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Book: My Grandfather's Pants by Tegon Maus
Tegon Maus and his wife

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The Empty Chair Obama by Jack Ibus
Where is Obama? Why does the empty chair example ring so true to so many? Fun but serious short book that takes on the empty chair. It's free, for as long as I can get it to be, so now make a copy, tweet; please share. Contact me Jack Ibus at if you care to be connected with like minded folks that question the status quo, an have fun doing it. I am in the process of setting up a web page but need [...]
The Nature of a Woman - Navigating Her 4 Week Mood Cycle (Survival Skills for Men) by Gary P Simmons
This book contains a lot of clear and practical advice for men who feel they have an unhappy marriage and could do with some relationship help. At age 45, Gary P. Simmons had left countless failed relationships in his wake. He thought that he was never going to find 'the one', a partner to share his life with. And then one day, 'SHE' walked through the door. At last... things were great! That was until after a few months of [...]
Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles Book 1) by Chariss K. Walker
2018 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree - KALEIDOSCOPE IS MIKE LEWIS'S GIFT AND CURSE and it is the first fast-paced, captivating novel in the Vision Chronicles series by award-winning author Chariss K. Walker. 44-year-old geophysicist, Michael Lewis feels his life is boring and mundane, with one exception: He can see horrifying visions of disturbing future disasters through a kaleidoscope in broken, fragmented pieces. After spending [...]
My 350 V8 Corvair - A unique muscle car by Ronald S. Craig
This book takes the reader through photos and text of the conversion of a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair into a unique muscle car replacing the air cooled, six cylinder, rear engine with a high performance Chevy 350 V8 engine up front. Unique comes in when in addition to the engine swap, the Corvair body is shortened by 14 inches.
How To Get A Car For FREE! by BD Manus
Ever since the invention of urban sprawl after WWII, the need to own a vehicle has been great. Studies show that people and families that live in urban areas, without a vehicle and mass transportation are more likely to be of poor health and have poor if any food choices. Many people and families without transportation get tired easily after paying a taxicab or neighbor to go here and there, and it also puts a great strain on [...]
Good As Dead (Dying To Meet You Book 1) by C.P. Mandara
Six people want her dead. One vampire is under orders to keep her alive, but he's hungry...and for much more than blood. Lainey Hargreaves has a secret that she must keep at all costs, a secret that could change the face of the earth forever. But not all secrets can be kept and when hers begins to escape, she is certain that death will follow. There is only one person that can extricate her from the mess in which she finds [...]
Dead In The Water (Rider Bradbury Book 2) by James W. Brown
Rider Bradbury is back. This time he is on the hunt for a serial killer known as the Water Demon. Bradbury will need all his skills as a cop and martial artist, to carry him through this ordeal. The Water Demon believes water is power and he will use this as the resting place for his victims. Bradbury bends the laws in order to try and capture this devious and dangerous killer. Follow Rider Bradbury through the twists and [...]
The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Series - Part 2 by M T McGuire
The Wrong Stuff, K'Barthan Series: Part 2 The Pan of Hamgee is not a natural knight in shining armour. Yet he has escaped from police custody in K'Barth, switched realities and foiled Lord Vernon's attempt to kidnap Ruth, the Chosen One, from the Festival Hall. Pretty good, he thinks. However, Ruth thinks otherwise. Being pursued by Lord Vernon is bad enough. Now, thanks to The Pan, she's on the run. They are both alive, of [...]
Bad Blood Empire (Cold Blooded Series Book 2) by Hale Chamberlain
For fans of fast-paced crime thrillers, epic tales of mafia full of vendettas and riveting car chases such as the Godfather, the Outsiders, and Narcos. London, United Kingdom. The Big Smoke. A constant clash of cultures and beliefs, down to the gutter. And over a million drug users - an alluring market for a bunch of young, ambitious French. Fast-forward a decade. After years of covert attrition war to gain control of the [...]
The Adventures of Bruno Penny - Norbert de Strangle and the Great Museum Robbery by A. B. Syed
Strange goings-on at the Westside Museum of Rare Art Treasures. The new visiting exhibit is stolen without leaving a clue, police are baffled, quite frankly. Who has taken the statues, paintings and jewellery and stuff? Can Bruno Penny solve the mystery? Norbert de Strangle, international criminal mastermind, thinks not! *AUTHOR'S REVIEW* I wanted Bruno Penny to be a completely normal boy in unusual circumstances. He does not [...]
Chase Tinker and the House of Magic (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 1) by Malia Ann Haberman
"I am so lucky to have come across such an amazing series!" ~Book Reviewer Join Chase Tinker and his family and friends for some wild and crazy supernatural escapades while living in a gigantic, 560-year-old magical house where magic, adventure, excitement, and danger can be found around nearly every corner. Root for Chase in his pursuit of a way to outwit, out-magic,and outmaneuver dangerous and wicked villains who are [...]
Few Are Chosen, K'Barthan Series - Part 1 by M T McGuire
Few Are Chosen, K'Barthan Series: Part 1 Meet The Pan of Hamgee: coward, unwilling adventurer and, by some miracle, K'Barth's longest surviving outlaw. He just wants a quiet life so working as getaway driver is probably a bad career move. Then he falls in love at first sight with a woman he hasn't even met who comes from an alternative reality. That's when things really begin to get complicated. Meet Ruth Cochrane: she's the [...]
