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Book: The Waves Trilogy (3 Book Series) by Susie Harrison

Book: The Waves Trilogy (3 Book Series) by Susie Harrison

categories: Book, Action Adventure, Apocalypitic, Christian Fiction, Conservative Fiction, Men's Adventure, Women's Adventure, War, America, Love Triangle, Mystery-Thriller, Action Thriller


Susie Harrison

Author Susie Harrisonabout this book: Has ranked #4 in one category and ranked in the top 10 to 20 in several categories throughout the 4 months since it's release.

'The Waves Trilogy', is a non-stop action thriller of what could happen in real life, from a conservative housewife's perspective. After the first book, 'After the Waves, Sandi loses something she loves and morphs from housewife to hunter. The 3rd book takes effect, bigger issues of our nation are in turmoil and the story takes an exciting turn.

What starts out as a surviving an attack on our nation the series takes a genre turn into action/adventure, revenge, coups, and eventually a love triangle. The twists and turns for Sandi during this journey are to countless to express!

As a Mom, how far would you go to protect those you love? If something you loved was suddenly taken from you, would you change? Do we all have a dark side beneath our cover that can appear when all is lost?

Reader Reviews:

• 'Great book and a great addition to your library. I love that the main character is a woman! She is a wife, mother, prepper, homeschooler and an all-around badass woman! She is smart, crafty and resourceful…' Maly C.~Verified Purchaser

• "Sandi, the main character, is freaking badass! I wanna be her when I grow up! There is something for everyone in this book! Can't wait for the 3rd book." Carol Rushing~ Verified Purchaser

• "This third book was the ultimate ending for Susie Harrison's "The Waves Trilogy." I loved the suspense of the plot with just the right touch of romance and wonderfully-built characters. Very well written. I highly recommend all three books." Joey Cleveland~ Verified Purchaser

History of Author and Book:

In the early 2000's, I published two non-fiction real-life experiences that were fairly successful. Upon the sudden and brutal death of my 23-year-old son in 2009, I gave up writing. I had no imagination left. But when my girls started reading and listening to incredible prepper fiction books in 2016, my imagination sprung back to life. All those publications were about EMP's. And it was always man at the wheel, often with his gun and dog saving the universe.

I wanted to write again. After reading P.A. Glaspy's books 'When the Power is Gone' I contacted her. She encouraged me to give it a go again. Writing fiction was new to me, but my family quickly became engrossed with the first book and encouraged me to publish. So did Glaspy. The editing was the worst part… still, don't have it exact yet on Book I, but many have worked on the final product.

I learned NOT to just write freely, letting your imagination go wild, with the intentions of going back to fix it later. Even with a professional editor, you must always carefully write and edit by chapter each exciting moment. Than tends to slow me down a bit as in book three.

I designed my own covers. I wanted the reader to fill in with their own imagination the characters and settings, but I desired a little input and impact to draw attention and a personal touch!

The information in the book is also helpful with prepping information I've gathered as a hobby over time. Being resourceful is a gift that anyone can summon up in desperate times. You write about what you know. So I based my characters on real people, my family, my neighbors, and friends. This brought each character to life because they are real people. I knew to write about places I have lived so not to let a reader down with incorrect information on places I had never been.

It wasn't meant to be a Christian based book. However, the housewife is a woman of faith in Book I. But by book II, extra-ordinary circumstances change Sandi and her Bible lay dusty in the glove box of her truck. There will be blood. The last book draws you to the 'counter-coup' where someone is going to get their heart broken and someone will die... But will America stand again as a whole? Will Sandi be instrumental in the wisdom she has gained to carry out life and death plans?

I didn't want a repeat of an EMP. I did study and research older weapons 3rd world nations might use against the U.S. And while Tsunami bombs sound funny… if North Korea and Iran grouped together, this is a real weapon that could unexpectedly take millions of lives. I also researched YouTube on the potential use of this weapon. There are ongoing conspiracy theories about unknown foreign submarines parked just outside our coastlines currently.

The Waves Trilogy has bigger issues at play other than small town survival. If our nation were attacked on a massive scale, how would our government respond? Our nation is divided. Could it be the perfect time for an inner coup to develop? After the Waves paves the way for book II and Book III to completely change the characters in their journey if they survive along the way.

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