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Book: The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) by James & Lance Morcan

Book: The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) by James & Lance Morcan

categories: Book, Spy Novel, Espionage, Interracial Romance, Conspiracy Theories, Orphans, Conspiracy Thriller, Suspense, International Thriller, Action Thriller

Lance Morcan

Author Lance Morcanabout this boxed set: The Orphan Trilogy box set is, as the title suggests, three books in one.

Book #1 – The Ninth Orphan – tells how Nine, the ninth-born orphan, goes about getting off the grid to escape his masters at the secretive and all powerful Omega Agency. One of 23 orphans born and bred to kill, Nine uses his chameleon-like mastery of disguise to evade those looking for him.

Book #2 – The Orphan Factory – covers Nine's formative years. It's an epic, atmospheric story that begins with 23 genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago's Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle.

Book #3 – The Orphan Uprising – resumes five years after book one, The Ninth Orphan, ends. In this explosive conclusion to the trilogy, Nine comes out of retirement and goes on the rampage when his former masters at the Omega Agency abduct his young son.

The following review by American historian and author Remy Benoit, we believe, most accurately portrays what's in store for readers of The Orphan Trilogy:

★★★★★ Closing Pandora's Box

This trilogy by Lance and James Morcan speaks to the evil of the Omega group; a worldwide consortium whose only interest is money. While there is nothing unusual about that kind of power bid and avarice on a scale that nothing can adequately measure in today's world, Omega is a group that has less than zero moral fiber; a group that does experiments on children worthy of Dr. Mengele in his most demented moments. Their objective is to program, via any means, via any horrid physical and mental experiments, children into adults who will by their programming become assassins; operatives programed to do whatever bidding comes to them. Operatives to kill.

Each orphan was trained to well beyond normal limits of physical, mental abilities; told that no situation was impossible for them to overcome.

Each orphan is implanted with a tracker so their whereabouts are always known should one go renegade and need to be dispatched, permanently.

Each orphan, numbered one to twenty-three, has been used their entire lives by Omega, Did they have moments of doubt; were any of them yearning to be free? Was there a line that could be crossed to make them act outside their conditioning?

This is a fast paced, high action story line with enough truth in it to rattle you.

The Morcan's trilogy is more than just a thriller, an adventure tale. It is an 'open your eyes' invitation to acknowledge the world around you as it is. It is a clarion call to recognize that those monsters, for surely they cannot be called human, who spread, who perpetuate evil are a weak, spineless bunch who live in the shadows; who are incapable of facing their comeuppance when faced with retribution. A slithering gaggle of creatures who cannot face the havoc they have wrought, who swallow poison, leap out of windows rather than face even a fragment of the pain they have caused others.

This trilogy is a revelry call to recognize power bids, human trafficking, and yes, evil itself with the power of love, with the commitment, that nothing will stop me from exposing its dark, pustulant face. All evil needs to grow is no one taking a stand and calling it what it is. That is true for orphan number 9 as it is for all of us. Don't miss the courage of this book by father and son writers, Lance and James Morcan. They take you places we all need to go.

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