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Book: Monster Catfish - Fishing for Whales by Paul Andrulis
Author Paul Andrulis

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Catfish Trailer Park by Roger Harrison
"Catfish Trailer Park And Other Southern Tales" is a book of three original stories from Mississippi Author Roger Harrison. "Catfish Trailer Park" is the story of four women who live in Wiggins, Mississippi in a trailer park and work at a Diner in the outskirts of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The story tells what happens when a new waitress is hired and of some of their adventures. "The Dark Seam' is a tale of a man who lives in [...]
Murdered in Argentina - A Jack Trout Cozy Mystery by Dianne Harman
USA Today Bestselling Author and seven Time Amazon All Star Author Dianne Harman with her first book in an all new series - Jack Trout Cozy Mystery Series. What could go wrong at a world class fly fishing lodge in the charming town of San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina, home of gauchos, leather, and chocolate? When Ray Martin, the wealthy owner of Moving Graphics, is murdered on a corporate fly fishing trip arranged by Jack [...]
I Never Met A Boat I Didn't Love by Gustav Frank Bahruth
We've all heard of the old proverb, "Find a job you truly love and you will never have to go to work a day in your life". I feel like I was one of the lucky ones to be truly blessed. This book is a true story of the commercial shrimping industry, development, challenges, equipment and many of the adventures that went with it. It tells stories of growing up on Great South Bay, Long Island, New York on through sixty years into [...]
Trickery by Constance Masters
Morgan King is a twenty-three-year-old virgin who has never had a proper boyfriend. The fussy young woman longs to meet a man who will be everything like the heroes in the spanking romance novels she loves to read. When such a man comes along, Morgan is sure that he must be too good to be true. Although they've had a great online relationship for months, she balks at actually meeting him. Jackson Brooks is a [...]
Living The Big Sky Life - Urban Tales Of My Tortured Tenure In by DK King
"Living The Big Sky Life" is a clever memoir by DK King that will take you on a healing journey from the outside in - from the coastlines of Orange County, California, to the big sky resort town of Whitefish, Montana. In a written voice that can be described as nothing short of audacious - real, raw and irreverent - DK King portrays her powerful passage through the peaks and valleys of love and life on her quintessential [...]
Murder in Cuba (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 8) by Dianne Harman
The Grand Slam Club. Is it worth murdering for? Cuba - a land of classic cars, beautiful beaches, salsa music, and the best cigars in the world. When Mike's friend, Jack Trout, asks Kelly and Mike to join his wife and him on an exploratory trip to a Cuban island, it's an invitation they can't resist. Mike's dream of fly fishing the saltwater flats on the exotic island is quickly replaced when he's asked by the local constable [...]
Jack's Drift by J. Wilfred Cahill
Jack's Drift is a funny and poignant look into the timeless art of fly fishing. Cahill takes the reader on a page turning 50 year fishing trip. You can fish from Florida to Alaska and from Vermont to California from the comfort of your favorite chair, as he leads you along the banks of legendary waterways. Drift along as fishing becomes the backdrop to the entertaining antics of both man and beast. Jack and company encounter [...]
A Beautiful Liar by Leanna Harrow
How Many Lies Can One Man Tell? Maggie West has endured the worst luck: abusive relationships, cheating husbands, an emotionally-destructive mother, a daughter's bout with cancer, and a slew of last-resort jobs. A natural giver, she loses herself in others to the brink of numbness, isolation, and disillusion. However, when she joins a social network to fight her loneliness, Maggie encounters a beautiful man who is full of [...]
Hooked - Based on the story of Jim Baugh Outdoors
A young boy raised on the docks of the Chesapeake Bay escapes his mother severe mental illness. Adulthood brings family, over a 25 year television career, and the perilous insane comedic journey of online computer dating. A hilarious secular southern Gothic autobiographical story about one mans faith that started under the bloom of a Magnolia Tree.
Our Teenage Years - Growing up in a small town in the 80's (My Life Book 1) by T. J. Wray
This is the first book in the (My Life) series. This book is about two best friends growing up in their teenage years in a small town. All the wild adventures and stories from my childhood. After my parents divorced and we went on the run for 11 years. This book includes my first job, girlfriend, prom, drivers license, my first car and many other first we all did in our teenage years. But really this book is just about LIFE. [...]
The Lushland Evolution by Pat McNamara
Ever notice that the world could be a nicer place to live in? If you didn't, then you're not paying much attention! As you well know, we all grow-up facing life's trials and tribulations. Some succeed and live happily, and unfortunately, some do not. Lushland is a small island nation that is renowned the world over for its gorgeous greeness, but it has a big problem - people and nature don't quite get along, which has far [...]
Cross Roads by C. Michaels
After losing his prominent job, Benjamin Cross packs up his little trailer and moves to Wind River, a small fly-fishing town in Idaho where he plans on spending a few months recouping with his friends. He arrives to find that Cue and Katie, the owners of a bar and grill located on the banks of the Snake River are in a power struggle with the proprietor of the prestigious hotel next to them. Ben puts his efforts toward helping [...]
