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Book: Cinderella Tears by Jui-Wei Yang

Book: Cinderella Tears by Jui-Wei Yang

categories: Book, Narrative, Poststructuralism, Romance, Young Woman, Gender, Violent Relationship, Fairy Tale, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Dating, Abuse


Jui-Wei Yang

Author Jui-Wei Yangabout this book: • What inspired you to write this book?

~Academic research on abuse to women

When I was studying a combine degree in social science and media in university, I was surprise, to learn that an obsession with fairy tale romance has result in a situation where over 48% of women in western society been in some form of physical or emotional abusive relationship. I was further intrigue when I saw girls in real life going through this. One girl in particular, was so obsessed that when her boy friend told her that he wants to married somebody else and keep seen her after the marriage, she said yes and kept going out with him for 2 more years, till break up. While, planning to write a novel, I was firstly inspire by this social issue and want to write a novel that reflect on such issue.

~Academic research on the influence of racist ideology in a post racist society.

While, writing the novel book, I also found the possibility of a second story line to emerge on the side. Thus, I decide to try reflect on the social issue of "the influence of racist ideology in a post racist society and its negative influence on western society, including how it can help make conservative men, vulnerable to the manipulation of none white women with malicious intention."

I first, got the inspiration from a teacher back in high school. Frequently when we say something about our countries, which is of the none west and it is a positive value, that teacher would have a proud smile on his face saying "it is a western ideology and a western influence.", I remember use to call him "Mr. Racist." behind his back, in school, because of that. But he did inspire me to also focus on racism studies, while studying social science in university. Today, racism studies is a passion for me and I found it to be one of the most fascinating field of study. I know so much about racism that during my master thesis, I focus on the construction of racist society, by the Chinese Communist Party and their success of transforming China from an anti racist society, to a pro racist society, through mass murders and brainwashing. (But that is another story and I am not going to go into that.)

What research found is that although we are now in a post racist world, ideology from the racist era, still have much influence on modern western society. Our traditional value that believe, modernization = westernization, is in fact not true. In fact, with the exception of the Roman Empire, the west contribute very little to creating the modern world and most contribution is limited to 19th century on wards and it is mostly US influence. For example, while the west traditionally think, the west invented modern fire arm, around the 16th century. Fire arms including the first, pistol, rifle, cannon, grenades, land mine, rockets, even flame throwers are in fact invented in Asia, most invented during the 10th~13th century. The first pistol to be discover by archaeologist, is found in modern North Eastern China, dated back to the 13th century. The first record of RPG, was in 14th century China, known as the bee nest class RPG (and to prove I am not making these up, here is a youtube video that demonstrate the firing of this weapon The middle east, during the era of Moorse dynasty, contribute the most, in our modern understanding of physic, chemistry, biology and math, gathering the knowledge world wide and conduct original research and build upon existing knowledge. Iraq invent the modern hospital ward system and Egypt during the 13th century, build the world's first university. In ideology field, while many people think the modern value associate with democracy, is invented by the west then past to the rest of the world, a lot of research prove, that is not true. It is common knowledge prior to 17th century, the west believe in a social hierarchy of inequality putting people into the rank of King, bishops, royals, knights and peasants and the common view was King is god's given right. The modern western view of all men are equal and a King should work in public interest, is in fact ideology that emerged, due to a great deal of influence from far Eastern society, including, Japan, Korea and China, which means the Far East did not westernized in such ideology field, but the west, in fact Easternized. An example can be found in a paper published in the "Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology(Social Sciences Edition)" within the US title "Benjamin Franklin's Attitudes towards Chinese Civilization", that conduct detail analysis of (1) Benjamin Franklin's influence on America and how without his influence the US would not have be the great democracy and land of the freedom that it is today. (2) A detail analysis of how far Eastern value and ideology influence Benjamin Franklin's ideology, thus result in a situation where far east ideology in the 17th and 18th century, have a massive indirect influence on the US, during American revolution war era, the article contain many originals statements made by Benjamin Franklin, himself, as example.(

It also meant, our modern western view of the mighty west that single handed created the modern world, is simply not true. However, our traditional western narrative portray a story line that is in coalition with such view. This is the result of 3 things. Othering, pride and fix believe. In ancient western society, after the fall of Roman Empire. The mainstream western value start differentiate between people base on skin color. Why this emerged, is unknown. But to differentiate between people base on skin color, result in a situation which social analysis Roland Bart refer to as othering. That is to use certain characteristic, to create an us them relationship, then create an ideal that we are the representation of positive and the them are the representation of negative. To do so, people look for example and construct opinion that is in favor of it and ignore all else that suggest otherwise, sometime even made up false information, in addition to the fact that many history, could be lost in ages past, with society wanting to forget about ideas that undermine white superiority and want to remember ideals that is in favor of it, historical facts that undermine the idea white people are superior, tend to be lost even faster, in ancient western society and ideal that is in favor to white superiority are less likely to be forgotten. A great example, of such is the fact, very few people in the west know, Russia was in fact a part of the Mongolia Empire for 300 years (except Russians) and the Mongols conquered all of Russia with only 5000 troops and add to the irony, during the early era of Mongol rules, the Russians think the Mongols are angels, the army of heaven, send to punish them for their sins and thus the Mongols was able to rule Russia via the Christian faith, yet, few people in the west, outside Russia, have ever even heard of Mongol ruled Russia. Another example is 18th century portray of Aboriginal Australian wedding, where the bride get pull in two direction, by the men, as if been pull to two pieces by two horses. Yet, indigenous Australian society, is one where gender role is in reverse to the west and such thing, would not happen in Indigenous Australian wedding, in other word, the 18th century west, made this up.

