to bring Jonathan out of the coma. But intuitively, I felt driven to go and see this boy. A personal development coach, something drew me to him. I think because he was a child in serious trouble it reminded me of my own child's situation. My son Jason had died of a rare birth disorder on Father's Day in 1988. As I slowly watched Jase's life evaporate one day at a time, knowing I couldn't stop it, I thought maybe I could do something for Jonathan.

I had been a professional hypnotist specializing in stress reduction for only about a year when I heard about Jonathan. I specialized in teaching people calm public speaking and calm test-taking. These seemed like skills I could teach others so they could excel in academics or their own business. I never imagined I'd be using hypnosis to help someone in coma!

Using guided imagery, hypnotic suggestion, and a technique called Command Following, within 48 hours of using these complementary alternative medicine methods, Jonathan regained conscious awareness. The facility where Jonathan lived, the staff and his grandparents were shocked and pleased! So was I.

A dream come true for him, Jonathan started communicating with his family and caregivers. After working with Jonathan, I've worked with other people in coma and stroke recovery using hypnosis and something called Jin Shin Jyutsu. These are natural techniques that can really make a difference to reduce stress.

Looking for a courageous and inspiring story for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) people? This is it! Get your free copy on Amazon from March 26 – 30th, 2020. A MUST-HAVE guide that gives hope that TBI caregivers might be able to reconnect with those in coma.


Susan Fox's The Coma Whisperer echoes the multitude of challenges caregivers face when supporting a loved one through a crisis. The case recounted in this book demonstrates the power of hypnosis, helping to improve the quality of life of a brain-injured youth and bring comfort, peace and hope to his caregivers.
— Connie Hollett, Trained & Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The Coma Whisperer" by Susan Fox is a must read for anyone who needs comforting, acceptance and creative learning in their role as a caregiver. Sometimes, fate changes our lives in one dramatic moment and this story gives us many helpful ideas for how-to cope with situations that tax us and test our faith to the very core.
— Jane Ann Clemens, PMT, NCH, CHt Ben Lomond, CA

A heartbreaking and heartwarming story of the power of love, the brain and God. A must-read for anyone with a family member or friend with a long-term illness.
— Beverly Keyes Taylor, CH
Homestead, Florida

The Coma Whisperer is skillfully written, moving and insightful. It had me choking back the tears as well as rejoicing for the future.
— Leslie Bonnick, Hypnotherapist, Axminster, UK

Using Hypnosis Susan was able to give young Jonathan the gift of communicating with the hospital staff and his family. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in knowing about alternative methods, finding inner strength during times of adversity, and the power of love and mindful living.
— Joyce Kostakis

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