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Book: Lamb To The Slaughter - wolf on the prowl by Temba Magorimbo

Book: Lamb To The Slaughter - wolf on the prowl by Temba Magorimbo

categories: Book, Boys, Girls, College, Strike, Love, Romance, African Family


Temba Magorimbo

Author Temba Magorimboabout this book: This is the story of the Chakauya family who grow up within the working class neighbourhoods Bulawayo and Gweru in pre-war to post-war Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Their father is hardworking even though his education had been curbed by several factors including the inability of parents to send him further. He works his way up from a mere spanner boy whom his Caucasians bosses sends around on errands into becoming a workshop manager. His family grows including the crème de la crème of the boys Tapiwa, Thomas and their ravishingly beautiful sister Caroline. The story tags Tapiwa from his late primary schooling into the open doors of Ascot Secondary School in Ascot, Gweru. He is a close aide to his father with whom they share a lot of love and respect including a burning ambition while Caroline does the same with her mother. Tapiwa like his father likes tinkering with mechanical engines.

Secondary School opens a lot of doors into the myriads of teenage infatuation with a girl called Iona who is the sister of a class mate called Jack. How long does Tapiwa's eye mist over his friend sister Iona who is in the same class as his elder sister Iona? Then Tapiwa's friendship with Jack which holds right into adulthood. What of experiments with girls by both Jack and Tapiwa and crew. Tapiwa is in the year without national examinations when he joins his hard working compatriots, Jack, Iona and Caroline in standing late in the night burning oil in studies increasing his grades and performance. When Caroline, Iona and Jack finish school how Tapiwa does respond now that his best friends who pressed him through hard study regimes have gone? He is elected the school head boy in the fourth year of secondary school. Where does girl hunting and gathering come in when he is supposed to lead by example in his disciplines? Then there comes another girl called Sylvia with a Ndebele rural background whom Tapiwa turns to for studies. He starts chanting romantic Romeo and Julie lullabies, Songs of Solomon and French lyrics on love. Where is he heading in light of several diseases and his education?

Tapiwa leaves Ascot Secondary School behind after four years of secondary education. He makes it to another multi-racial school with a higher social standing for the remaining two years, Thornhill which has its own challenges alongside different races, creed, customs, cultures and others. It is a melting pot of races and classes into which he has to dip his head. Tapiwa is doing his upper sixth which is a university entrance penultimate year when he meets a woman called Sheila. Through the dark and wintry nights, through the summer rains and dry spells, romance burns until she, older than him discovers she is not going with a college student but a school boy barely eighteen! Does she dump him in order to mix a career and marriage or does she wait for him to grow into an adult. What will he be like in six years to come?

Tapiwa Chakauya makes it to university which is the ultimate prize the family wants. Everyone else thought the Chakauya boys would end up looking into the mouths of misfiring diesel engines and their pistons, electrical and mechanical systems as their father does which they do so well before they finish upper sixth. Tapiwa does a four year bachelor of accounting science honours degree in the capital Harare breaking and mending the hearts of girls. He goes charming the daylights out of them. Some dump him like rotten potatoes while others look at him misty and teary eyed. University has its own plethora of problems. How will he reach out and solve each one including studies, personal health, girls and attachments to advance his career and studies.

Of the family of Tapiwa's siblings who will become a barrister, a pharmacist and a deputy headmistress in and among many careers? Then Tapiwa is on attachment after going through his paces with the girls that come and go or return again. He has a tax problem which leads him to Josephine Dube a down to earth woman who likes mixing work, studies and church who comes from a well to do working class family that reads the Bible in the evening and likes the power of prayer. Her ideals, her morals and Tapiwa's do not agree yet something ties him to her as he progresses through the penultimate year at university and beyond. What makes him continue to meet and rely on Josephine. She is not an attractive charming woman neither is she the modern trendsetter type. He dumps Josephine going with the trendy women of the day yet his heart is yearning. There is an emptiness which he continues to feel. Will he return and pick off where he left off with Josephine and will she stay the years away from him trusting that he will come back?

The accolades come when Tapiwa achieves his masters over and above other accounting qualifications but what an experience. What has a dome inside his home got to do with love? What do pristine well-manicured gardens have to do with soul searching for Tapiwa Chakauya? What will happen to the boys he shared his university with? What will happen to the boys he horned his skills wit? Those that he and them shared a certain friendship with.

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