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Book: By any other Name - An Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom by William Rand

Book Reviews: By any other Name - An Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom by William Rand

categories: Book, Erotic Novel, BDSM, Bondage, Social Protest, Oral Sex, Sex Stories, Anal Sex, Political Correctness, Antifeminism, Getaway, Adult Fiction


William Rand

Author William Randabout this book: In the most general terms, By Any Other Name is a novel about contemporary United States culture, but it is not written from the perspective of the politically correct or socially powerful. It is written from the viewpoint of immigrants and middle-class American men. By plot, it is a love story, but by genre? I set out to write an erotic novel, a change from my usual horror stories; however, upon reading By Any Other Name, my wife said that it was a social and political protest novel. Her view probably represents the focus of the finished product more than my original intent. What started as a simple sex scene evolved, through social indignation, into a story about the injustice of United States politically correct mores and laws directed against men and immigrants.

By Any Other Name centers on Dave and Marisol, two students who fall in love, but who happen to be of different ages and cultural backgrounds. After finally finding each other in the early part of the story, the novel progresses through their struggle to be together in the face of laws and social and religious restrictions set against them in "The Land of the Free." Several newspaper accounts of legal and social injustice, as well as my own observations and experiences in United States colleges and universities served as both inspiration and research for the thematic material of the book. More research involved finding a suitable place for my fictional university, learning more about sex laws and police procedure in the United States, more about the BDSM lifestyle and figuring how to plan the escape route the lovers take in their flight for freedom in Mexico.

During the year or so it took to write the novel, the difficult part was neither the shift from horror stories to erotica nor the plotting and descriptions of the sex scenes. The hardest part of writing By Any Other Name was in maintaining thematic integrity without sugar-coating anything, in following an uncomfortable societal truth that many people in the United States might not want to hear while keeping a balance in reporting and showing a love for the country. Holding up that mirror to society is an important albeit neglected aspect of fiction writing, but in terms of book sales, my best potential reading audience may be in Europe and Central and South America. To anyone who reads my novels in either genre, however, I implore them to develop an open mind, to resist following the masses, to hold personal freedom dear and, above all, to think.

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 An Important Move

There is an erotic novel out there that is definitely worth reading. The novel "By Any Other Name: an Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom" by William Rand is very sexy and only mildly kinky, but what got me was the politics. As a woman sympathetic to the men's movement, I have seen most of the themes in the novel on the internet and I have heard them at work, but seeing them in literature is an important move. On the internet, mostly men are talking about feminist abuse, and they are closed off from everybody else. Erotica is dominated by "Mommie Porn." Mostly women read it while their men watch videos. Rand's novel brings the problems of men outside of the closed world of men's websites and into the open world of entertainment where maybe more people will take notice, including, hopefully, some women. The novel "By Any Other Name" is strongly political, but it is written well with an interesting story full of romance that women like and the kind of action that men like. Rand says in his introduction that he wants to make people think. His novel does that and more. I highly recommend it. [by KelReview]

 First novel and favorite

The truth is that I bought the book out of curiosity only. I had never read an erotica novel before – I only watch movies, so I was not sure what to expect. The result? I absolutely loved this! Better than any movie I have ever watched. It kept me absorbed all the way: very intriguing plot, hot sex scenes and intense romance! I finished it the same day, and kept thinking about it the next three! I never expected that a novel would have such an emotional impact on me. This was my first novel, but I feel that now I have officially become a fan of good erotica novels!


This erotic novel is written by William Rand and it's a full of feeling and passions.

Some people think that reading erotic novel is not usual, they ashamed of it but they are very wrong. Reading of erotic novel like "By any other name" is good for the people especially for the teenagers. This novel can help to the young people to learn something more about sex and passions. William Rand has written this novel with high style. In this novel the author describes the hot sex scenes with very details. This style of writing make the novel graphic perfect.

When you read this novel you imagine like you are at the scene, what makes this novel awesome.

The author describes the scenes so good so when you read this novel you can feel the pleasure of men and woman. This novel also describes that the sex isn't only a simple fun, there are feelings that the man and the woman are pleasured from them.

In this novel you can understand that the men don't want only to use the women but the woman also get what they want from men. You can understand the meaning of sex and what is that thing that makes the both to do that.

This novel don't have nothing common with politic and it helps to the young people to know everything about sex and how to enjoy in it. It describes a lot of sex scenes with passions and you can try something with your pair. This novel is good to be read from all people no matter how old are you and every time you read it you can feel the passions, it also is good because when you read it you imagine that you are on the scene. This erotic novel is the best and you should read it. [by Soldier]

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