The Country Wife - a novel of what has been and what might be by Jodi LaPalm
Quinn Donovan has always longed for a simple life, and it seems her dream has finally come true. Living in the peaceful countryside with her husband Michael, she spends days working a job she loves and quiet nights in the arms of a man she adores. Something is not right, however. Her body. Her husband. Her memories. Everything feels off. And in a short time, the simple life she worked so hard to achieve becomes incredibly [...]
Mysteries In The Inn (Murder In the Inn) (Volume 4) by Barbara Fox
A collection of short mysteries featuring Sandy Evans, owner of a bed and breakfast inn in Miami Beach, Florida. A famous author is poisoned (Moving Is Murder), guests are held hostage by a pair of car-jackers (An Ordinary Day) a clown is murdered (Pickleball is Murdered), a neighborhood jeweler is stabbed and every guest at the inn had a motive to kill him ( A Jewel Of A Murder) and a blackmailer aboard a cruise ship is [...]
Psycho Save Us by Chad Huskins
After hearing about two young black girls being abducted off the streets of Atlanta, and how they were never found, and that, usually in such cases, black children are not reported in the news nearly as much as white children, the idea started taking off for this book. The story is about two young girls, Kaley and Shannon Dupre, who've always had a telepathic link. On this night, they get abducted by a ring of human [...]
The Race - A HELL Ranger Thriller by Gina Fava
Rome, The Eternal City. Home to Devlin "Lucky" Lucchesi, husband, father, and car racing champion, whose lucky existence makes his alter ego as a special op HELL Ranger feel far away. Until...Ishmael Zaid, an elusive international terrorist, and a villain from Devlin's past, masterminds a terror attack that decimates Rome's train station and rips Lucky's life apart. Devlin vows revenge. He teams with his HELL Ranger crew to [...]
Impunity by Richelle Elberg
When a Loomis armored vehicle carrying millions of dollars crashes on a remote mountain pass, three naive opportunists believe that they can finally do something more with their lives, solve their problems, and become the people they had always aspired to be. But even as Denny, Ashe, and Rufie find degrees of hope, courage and selflessness in their startling discovery, there are forces being set in motion that will make them [...]
Dicmatized 2 - Bitter Sweet Revenge (Sexcapades) by Gemini Phoenix
Being the best sex therapist in Atlanta comes with a price tag. Lenese learns quickly that loving two men is not healthy and being pregnant by one of them is the least of her problems. Her longtime friend/employee, Liz has it in for her and will make her pay at all cost. Will she reveal Lenese's secrets to the love of her life, or will she just use Lenese's sexual tactics against her by sleeping her way to the top? The lies, [...]
The Bad Wife by Madelene Martin
Hannah is a 20-something, hard working woman trapped in a boring, sexless marriage. As she grows increasingly dissatisfied, her sex drive demands more, and Hannah longs to experience new things. The problem is, her husband isn't passionate about anything, and that includes sex. Frustrated with her lacklustre love-life, she turns to her male co-workers for fun and flirtation, longing to feel sexy again. And finally giving into [...]
Happiness follows on Friday the 13th by Pete Van Kerk
Friday 13th, indeed it's the worst day in Julie's life. Everything is against her. When she wants to go home in the evening the train just runs away, into the dark night. She reacts as a furie, but there are an older lady and Trevor to calm her down. And the worst has still to come... But now Trevor accompanies her, saves her time after time. The next day it's Saturday 14th. The sun shines aqnd forges two hearts together.
The Vanishing Wife by Barry Finlay
How far will a man go to protect his family? Mason Seaforth is about to find out. Mason Seaforth, a mild-mannered accountant. wakes up the morning of his 20th wedding anniversary to find that his wife, Sami has disappeared. A search of Sami's computer uncovers a past she has buried for more than 20 years. Together with their strong-willed friend, Marcie Kane, Mason leads an investigation that takes them from the home he and [...]
50 Ways To Find a Husband or Wife by Bentley Browning
50 Ways To Find a Husband or Wife is an essential manual for single people. Proven spiritual,mental,metaphysical and universal law techniques are simply presented-one on each page to help you find love. The techniques have all been used on Bentley's How To Find a Husband or Wife courses.Soul and Spirit magazine,Ham and High,The Secret Website and Loaded Tv have all covered Bentley's book and courses.Hundreds of people have [...]
Love on Track (Rivals in Love Book 3) by P.C. Zick
Childhood history between a race car driver and an event coordinator collide at the Indy 500. He can't be distracted by romance. And she can't trust love will last. Stone Crandall wants more than anything to win the Indy 500, but as the race approaches, other things begin to distract him. Not only has his family descended on Indianapolis, but a schoolboy crush in the form of his sister's best friend appears and changes his [...]
There's No Such Thing as Vampires (Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue Book 1) by Heather Masterson
When Joe Kinderman gave in to his fear of being hurt, he lost Casey to another man. When her car was found abandoned and bloody on the side of the road, he thought that she was gone forever. A camping trip leads to a startling discovery in the woods, and Joe gets the one thing he thought wasn't possible: a second chance. Unexpectedly immersed in a world where all the rules have changed, Joe has to decide just how far he'll go [...]
Into the Storms - Ganet, Wife of Seth by Angelique Conger
Giant serpents ... Raging flash floods ... ... and shaking earth. What more could Ganet expect on her travels with her new husband through wild and dangerous lands? Except ... Traps ... Starvation ... ... and illness. In all she suffers, can she endure it well and find her way home? Into the storms, a rich biblical, historical fiction, continues the story of Eve's children, focusing on the woman who marries Eve's prophet son. [...]



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