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Book: Alligator Attack! by Walter Parks

Book: Alligator Attack! by Walter Parks

categories: Book, Alligator Attack, Kills, Wild Life, Hunting, Wild Animals, Alligator


Walter Parks

Author Walter Parksabout this book: My brother and I were preparing for our night fishing. Old Tom was out in the lake. He held up a long string of fish he had already caught.

We laughed and praised him for his catch.

As he dropped the string of fish back into the water a very large alligator grabbed the fish and gave a big yank. The boat jerked to the side and almost turned on its side. Old Tom lost his balance and fell into the water.

Just as Tom's head broke the surface, sucking for a breath, he was jerked back under.

No one ever saw Ole Tom again.

My brother and I ran for help.

The Sheriff and his helpers including Dave came to the scene but there was no sign of Old Tom. They decided they would have to come back at night and use flashlights to try to spot the alligator's eyes.

"It's mating season. He'll be out here tonight. Lots of um will be out tonight. We shine our lights, their eyes glow. We see a big um, eyes wide apart, we shoot um."

We all exchange stares and studied Dave. Dave nods affirmatively, "We'll get him tonight."

The Sheriff brought a boat and two helpers that night but one of them was sick so they let me drive the boat as we searched for the alligator.

The lights showed more than a dozen sets of gator eyes; then we saw the biggest set anyone had ever seen!

Dave, "Walt, try to get a little closer, but don't head directly at him. It may spook him."

"Yeah. I'll…." The Sheriff interrupts, "His skull may be too thick for your bullet."

Dave, "I'll shoot him in the eye, at an angle, so it'll get through to his brain." Dave surveys the angles, and points, "Walt, come in…. Through there."

I ease the boat towards the big eyes, and at the angle indicated by Dave. We get closer. The Sheriff whispers, "Better shoot, before he spooks."

Dave sights down his gun barrel to the center of the left eye, and fires.

The alligator goes under water with 2 loud thrashes of his tail. The ripples approach the boat. All three of us stand to get better looks.

Sheriff, quietly, "Think you got him?"

Dave, "I know I did."

The ripples reach the boat and it begins to rock.

Suddenly the alligator hits the boat with a loud, jarring bang!

The boat rolls over 50 degrees before it flops back upright and rocks violently several times. We are all slung from side to side. The light goes overboard again, and snaps loose from the battery terminals.

Electrical sparks fly as the battery system shorts out.

The motor goes dead. Sheriff, "The motor…!"

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