The believe of white people are superior or the west is superior, result in a sense of pride for the people in the western civilization. This would result in something Psychologist Philip C McGraw refer to as fix believe, which is a situation, where a person look for example and construct opinion that is in favor of their existing believe and ignore all that suggest otherwise, to sustain their existing believe, because by believing in this lie can result in pay off, in this instant, people's pride can continue to feel good.

However, seen the world through a fix believe point of view can be highly dangerous. Because as human, we do not response towards a situation, but response towards our own evaluation of a situation. A great example is during WW2, during that time, western pride result in many people to undermine the Japanese during the early era of the war, people believe the Japanese are all short sighted and they are so stupid their fighter aircraft fall apart before it can take off. During WW2, before Japanese invaded Australia, the Australian government issued repeat warning to evacuate northern Australia, knowing government force can not hold off a Japanese attack. But, most people refuse to leave, thinking no way an orient military could stand a fighting chance against the west, as a result, when the Japanese did attack and Australia military did not stand a fighting chance against Japan, there was much unnecessary civilian casualty.

Despite most of the modern western world is in a post racist era, the ideology from the racist era still have an influence. These include (1) the modern western world, still believe in the myth of the mighty west that single hand create the modern world. (2) The west still have many unrealistic view of the none west. For example, in Australia, there was a general view that abuse towards women and children amount indigenous population are much higher, due to high unemployment and low education standard, resulting in man been in bad mood and get drunk and thus more likely to conduct act of violence to women and children. However, while the government attempt to understand and address the issue, on two separate occasions, the Australia government conduct research into the matter and both time, the research shows, such view of indigenous Australian community, is merely an urban legion. In reality, abuse towards women and children within Indigenous population is in no way higher then the rest of the society. A further example, is how the west generally view how the none west treat women, frequently seen the none west as a symbol of abuse to women, for example, in the TV series "Lost" there was the air port scene, where the Korean husband sat there like a King and the wife was like his servant. However, most westerners whom really lived in East Asian country, doesn't felt the reality to be in anyway resemble such western ideals, some white western women that lived there in fact think, East Asia make the west look like a society where the husband is a King and wife is a servant. It should also be important to note that Turkey, whom isn't a western country, is the first country in the world, to give women the right to vote, granting female voting right, soon after WW1, Japan is the first country in the world to introduce compulsory education and also apply to female, both male and female must complete up to year nine, starting from the mid 19th century, China have been encouraging women to get into the work force soon after WW1, where the west, was still struggling with traditional value of "women should stay at home and take care of the kids."(3) The pride associating with the myth of the mighty western world, still result in a situation where many westerners, not able to handle facts that suggest otherwise and choose to sustain their fix believe, in the myth of the mighty western world. And as we have already seen in the WW2 example, fix believe in such thing, can sometime result in devastating consequence and it should be something the modern west, should be concern about. For example (1) US historian Dr. Tonio Andrade from Emory University once wrote "The traditional narrative portrayed Europe as a beacon of enlightenment in a benighted world. In contrast, the revisionists see the rise of the west as part of a broader pattern of Eurasian development, a deep history of shared innovations in which Asian societies were prime movers. The revisionist Model isn't popular with everyone. a group of scholars have attacked the revisionists, frustrated that they're trying to overturn centuries of work by great thinkers from Adam smith to Fernand Braudel. some have accused the revisionists of distorting data and twisting logic, believing that they're motivated not by a scholar's love of evidence but by political correctness, an ideological zeal to Dethrone the west and denounce Eurocentrism." (2) Another arena exist on foreign aid ads on television. The ads always show the image of white people playing the role of aid workers and none white in need of aid. But in reality, at least 1/2 of the modern western world, are in poverty, including a great deal of Eastern Europe, Mexico and most of South America. The prosper west, we are familiar with is limited to US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And in international aid team, there never lack none western country providing aid and western countries in need of aid. According to a former University of Technology Sydney lecturer that worked with many charities, is that in the experience of charities, people in the western world response better to image of white people, helping none white and image of west helping none west, they don't response well to image of white people in poverty and none white providing aids. So, while presenting aid commercial on western TV, they zoom in on image of white aid worker and none white people that need aid and try crop out none white providing aids and white people in poverty. On commercial TV news, human right issue amount none western countries, received significantly more attention then such issue amount western countries. For example, these days we rarely hear on the news about the issue of Ukraine vs Russia, to a great extend, Ukraine's situation, has been forgotten by the western world. Also, a few years ago, when Egypt and Syria organized wide protest to put an end to dictatorship, it receive much support and coverage by western media, but when Ukraine a western country was going through the exact same thing, the coverage was significantly lesser. In addition, we know much about human right issue in country such as China, but we know very little about what is happening in South America, despite the fact South America, have much worse offense of human right, then in comparison to China, after the 1970s. (Yes, I am saying some South American dictator, did things that is even worse then the Tienanmen square massacre.)

