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Book: MO41 - The Bombshell Before Roswell by Paul Blake Smith

Book Review: MO41 - The Bombshell Before Roswell by Paul Blake Smith

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Paul Blake Smith

Author Paul Blake Smithabout this book: Do you believe in UFOs and aliens from outer space? Read on if you dare.

A quiet evening in sleepy Cape Girardeau, Missouri – back in mid-April of 1941 – suddenly featured a fatal aerial crash, with smoldering flames, wreckage, and bodies. The local fire and police departments were alerted by telephone and soon critical members of the modest-sized community rushed to the grisly scene on a farm just outside of town. One of those present was a quiet, dignified local Christian fundraiser/pastor, ready with spiritual help. Later this shaken man recounted the most astonishing story of all time: the crash was not an airplane, but a circular spaceship, helmed by three gray alien beings, found dead at the scene! The U.S. Army came in hours later and scooped up the existing evidence and swore all to silence… but some tidbits of information came leaking out over the ensuing decades and now we have quite a whopper of a nonfiction tale: "MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell: The Case for a Missouri 1941 UFO Crash," by author Paul Blake Smith, a Cape Girardeau native and grandson of its City Attorney.

In the very first published book on this riveting, world-affecting topic, we'll take a look at the original story from a relative of the rattled 1941 preacher, and then other angles of the astounding claim, such as a relative of a Cape Girardeau fireman who backed up the account, and revelations from the daughter of a nearby town's Army officer, who was apparently part of the recovery crew. We'll also examine the whereabouts on the night in question of then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his wife Eleanor, and his top military official, General George C. Marshall, the Army's Chief of Staff. We'll peek into the shadowy world of an apparent intelligence officer who evidently stole one remaining piece of physical proof of the crash, a clear photograph of a dead gray ET, propped up by two men at the MO41 crash site. And we'll additionally cover the detailed report of a second pastor, an Ohio man who was called to Washington D.C. and shown the Missouri recovery as it lay locked within the bowels of the well-guarded U.S. Capitol Building. We'll also dive into modern internet clues, provided by some anonymous posters related to 1941 eyewitnesses to the stunning crash saga.

Was the atomic-powered engine or propulsion system of the recovered alien airship examined by top American scientists and its power source utilized within the atomic bomb, utilized by Missouri president Harry S Truman in August of 1945? That's yet another startling allegation dug into herein, along with the documented evidence leaked by an intel officer in the 1990s, on FDR's top secret WWII-era "Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology Committee" looking into the amazing Cape Girardeau find. Other noted official memos are explored, showing the MO41 case to be quite real, the most explosive story once covered up and never fully told – until now.

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Let the reader decide

Paul Blake Smith

a comment by Paul Blake Smith

I'm heartened by the positive response my new book is getting, from readers, radio listeners, and from those who have followed my special Facebook page, "Cape Girardeau's 1941 UFO Crash, America's First." I've even received some new inside tips on the 1941 alien accident that happened just outside my hometown of Cape. My book features plenty of stories on MO41, packed with facts and a few logical assumptions based upon eyewitness accounts and actual leaked government documents. (I tried to give the reader his or her money's worth, to fill it with plenty of data to absorb like no one ever has on this subject.) Did aliens REALLY crash-land on a farm outside of Cape Girardeau? Did the Army REALLY come in and take it away, swearing witnesses to silence? Did the U.S. government REALLY hide the materials in the most famous building in Washington D.C. (minus the White House)? Did a scientific group REALLY apply the atomic secrets discovered in the alien wreckage to the atom bomb program? I tried to lay out a case that would stand up in court, perhaps the court of public opinion. Let the reader decide!

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