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Book: Terror In The Night I - Alien Abduction Exposed! by Martha Jette, Dawn Colclasure & Usko Ahonen

Book: Terror In The Night I - Alien Abduction Exposed! by Martha Jette, Dawn Colclasure & Usko Ahonen

categories: Book, UFOs, True Stories, Alien Species, Terrifying Abductions, Missing Time, Signs of Abduction, Helping Abductees, Secret Agreements, Abduction History, Non-Fiction, Alien Threat, Alien Abduction


Martha Jette

Author Martha Jetteabout this book: Thousands of ordinary people around the world have had their lives turned upside down due to the covert activity of alien species. Their often frightening and painful experiences lead many to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, not to mention many other mental and physical problems. It is time to bring the issue of alien abductions to the fore, not only to find help for these people, who often feel hopeless and even ashamed to admit what has been happening, but also to press our governments to put a stop to these horrible intrusions on people's lives.

This book offers first-hand accounts by abductees, as well as extensive information on the signs of abduction, who gets abducted and who is doing it.

Terror In The Night - Alien Abduction Exposed! goes into the history of alien abduction and secret government agreements with at least one type. Our universe is full of life, from species who look much like us to greys, reptilians, insectoids, tall whites and many, many more. Some are peaceful; most are not. Some want to help us, others want to take us over and still others, want us for food.

The book also provides information on what abductees suffer due to these experiences and most importantly, where they can go for help. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough of it at this time - the primary reason that this book has been written. The most difficult part of the process was convincing abductees to share their experience. Many who already have were forced to deal with even more intrusion in their lives from secret groups who do not want this information to be shared with the public. This is the second reason for writing this book - to let the powers that be know that abductees cannot be and should not be silenced.

This book also includes more than 100 photos provided by abductees and others, proving that aliens are present in our skies around the world. UFO reports are increasing every year and although the government claims they pose no threat, it is not necessarily true.

It has taken over two years to gather the mountain of information that is now available to you, the reader. If you have never read anything on this topic before or even if you have, you are bound to learn many things you never knew before.

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