This obsession with the idea of the mighty west, also result in a situation where some western man can develop an unhealthy obsession with orient women, which also mean, they can be easily taken advantage of. According to Moore Gilbert's analysis of racism culture during the colonial age, through auto biography written during the time. It can be concluded, not only did the traditional western society, believe in the myth of the mighty west. But they felt for the west to be the symbol of male, parent and adult and none west as the symbol of female and child. This could result in many western man to see none western women, as damsel in distress. Because, the idea of playing the knight in shinning armor, rescuing a damsel in distress, can be good for a man's ego, it meant some western man develop an unhealthy obsession with orient women. In addition some study suggest western traditional value, help form an ideal that a true women, is a beautiful seductive subject that is in need of male protection and a true women is trust worthy, the rest are not real women and are evil. This idea, can make conservative white men, even more vulnerable to the manipulation of orient women, with malicious intention.

When I write about the racism issue, the first person that I think of, is always that high school English teacher and the proud smile he have on his face saying "that is a western influence." when we present thing about the none western country we are from and it is a positive value, with coalition with modern west.

• Did you do research for your book?

Yes, I did research for my book.

~Abuse to women

Fortunately, I already study social science in university and know quiet a bit on this topic from a social science point of view. In addition, I conduct research into relevant field of psychology.

Base on all the research. It can be concluded that fairy tale is constructed to reinforce conservative value and western conservative value, believe true love, true success and true happiness for a women is fairy tale romance, been in a heterosexual relationship, to be in a highly romantic relationship (although, what qualified as romance is different for different people. For example, a lot of us foreigners think French are very romantic, but French people themselves don't think of them as romantic, because a lot of things we consider as romantic in our culture, are not romantic in French, but a lot of stuff we don't consider as romantic, French people consider it to be very romantic), all else are irrelevant. Traditional western society reinforce these ideologies through their stories, those been past down till today are fairy tales, especially story such as Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The story always end with a statement saying "Snow white/ Cinderella/ Sleeping Beauty and the prince got married and live happily ever after." but never give the reader a justification why. I mean if, the prince and snow white are soul mate, it might explain happiness, but if the prince is a wife beater, that is obviously not happiness.

The persuasion technique that fairy tale implemented is something expert refer to as Response Shaping Process, which is to persuade a person to a particular point of view, when they have little or no understanding towards a situation, it is especially effective towards children, whom have no understanding towards anything. According to Psychologist Philip C McGraw, the main reason Response Shaping Process work, is because when a person have little or no understanding towards a situation, they do not have the necessary fact, to contradict the opinion they are been persuaded to believe in, therefore make them vulnerable to be persuaded to a distorted point of view. A best example of Response Shaping Process been successful, in history is the Hitler Youth.

In addition to the fact fairy tale present the opinion that true love, success and happiness for a women is, heterosexual marriage & fairy tale romance, without justifying why. The most important fact is that, it is been presented to children, whom have no understanding towards anything and when parents and teachers repeatedly tell these stories to these children, it is like a continue propaganda bombardment on very young girls, frequently still a toddler.

The obsession of fairy tale romance frequently remind me of a recent reality TV show call "I want to married Harry." where the TV channel got a British Monarch Prince Mr. Harry Windsor, look alike to pretend he is Harry and go on a dating show with a bunch of girl whom think they are dating Harry. In the first interview, every girl ended saying a same single thing "This is going to be my fairy tale ending." many of these girls are well into their mid 20s. They are failing to realize fairy tales are just stories and to mix it with reality, is no different from a boy thinking he can really be superman one day.

Research also found girls from working class background are more likely to be in abusive relationship then girls from upper class background or a family that has a status of power, this is because, by been a upper class girl, she is already qualified as a fairy tale princess, without a prince. Working class girls are more likely to fantasist about been Cinderella, with a prince that comes along and sweep her away.

~influence of racism ideology in a post racist society.

I also need to do research for racism study. Although it is more about gathering and organizing the data from various academic papers, on the topic, flipping through every one of my social science text book in university and revise the relevant research, in the field of racism studies. I, in fact know more about racism study, now, at the age of 29, then when I wrote this novel at 25 (I originally just published it on my blog, but later, I want to try make some money via it too, so decide to try paperback publication.) some of it are new information I only notice, when I research for the book, others only sometime after writing the book (e.g. I didn't know there are far Eastern ideology influence on the US, during the era of America revolution, through Benjamin Franklin, until much later.)

~How long did it take to write it?

It took me six month to write it.

~Who are the primary readers of your book?

I would say my primary readers would be western female, especially those whom are from indigenous European heritage line, because the main story line is to address the issue of the high rate of abuse to women, due to an obsession with fairy tale romance, within western society and it should be fair to assume it is western female, from indigenous European heritage line, would be the most vulnerable, considering the circumstances. What a lot of research have found is that, despite the issue of abuse to women due to an obsession with fairy tale, is common amount western women, it is an issue that is rarely talk about and when it is been talk about, it is always been talk about by the leading academics, usually feminist academic (which, I think is irony, because the idea of "women choose to stay in abusive relationship due to obsession with fairy tale romance", is very much in favor of the old school value saying "women are stupid and incompetent of anything.", which is not an image of women, that feminist want to portray.) The main reason women don't like to talk about this issue, is because they don't felt comfortable talking about it, to people other then somebody they fully trust, very frequently, women go through stuff like this along, even their close family member, would not have known about what they are going through and when they do talk to somebody about it, too frequently, the person whom they talk to, don't know what to do either, especially if that person is a man, because for most man, not in their wildest dream, would they imagine a women would trap herself in an abusive relationship, for reason, as stupid as "obsession with fairy tale romance." Although some leading psychologist have written self help book, on the topic, I realize an even better idea is to write a story that reflect their experience or their "obsession with fairy tale romance." a story women can relate to and through such way, send a message. (In addition, because it is fiction, means, I don't need a PhD to write it. The fact I have a master degree is already over qualified.)

