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Book: Anything Is Possible by Thomas Bähler

Book Review: Anything Is Possible by Thomas Bähler

categories: Book, Thought Provoking, Freedom, Fable, Aesop

 Brilliant, Original, and Powerful Novel

Aesop is documented for the life he led over 2000 years ago and mostly for the hundreds of fables that have been accredited to his name since. In the novel Anything Is Possible (A Tale of ÆSOP), Thomas Bähler details the life adventures of Aesop, a brilliant storyteller and eternal optimist who lived around 600 BCE. The plot of Anything Is Possible is pretty straightforward: it begins with Aesop's birth as a slave, his journey for freedom, growth, and allows the reader to celebrate his wisdom. However, that's not what's remarkable about this novel; the story is merely the instrument for the reader to explore their own inner passion. There are some truly amazing examples of humanistic wisdom in this novel. The author's unique conception about each character we think we all know is wonderful; he's creative and imaginative with each of them. It's inspiring for the reader to grow and gain the knowledge of Aesop as you turn each page.

Adrienne Lang stated that Thomas Bähler's novel Anything Is Possible encompasses, "Timeless messages artfully entwined in a magical story." I could not agree more. Bähler's main theme is that we each have a magical story of growth and potential. Each experience that we have in life both good and bad gives us an opportunity. For example, the teachings of Xanthus are echoes of our deepest essence or virtues. Xanthus tells Aesop that, "We may be centuries from understanding the full meaning, but I believe you have the capacity to understand. The real competition that lies within all of us is the competition to be our very best, not to dominate others." This powerful statement can be metaphorically used in world politics, friendships, and within our own personal struggles. As we understand and learn, the mind expands. Moreover, this was evident with the friendship that Aesop had with Pericles and the positive effect it had on the whole group.

One of my favorite parts was when Aesop taught and explained that he had long forgiven Acacius. He told the tale of the group of celibate priests who were walking in the rain. As the priest enjoyed the rain and thanked Zeus, one of them broke away to lift a young woman who was deep within the water. After he had carried her to the other side he continued on with the other priest. Much later a priest began to condemn the helpful priest for carrying that woman. It was then that the helpful priest answered, "`Yes,' and I also put her down. How long are you going to carry her?" This brought much pondering as to what I carry. The authors carefully selected each Aesop tale as he assembled the inspirational story. This novel is full of action. Additionally, there are complicated relationships with the most powerful leaders of the time and suspense of what is to follow is enough to keep the reader up late into the night with this book.

If you want an absolutely perfect summer read, stop looking and pick up, Anything Is Possible (A Tale of ÆSOP) by Thomas Bähler. I completely lost myself in this brilliant, original novel, and was captivated by the powerful messages that it evoked. I highly recommend this novel. It is full of wisdom, will have the reader looking toward personal revelations, and beneficial for their own journey. Oh and if you ever find yourself dining at Apollo's Temple at Delphi, give a wink to the Seven Sages and "Know thyself" and "Nothing too much." [by Ginger Dawn Harman]

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