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Book: Desdinova by Shayla Kwiatkowski

Book Reviews: Desdinova by Shayla Kwiatkowski

categories: Book, Fiction, Trucking, Family, Southern-Fried, Funny, Georgia, Lousiana, Action Adventure


Shayla Kwiatkowski

about this book: Dana Ricks is a tough talking, asskicking, soul searching, ornery truckdriving kind of gal. She never knew her mother. Her father, a trucker legend, died when she was young. She spends her life following down her father's ghost on the road, until she has the opportunity to find out what she is made of as opposed to being "her father's daughter".

This story follows Dana on her search to find out who she really "IS", and figuring out where she "BELONGS" in the whole state of things. In the process she finds the shocking roots of her family, and works through her own regrets. In the end she finds that life on the road is only bearable when you had a home to return to, and that she had what she needed all along.

Plenty of southern fried contempt.

(I am currently working on the next book in the series, which tells of Dixie's upbringing in West-by God-Virginia. Don't know who Dixie is? Well read DESDINOVA and find out!)

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It's a very good read. A story that is more enjoyable when savored slowly as it keeps you on the edge of your seat but offers you a warm comfortable blanket as well while you anticipate the outcome of each chapter.It unfolds steadily and languidly to it's conclusion like a tapestry coming together.

Perfect Road Trip Material

Rae Gee

by author Rae Gee

There's something about this book which draws you in to it. I'm a sucker for anything involving; being a Brit we don't see it on the scale that the Americans do and Desdinova is a perfect book for this. The story takes place after an attack on the US and focuses on a small haulage company who do their damned best to get the country up and running again. Desdinova is beautifully written and, being set in the south seems to make perfect sense. There's friendships, love and, of course, a lot of travel. The way it's written really does draw you in. It feels kind of slow and laid back, just like you'd imagine life in the south to be (at least to a Brit anyway!). I'm really hoping they will be more to this series. It's a real road trip book and, if you're taking a long trip, you might find it the perfect read for that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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