~What was the hardest part of writing your book?

There are certain aspect of how western women would end up in an abusive relationship, due to an obsession with fairy tale romance, missing in my research. During the early part it involve more then just an obsession with fairy tale, but frequently also involve worn down her self esteem, by making her felt she can't get another guy other then him. But, in the same time, sweeping her off her feet and telling her, she is beautiful, she is special and he loves her. However, this is a very abstract understanding of the early stage of such type of abusive relationship and more research is needed and it was difficult for me to find detail publication on this topic. After consideration, I decide to begin the story, in a situation where the main character is already in an abusive committed relationship, with a violent and abusive boy friend, that abuse her both physically and psychologically and is ticking very much all of the jerk boy friend box.

~How did you come up with the title?

The original title I published on my blog is call "Hailey's story." because that is the name of the main character.

However, when I decide to publish it as a paperback novel, I decide to rename it as "Cinderella Tears" in this version. This is because, most girls that got into abusive relationship, due to an obsession with fairy tale romance are from the working class, dreaming of been Cinderella, with a prince, coming in and sweep her away. However, too frequently, these fairy tale romance ended in tears, for the girls. As a result, my main character, also grew up in a working class background, whose mother is a illiterate maid that died early from cancer, leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive father and later spend her life going from one foster home, to another. Hence, in coalition with the working class girl, dreaming of been Cinderella with a prince charming, only to find their dream to be a nightmare. Therefore, the book is title "Cinderella Tears."

~What is this book about?

The main character Hailey Walker is a 27 years old primary school teacher. Her mother is a illiterate maid that single hand sustain the household, her father is an alcoholic whom can't hold a job. But tend to get drunk and bash Hailey and her mother up, when she was a child. After Hailey's mother died from cancer, Hailey got bash by her father so badly that she end up in hospital, since then she moved from one foster home to another, until she turn 16 and start working nights shifts in the super market to sustain herself to finish high school and go to university.

During her first year in university, Hailey met her boy friend, Sam, whom has a criminal record. Sam never loved Hailey, he grew up from a wealthy but cold family, where neither of his parents want him, searching for love his entire life, at the age of 13 he join a gang, because the recognition of his gang member, has become more important for him, in a world where not even his own parents love him, then the self destructive nature, of been a gangster. Eventually, Sam's parents cut him off. After getting out of prison, Sam didn't change at all in this arena, when he met Hailey, he just want to find a way, to let a women as beautiful as Hailey addict to him, just so, he can show people he can get the obsessive love, of a woman as beautiful as Hailey. (In the novel, Hailey is a beautiful girl, whom look like an angel and is probably the most beautiful woman, most men would ever meet.)

As time went by Sam became more and more abusive to Hailey, but in the same time, he is great at sweeping Hailey off her feet, telling her she is beautiful, telling her she is special and showering her with romantic gesture. Despite, Hailey is an extremely beautiful girl, she has really low self esteem, about her looks, because all her life, girls jealous of her beauty, have been calling her ugly. The low self esteem, means, Hailey think, if she leave this relationship with Sam, there is no way she could find another relationship with such fairy tale romance characteristic and question, whether she could even find any sort of relationship. Hailey believe, her relationship with Sam is true love and true happiness. Not even aware of her true feeling that is in love with a Hong Kong oversea student, name Chan. Just like that, 10 years past. By now, Chan is an Australian citizen, he is a lawyer turn politician and is the Education minister of Australia. There are no possible relationship between the two of them left, because Chan is now a father of two with his girl friend Emma, whom he has a strong foundation with. Emma is a doctor and an ex swim suit model that support herself through medical school, via modeling and even after giving birth to two kids, she is still swim suit model smoking hot.

Since years ago, Chan have cut Hailey off from his life, because every time she has relationship problem with Sam, she came crying to Chan, just so she could release her upset and return to Sam. At first Chan felt sorry for Hailey and listen to her, but after one year he realized what is going on, in addition, whenever he speak ill of Sam, Hailey would start defending Sam. Angry and annoyed, Chan start to draw his distance from Hailey and cut her off from his life. But by coincident, when Hailey bump into Chan again, almost 10 years later, it turns out Emma and Hailey went to high school together, as a result, Chan reluctantly find Hailey as a part of his life again, although he still want nothing to do with her and kept persuading Emma, to also cut her off, wanting to protect his wife and kids, from the violent nature of Sam.

Sam, legally married a woman name Nichole that live in another state, for the money. Nichole come from a rich family and only married Sam, to anger her father Jeff, whom is getting married to his mistress a 19 years old Chinese oversea student name Rita. Jeff is a high school drop out, his wife Sabrina on the other hand, is a Harvard graduate PhD in Business Administration, whom turned Jeff from a broke truck driver, into a successful businessman with his own trucking company. Jeff is an extremely conservative man and a firm believer in western traditional value, which make him a racist. Been a victim his entire life, Jeff felt his ego is hurt and want to be the hero for once. Like many conservatives, he saw oriental woman to be a damsel in distress, Rita, whom is the Chinese oversea student whom rent a room from Jeff's home, decide to explore this vulnerability and be a gold digger that con Jeff, she act as if she really is a damsel in distress, pretend she can't speak English, don't know everything and misled Jeff to believe that she came to Australia (the story is set in Australia, because that is where I currently live.) to escape from her abusive husband in China and her family whom want to force her to stay with her abusive husband, in the name of "maintaining the honorable name of her parents." Obsessed with the idea of, for the first time in his life, he gets to be the hero, rescuing a damsel in distress, Jeff refuse to see reason and let Rita become his mistress, Sabrina got so angry that she died of a stroke and soon after, Jeff started planning his wedding with Rita.

