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Book: The Golden Treasure of Panama (The Martin Culver Series) by Malcom Massey

Book: The Golden Treasure of Panama (The Martin Culver Series) by Malcom Massey

categories: Book, CIA, Pirate, Treasure, Panama, Thriller, Captain Morgan, Archaeology, Spanish Gold, Martin Culver, Adventure

Malcom Massey

Author Malcom Masseyabout this book: The Golden Treasure of Panama is the exciting 4th volume in The Martin Culver Series.

After a series of tragedies, Martin Culver puts his wife on a plane to the United States, remaining in Costa Rica to search for his father. Following a significant meteor event that has impacted all of Central America, Culver is frustrated by the lack of progress, and considers giving up before being joined in the search by CIA Director Carter Hall.

Always harboring an ulterior motive, Director Hall plans to use Culver's antiquities repatriation foundation as a platform for the CIA to move into and out of foreign countries. In exchange, she has promised to assist Martin in his search. They both find that working together in this new partnership is more than they bargained for.

They also find that "The Golden Treasure of Panama" is more frightening and more dangerous than either of them ever could have imagined.

This novel takes readers away to another world, from the recognizable to the unimaginable. The cultural experience of Costa Rica and Panama blends with the stark terror of foreign issues coming to American soil.

I was inspired to write this book as a natural progression to "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" the 3rd novel in The Martin Culver Series, which took place in Mexico. My father lived and served in Panama in the U.S. Military near the end of World War II, and I had followed Panama's history enough to realize its enigma and its attraction as the setting for a novel.

The title of this novel was inspired by several factors coming together, including the fact that Captain Morgan's greatest pirate treasure came from Panama and is being recovered there, as well as the discovery/recovery of impressive gold artifacts from the Nata people, "the Golden Chiefs" as National Geographic has termed it, also in Panama. There are indications that the Nata may have supplied Morgan with his gold, in order to persuade him to leave.

The cover shows one of the articles found along the Nata River in Panama of a chief or priest with dangerous-birds for hands. This photo also inspired one of the more sinister aspects of what the "Golden Treasure" actually turns out to be.

The hardest part of writing this novel was finding the time to write it. I could not write as fast as the ideas were coming, and I had to completely reorganize my process to accommodate it.

I did extensive research into Panama, its history, especially the history of U.S. interaction with Panama over a hundred year period.

It is interesting that I learned more about my characters writing this novel. After three novels I thought I knew them very well, but new things came out about their personalities and their potential that surprised me a little.

As always, I want to thank the readers that grasp these stories and their meaning. Any of us, at any time, can be thrust into a situation that is unique and different, perhaps dangerous. We then must choose, will we be courageous, or will we run and hide until the situation passes. I believe there is a hero in every one of us.

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