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Book: Into Spring - The Next Generation (Four Seasons) by Larry Landgraf

Book: Into Spring - The Next Generation (Four Seasons) by Larry Landgraf

categories: Book, Sequel, Into Autumn, Texas, Swamp, Murder, Sex, Romance, Violence, Apocalypse, Action Adventure


Larry Landgraf

Author Larry Landgrafabout this book: I never planned on becoming an author. I just woke up one morning with a story in my head. The next thing I knew, I had written 300 pages. I had previously written two books, but these were non-fiction and I didn't consider myself an author yet. My girlfriend calls these books my rants. This new book, Into Autumn, was FICTION, also new to me, but it was a good story and I had to publish it.

As I left some things hanging in Into Autumn, I had to write a sequel. The result was Into Spring. After I had written Into Spring, after four books, I finally accepted the fact that I am an author. As an author, I have decided to continue the story of survival with two additional books. All four books will make up my Four Seasons Series with Into Winter (book #3) and Into Summer (book #4). At this writing, Into Winter is progressing nicely.

Into Autumn spanned nearly twenty years. Into Spring begins nearly twenty years after the chaos began in Peaceful Valley when the grid shut down and government and the economy collapsed. Robbie, one of the twins, and his best friend, Sean, are young men in need of women. But there are no females for them in Peaceful Valley. They begin a quest to Corpus Christi in search of wives. They are prepared for most anything when they leave home, but aren't nearly prepared for what happens when they get to Corpus. If you'll take the time to look at the Into Spring book trailer, it will set the stage for the drama that is about to unfold in the book.

I know I'm not the smartest person on the planet, but I write good stories from the heart. My novels are from my dreams—past experiences and knowledge I've accumulated over many years—all ground up, regrouped, and spilt out onto my computer screen. There is a lot of me in my books, but much I do not know where it came from. I do the best I can, and from reviews, there is an 85% chance you will love my work.

Some people may not like a long saga, and maybe the detail and slow to moderate pace is more than they can handle, but that's okay. I mostly write for myself, but I hope you will enjoy my stories as well. The pace of Into Spring is a little faster. My stories contain murder, sex, and violence and are not suited for youngsters, but if you like grit in what you read, give Into Autumn and Into Spring a try. After all, if you hate it, go to my website and find my "money back guarantee" or if you'd like a free copy of the 1st edition of Into Autumn, check out "free copies" on the website (print copies only). If you opt for a free copy of Into Autumn, remember this is the 1st edition and there are a few typos and other errors, but the story is the same.

My books are listed as action/adventure, but they could also be listed as romance, suspense, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, and if the grid should really suddenly shut down one day, historical. My books contain no EMP's and no zombies, only ordinary people with survival skills and good neighbors making the best out of a bad situation. I don't tell why the grid actually shut down. Should this really happen, most people will not know why, only that their world has turned into a nightmare. My books might scare you and make you think, but remember, for now, it is FICTION. They will certainly test all your emotions on both ends of the spectrum.

I trust you will not only read Into Autumn and Into Spring, but also take the time to leave a favorable review on Amazon. Authors survive by reviews. My initial goal with Into Autumn was to make the New York Times Bestseller List. I think this is attainable. I work extremely hard at my goals. Others may work as hard as I do, but no one works harder. And I do this for you. Readers who have written great reviews thus far make my days over and over. I make my own videos, create my own websites, and recently decided to write my own screenplay for Into Autumn. The first draft is complete.

Authors can get a little wordy from time to time and I'm no exception, so I better get off here for now and let you get on with your business. So, for now, from my swamp on the Guadalupe River Delta along the Texas Gulf Coast, I bid you farewell and good reading. Thank you for your time.

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