Anger by her father's action Nichole married Sam in a blind rage, but she and her brothers, also realized they can not let Rita con her father's money. They hire an intervention specialist, an elderly Aboriginal man name Tom, to get involve. Tom believe face on intervention would be useless and adopt a side way technique, to let Jeff grow to see reason, himself, before the wedding and enlist the help of Jeff's older brother Tristan.

In the other city, Sydney, Sam kept Hailey as his mistress and bash her up over minor things, such as getting him the wrong flavor chip. In response to Sam's abusive nature, Hailey justified it with the opinion that "True love and true happiness require sacrifice." and kept on believing her relationship with Sam, is what true love and happiness is suppose to be like. Chan continue to try persuade Emma to keep her distance from Hailey, for her own safety and the safety of their children, with no luck, especially after a case, where Chan and Emma ended up getting into a fight with Sam and his gangster mates. Chan and Emma are both well trained martial artists, with more then one black belt, so they won the fight without a scratch, but Chan whom never been in a fight outside the ring was furious and wanted to cut Hailey off even more. After getting out of the hospital that time, Chan refuse to let Hailey crash at their home. And decide to stuff her with Fatima, a neutral friend, of both Hailey and Chan, whom agree to let Hailey crash at her home. But that day when Chan took Fatima to go pick up Hailey, they bumped into Sam and his mates again, seeking a fight. Chan whom have his fair share of experience dealing gangsters, know that the best way to deal with gangsters is that you must be hard and firm, you can't let them think you gone soft, or they will walk all over you. Chan only fought in self defense, but when he fought, he made sure he gave Sam and his mates, the worse beating in their life. But it anger Hailey, whom ran to protect Sam from Chan and treated Chan as the bad guy. This time, it anger both Chan and Emma and both of them want nothing to do with Hailey anymore. And Hailey left with Sam.

During this exact same time, Tom's interventions has gradually led Jeff to a position, where he is starting to see reasons, for himself and snap out of her obsession with Rita. After thinking with a clear head, Jeff decided to call off the wedding with Rita, whom desperately still wanting the have Jeff manipulated again. Nichole, kept her promise, to her father, which is if Jeff broke it off with Rita, she would divorce Sam. By coincident Sam's sea food restaurant at the Gold Coast, was going broke and had no choice but to sell the business. As the divorce paper came, Sam realized that although he originally married Nichole for the money, he have develop true feelings for Nichole. He has no idea that Nichole only married him to anger her father, for betraying her mother to married Rita and that throughout the entire time, she has no feeling towards Sam and continued a long steaming affair with her boy friend, Michael.

Sam grew desperate trying to win Nichole back, only to find Nichole's feeling towards him is a cold as iron. On the other hand Hailey found out she is pregnant. Originally thought, it would be an exciting new chapter between she and Sam's love story, she happily told Sam the news. But in response all Sam wanted to do is for Hailey to aboard the baby and for him to win back Nichole, but Sam still wasn't going to let Hailey go, as his mistress. When Hailey refuse to abort the baby, Sam gave Hailey the worse beating of her life. Kicking her in the stomach and throwing her down the stairs, out of her apartment, only to be found soaking wet from rain water and unconscious on the street, by a ambulance that drove by and rush her to the hospital, where Emma whom was on duty that night, was shock to see Hailey, been taken in, by the paramedics.

Hailey's injury was so great, she ended up in a coma for days, had multiple fractures and had a miscarriage. When she woke up, the trauma of loosing her baby, overwhelmed Hailey, almost putting her injured and fragile body, in danger. It send an anger Emma, to go seek Sam for justice, but was been outnumber by Sam and his mates, only fortunately enough to have Chan rush in, in time, to save Emma's life. Fearing Emma would end up doing something stupid in a blind rage again, Chan decide to go talk to Hailey, considering he is the only person she trust and listen to. Lost and depressed for the lost of her baby, Chan was able to finally talk some sense into Hailey. After getting out of the hospital, Hailey moved in with Fatima and finally let Fatima talk complete sense into her. After a moment of clarity, Hailey decided to make a clean break from Sam and took the job of becoming a kindergarten English teacher, in Taiwan.

Rita whom now know that she could no longer manipulate Jeff, now face the possibility of deportation back to China. Consider, her family spend their entire family fortune, to get Rita to Australia, just so she can become an Australia citizen and then move the entire family to this country. Rita's had a well laid out plans of, manipulating Jeff, married him, get an Australian citizenship via the marriage, then divorce Jeff taking half of his money with her in a divorce, now the entire plan is ruin and she face deportation, because Jeff is now starting to see sense. In a blind rage, Rita went onto her path of seeking revenge, she manipulated Sam to be her goon, knowing that she could later on wards frame him for all the crime and she can get away with it. Rita also manipulate multiple person to help her with her bidding.

Rita and her goons kidnapped Jeff and his children, trying to force Jeff to sign all of his money to her, through threatening his children's life and through torture. They also, kidnap Hailey and Eric, an intern whom work in Chan's office and has a massive crush on Hailey. Rita told Sam that Hailey has since ages ago figure out the truth of him and she is angry at him for leading her on and let her lost Chan, whom she really love, to another woman, whom is a still swim suit model hot, ex swim suit model, as a result. Rita told Sam, Hailey whom want to seek revenge on him, team up with Jeff to hurt him, result in the situation where Nichole now want to divorce him and Eric, is really Hailey's lover, these put Sam into a blind rage. In addition to the fact Sam already have a criminal record, Rita plan to use the exact same story to frame Sam and send him to prison, after she killed everyone. But the police managed to figure things out and later, got a tip from one of Rita's associates, whom lost everything, as a result of a rumor that Jeff spread about him and cause his daughter to be send to a foster home, only to then be gang rape, by the foster home's father and his mates, at the age of 8.

In the course of Rita's act of kidnapping and wanting to kill people and the police trying to captured her. Most of Rita's goons died. Jeff and all his children died, with the exception of Nichole, a servant of Jeff's family also died. Two police officer, including the case's lead detective's son, died. Rita's single equal associate, died from been kicked out of the window, when he try to fight the cops. Rita died from multiple gun shot wounds when she try to shoot the cops. Sam, whom believe if he killed himself, Rita would spare Nichole's life, killed himself, after he ended up in hospital.

The story then jumped to 10 years later, in Hawaii, where, Hailey and Eric, are getting married and ended with Hailey and Eric, becoming husband and wife.

~What do you want to say to your readers?

The main thing I want to inform the reader about is the danger of believing in the existence of something that is not there, especially if you believe in it to the extend of obsession. Because, when you obsessively believe in the existence of something that is not there, you evaluate everything in a manner in coalition with your believe, by looking for examples and constructing opinions that is in favor of it and ignore everything else that suggest otherwise and we as humans response not towards an existing situation, but to our evaluation of a situation.

I especially, want to address the frequently female desire and obsession of fairy tale romance. And the fact so many women in our western society obsessively believe fairy tale romance = true love, true happiness and true success for a woman, which further encourage women to be obsess with fairy tale romance. This is especially dangerous, considering the fact, too frequently, romantic relationship that has fairy tale romance characteristic, are also, very abusive, towards the women. It can have a very negative impact on the woman and sometime, it also include people around her, considering the fact the abusive man, can be of a character that is not only a threat towards her, but also those around her. It can be even worse, if the woman have a children, as the abuse can also be inflected upon the kid and growing up from an abusive household, tend to encourage children to believe, such abuse is normal and under this sort of circumstances the abusive man, might also be likely to abuse the woman's children, especially if they are step children and no children should grow up from such house hold. (In my honest opinion, if a woman is obsess with fairy tale romance and is a single mother of pre teen children, social worker, should take the custody away from the mother and give it to maybe the grand parent or the father, if we know he is not abusive to the children, considering the fact, it is most likely she is going to end up with an abusive boy friend that would bash her and her children up and very likely, she would actively choose to put up with the abuse and stay with him.) In my opinion, such high rate of abuse towards women, can also have a negative impact on society, I believe, such high rate of abuse to women, also meant people tend to be more trusting to women whom claim themselves to be in an abusive relationship, making it easier for women with malicious intention to misuse this trust to their advantage. In my honest opinion, abuse to woman due to an unhealthy obsession with fairy tale romance, can cause negative impact on the women themselves, on their love ones, on their children and can cause damage to the greater community as a whole. In my opinion, the best way to address the problem, is not to build more woman batter shelters or create more law in protecting woman in abusive relationship, considering the fact, most women get into abusive relationship due to an obsession with fairy tale romance and these women are less likely to want to leave their abusive relationship, but more law to protect women in abusive relationship, also meant more ways for women with evil intention to misuse the law to their advantage. I believe the best way to resolve the problem of high rate of abuse to women, is to go straight to the root of the problem, girls need to be taught not to be obsess with fairy tale romance, fairy tale are just stories and fairy tale romance don't mean true love, happiness nor success. Thus, preventing girls from obsessing with fairy tale romance and as a result, get into and choose to stay in an abusive relationship, to begin with. This is just like, why, parents would tell boys, super heroes are just stories and there are no such thing call super heroes.

In addition many research suggest fairy tale also led many women to believe having an abusive man is better than having no man, so girls with low self esteem and felt they can't get a nice guy, is willing to settle for a guy that bash them up. It is important to let girls know that, if she can't find the right guy, it is alright to be single, there is nothing wrong about not been a part of a couple. (It should also be important to note, that statistically, there are six main type of men women are attracted to, rich man, funny man, nice man, father figure, romantic man and bad boys. Bad boys whom have questionable moral, ironically are also more likely to put effort into been charming and sweeping a girl off her feet in a relationship, a type of relationship many women might consider as one with fairy tale romance characteristic, which, in my opinion, might also be one of the reason, why, so many women whom desire fairy tale romance, find themselves in a relationship with fairy tale romance characteristic, that is also very abusive.)

In addition, the book want to talk about the issue of obsess with the idea of the mighty west that single handed created the modern world and the dangerous that come, by seen things from such distorted view. Because, as human, we do not response towards a situation, but our evaluation of the situation. It further address the dangerous of obsess with the believe of the mighty west, to the extend of fix believe, by evaluating everything in a manner in coalition with it, by looking for examples and constructing opinions that is in favor of it and ignore everything else that suggest otherwise. There is a famous phrase in the military technique book "the arts of war" that says, "When you have in depth research, you have a better chance of success, if you have little research you have lesser chance of success, if your research is completely wrong, then you have no chance of success." And when you conduct research via fix believe, you are only seen what you want to see and too frequent it might have a great deal of difference from reality, thus could result in very bad consequence. And such principle from the arts of war, don't only apply to war, but also to life. The truth might not always be something you like or is easy to handle, letting go of a fix believe is not always an easy thing to do, especially when it make your pride feel so good, like the myth of the might west, but it is necessary to have an accurate understanding towards the situation, accurate evaluation of situation, thus a better response. And too frequent, in western society, there are people whom can't handle fact that contradict the idea of the mighty west, evidence by the fact we too often turning a blind eye to poverty and human right issue in South America and Eastern Europe and in international humanitarian aid ads, the aid need to limit to the representation of white people helping none white, to achieve maximum result and the people whom are angry at historians that present archaeological data that contradict the idea that the west invented everything ranging from technology, to knowledge, to institution, to ideology.

It want to further address how the traditional ideal of the mighty west, help construct the western view that the west to be the parent, adult and male and none west as child and female, thus help create the view that see oriental women to be a symbol of damsel in distress, sometime causing some western men to be obsess with them and how an oriental woman can easily take advantage of such obsession and ruin a western man, as a result. Such obsession western men have towards oriental women, due to thinking oriental women to be damsel in distress, cause by the myth of the mighty west, is also been illustrated in the novel written by Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco "Silk", written in 1996, the later movie adaptation in 2007 star Kiera knightly and Michael Pitt, illustrate how a 19th century married British silk trader, view the wife of a wealthy Japanese man to be a damsel in distress and as a result, his sexual obsession and desire for her, taking any opportunity to go to Japan, just to see her and his desire to protect her. Fortunately, this Japanese woman, has no desire to con the British man and have no sexual interest in him, she just felt for him to be an annoying stalker and tried to get rid of him via various form of passive methods, including buy him a Japanese prostitute. His wife played by Kiera Knightly, desperately did everything she could to fight for her marriage, to prevent her husband from leaving her for this Japanese woman that want nothing to do with him, including learning to write in Japanese and then write and send fake love letter from this Japanese woman to him. Hoping exchange of love letter, is enough to keep her husband in England and only has an imaginary long distance relationship with this Japanese woman and won't leave her to go to Japan to persuade this Japanese man's wife. In the work of Moore Gilbert it also illustrate such unhealthy desire for oriental women, in 18th century west, using the autobiography of Rousseau, from the 18th century, as a case study, it clearly illustrate Rousseau's once obsession with an oriental prostitute, also seen her as a damsel in distress and thus have the desire to protect her, only problem is that this prostitute is a strong and capable woman that doesn't need a man and eventually kept him from stalking her with a pistol. In modern time, the society still do not lack western man with such obsession desire for oriental woman, seen them as damsel in distress, due to the myth of the mighty western world. I have two most clear memories, the first one, is in an Asian television show, a married woman illustrate how a innocent trip as a tourist to Britain, result in an odd elderly British gentlemen, inviting her to move to Britain to be in a relationship with him, even bought her a mansion. Naturally, the woman kindly rejected the offer and return to Asia after the vacation and didn't took the mansion, but the elderly British gentlemen continue to send her email, encouraging her to move to Britain, to the mansion he bought her and talking about the beauty of the mansion's garden, despite the fact this woman is married (It just evidence how easy is it for an orient woman to con a western man with such obsession, if she want to. Even without trying and while she is totally ignoring this British man, he bought her a mansion, imagine how much worse it would get, if she do decided to con him). Another case, in fact happened to a white western woman, as a result of her relationship with an orient boy friend. on youtube she wrote "I never got made fun of for dating an Asian, but this white guy (who I'm pretty sure had a crush on me) became very angry at me for dating an Asian. He said that it was stupid for me to date an Asian because it was a waste of my body... Uuuuhhh, if I didn't want to date that guy before, I certainly didn't want date him after he was racist and sexist at the same time. I've never heard such dumb-ass ignorance before." ( I want to let the reader know about how the myth of the mighty west, help encourage many western man to see none western woman as damsel in distress, which as a result help encourage an unhealthy obsession towards none western woman, which as a result, meant they can be easily con by none western gold digger and if they do meet a none Asian gold digger, whom decide to take advantage of their believe of the mighty west, their believe of oriental woman to be damsel in distress and as a result their obsession with none western woman, then the western guy is in big trouble.

~Write about the benefits your book offers to its readers!

The benefit this book present to the reader is firstly, if the reader is woman, it help educate them in the unhealthy nature of obsessing with fairy tale romance, by illustrating how fairy tale romance, doesn't mean true love and true success and it don't necessary mean true happiness. And if you can not find a decent guy to be with, it is alright to be single, the idea that "having a abusive man, is better then having no man" is simply not true "having no man, is better then having an abusive man." is true.

To the wider audience, it want to teach the lesson about the dangerous of the myth of the mighty west and the dangerous nature of believing in it to the extend of obsession and refuse to believe otherwise. It want to illustrate how it help encourage for western man to see none western woman as damsel in distress and how it could cause unhealthy sexual obsession to none western woman and how it could literally destroy a western man's life.

To people whom ain't white, I felt it is important to let the population to understand this situation, associate with the myth of the mighty west. Too often do we hear amount none whites living in western countries saying "All white people are more or less a bit racist.", because they don't understand about the myth of the mighty west and its domino effect on western people and thus, whenever a western person say something, due to its influence, none western living in western countries, start accusing them of been racist. "Just like how I use to call that English teacher I have in high school "Mr Racist.", before I became an university student of social science with much research and understanding in the arena of racism studies.

~Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

My experience suggest, woman usually like this book, they felt they can relate to the characters and what they are going through, especially the main character Hailey Walker. They like the story line and they felt what Hailey Walker and other surrounding characters are going through are some very real things that people go through.

While, I've seen my fair share of both male and female westerns that can't handle facts that contradict the idea of the mighty west and therefore got angry. This particular novel do not seem to trigger such reaction from woman. It might be because, the fact they felt for the story that happened to Hailey Walker is so vivid real, that it give the word of the novel increase credibility, hence make them open to the idea there is also a problem with western society in the believe of the mighty west. It might also be a situation where, they are so focus on the story of Hailey Walker that the story between Rita and Jeff, just become a side line story they paid little or no attention to.

Man on the other hand, are more likely to get offended, by undermining the myth of the mighty west and stating negative effect that the myth of the mighty west, have on western society. They also can not related to the story of Hailey and think, the very idea that a girl can get into an abusive relationship, simply due to an obsession with fairy tale romance, is complete none sense. For example, one person once wrote on a forum about a promotion of my book saying "Condescending and inaccurate, the reasons why some women stay in abusive relationships are many and complex. Blaming fairy stories for susceptibilty to abuse is similar to blaming video games for violence.", after presenting him with two independent research paper, from two separate universities, one from Victoria University Australia, the other from, University of North Carolina US, his acknowledgment still only go as far as saying "In modern society our behavior is influenced by many things including books I'll give you that. Certainly fairy stories like video games in the male context are a factor in creating the mindset but not the main cause of abuse, that just flies in the face of common sense." While publishing on the blog, I care little about who read it and who it might offended, but while trying to sell it as a paperback publication, I naturally want to focus on female readers whom respond well to the novel.

I also learn, even if it is a novel, if you want to write something that reflect on social issue, it is a good idea to have a list of reference, as it better persuade people. While facing people with fix believe, including those whom are fix believers in the myth of the mighty west, they not only get angry at ideas that contradict the myth of the mighty west, but they would construct whatever opinion they can, that is in favor of the idea of the mighty west, to throw at you. In my research I found numerous case of western people making baseless assumption that I must be a person whose study in the arena of the myth of the mighty west, is in China and all of my information are nothing other then false information of Chinese propaganda, because these information contradict the idea of the mighty west. In reality, my study on this issue is in Australia and all of my research are either original research or base on western sources. Also, Chinese Communist party propaganda don't like to present pre communist China strong, they like to present them as weak as possible and argue everybody in the world is trying to bully China as a result, therefore all people of Chinese heritage must gang up together against the world, sometime the Communist even present false information to make ancient China seem weaker then it is, for example, in reality by mid 17th century Chinese cannon already has a range of over 1km, European cannons by late 18th century, still only have a range of 400 meters. Yet, in some historical drama in China, these facts are been withhold, even if it is a pre 18th century war with a western country, which the Chinese won, through the superior range of their weapons.

To deal with these fix believers, you need hard solid evidence, that is so solid that there is no way they can contradict it. Despite our society is overwhelm with evidence that believe in the myth of the mighty west, when analyzing the problem, some of these people, would just shut their brain off from evidence that undermine the myth of the mighty west, just like some people whom believe in the myth of the mighty west, would want to turn a blind eye to poverty in western countries in South America and Eastern Europe, it is just like how Dr. McGraw said that when a person believe in something badly enough, they ignore contradicting evidence. Whenever you are in face with a person that believe in the myth of the mighty west, his brain would look for any evidence and construct any opinion, he can find to undermine contradicting argument, his brain would automatically forget anything, that undermine the concept of the mighty west, when facing contradiction. So, if you want to talk sense into a person whom firmly believe in the myth of the mighty west, you need evidence that hard, so concrete, that they can no longer use any opinion or alternative evidence to contradict you. You need hard evidence that can remind them of fact, their brain selectively forget to sustain the myth of the mighty west and the evidence must also be so solid that it can't be undermine with any other evidence or opinion and even then, there are going to be people whom believe in the myth of the mighty west, been angry at you or been offended by you, for undermining the myth of the mighty west.

It is just like what historian Dr Tonio Andrade wrote in his book"The traditional narrative portrayed Europe as a beacon of enlightenment in a benighted world. In contrast, the revisionists see the rise of the west as part of a broader pattern of Eurasian development, a deep history of shared innovations in which Asian societies were prime movers. The revisionist Model isn't popular with everyone. a group of scholars have attacked the revisionists, frustrated that they're trying to overturn centuries of work by great thinkers from Adam smith to Fernand Braudel. some have accused the revisionists of distorting data and twisting logic, believing that they're motivated not by a scholar's love of evidence but by political correctness, an ideological zeal to Dethrone the west and denounce Eurocentrism."

When the myth of the mighty west, can make people of western civilization's pride felt so good, then there are going to be people whom are very protective of this ideal, so if the study you present is going to undermine it, you better have hard solid prove to back it up, because its protectors are going to come at you, with everything they got. And if I thought of this during the time, I would definitely put down a list of academic reference at the back of the book, it might not be enough to bring down all whom are protective of the myth of the mighty west, but it is enough to at least take down some.

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