Unconditionally by Pepper Phillips
This is a 26 thousand word novella. Unconditionally is an award winning screenplay adapted into novella form. It was published previously as a screenplay by Donna Caubarreaux. --- "Wow!" - Lew Hunter, author of Screenwriting 434 - --- "Lew Hunter said it first and best: Wow. Unconditionally is 93 pages (in screenplay format) of emotion driven by dialogue, the story of a family confronted with the betrayal of trust and how [...]
Fisherman's Dream (Southhill Sagas) by Jenny Gill
Baby Boomer Fiction - No 4 in The Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey to the south of London. Each book in the series stands alone. Martin loves fishing. His dream in life is to run his own business, passing on his love of fishing. His wife Cilla is behind him all the way and they open a full service fishing tackle shop which they call Fisherman's Dream. Then an out of control lorry on the motorway puts an end to Martin's [...]
The P-Town Queen by Ute Carbone
Champagne Books 2012 Novel of the Year Nikki Silva thinks she's blown up her life. Divorced, funding for her shark research cut off, she's moved back to Provincetown to live with her father. Nikki's written a grant proposal funded by a commission run by her ex-husband Ned, who would rather not give money to his ex-wife. Marco Tornetti wants to turn a Newark spaghetti joint into a trendy bistro. His silent partner, Fat Phil [...]
Connor's Gambit by Z Gottlieb
Brad Johnson, a lone witness to a UFO sighting becomes an alien target and quickly finds himself on an off world adventure, relying on his skills to survive an intergalactic war. As Brad struggles to understand the conflict between the aliens, he learns one group threatens Earth's security, while the other group wants something entirely different. All Brad wants is to return home to his family, but not until he embarks on the [...]
Cold Crossover - A Chilling Northwest Mystery by Thomas Kelly
Linnbert "Cheese" Oliver, hard-luck high school basketball hero in the northwestern town of North Fork, is missing on a late-night ferry. And for real estate agent Ernie Creekmore, his father figure, friend, and former coach, the news hits hard. Ernie's suffered too much loss and pain in his life his wife, a state basketball championship, a mysterious medical malady and he just can't accept the idea that Cheese might have [...]
Soul Journey - The Road Less Travelled by Paul Day
This is a collection of poetry by two of the Internet's most prolific writers. The other author is Majella Callaghan and it's hard to believe this is her first publication as her work is incredible in both its depth of meaning and its artistic merit. These poems are not about one thing, but as each book needs a definition, we decided we would call it Soul Journey because the individual poems are about journeys of the heart, [...]
Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck
Time, and most of Portugal, has almost forgotten Luminosa, a small fishing community on the Alentejo coast. A cluster of white and blue cottages huddle under the cliffs overshadowed by the great manor of Herdade Albatroz whose family has ruled the village since the days of Napoleon. Far off the tourist route, nobody visits Luminosa by chance. When a ruthless American racketeer turns up, the peaceful village's way of life [...]
Old Joe's Cave by Ben Westbrook
The idea for this story came from my love of fishing when I was about the age of Shane and Jason--the two best friends you'll meet when you're introduced at the beginning of the story. I was around ten or eleven when a buddy of mine and I would ride our bicycles about two-and-half miles to go fishing on Sibley Lake. During the school year we made the trek every Saturday when weather permitted. When school was out for the [...]
The Shark With No Teeth by Leslie Williams
Tim is a kid who likes to fish. Drowning some bait is his idea of a good afternoon. Then he catches something he hadn't expected.... The shark with no teeth is a story for different ages. For children 0 to three years of age, it is about naming things, contrasts, and rewards for doing good. For kids 4 to 8 years, it's about stereotypes, as well as the concepts of mercy and kindness. It's about choices: catch or release, [...]
Letters to Ethan by Sharon F. Svitak
"Sharon Svitak, a native San Franciscan, mother of two grown children, and recently widowed, began writing letters to her grandson, Ethan, to work her way through the painful loss of her husband. But what began as an outlet for her grief became a project to pass on to her heirs some of the good memories of her thirty-four year marriage. A published writer of articles and essays, Letters to Ethan: Joe's Story, is her first [...]
The Fisherman's Daughter by Sydell Voeller
Psychology professor Vanessa Paris receives word that her father has disappeared from his fishing boat in Puget Sound and rushes to her childhood home in the San Juan Islands to try to help find him. Tragedy has been no stranger to Vanessa--years ago her mother died and more recently, her brother. The possibility of losing her father now is almost too much to bear. But when Vanessa arrives at the family owned tourist lodge, [...]
Lie Catchers by Rolynn Anderson
She's a lie catcher hiding from the truth - Freelance writer, Liv Hanson returns to a fishing village in Alaska with one mission: bail out her failing family business. To garner investors, she writes a series about a local unsolved murder. When her revelations intersect with the recent death of a schoolmate, the town turns against her. While investigating a murder and money scam, treasury agent Parker Browne finds the quirky, [...]
Water and Dirt by Gene Stark
Successful New York businessman Rutherford "Runt" Hobbes ponders his past life; orphaned and crippled at birth he slogged through the essence of survival in rural Minnesota. Surrounded by a colloquial bunch of characters, embodied in Buck the curmudgeon bar-fly, happy-go-lucky Uncle Mike, and a role model for life in Aunt Dorothy, Runt learns to grapple with the mysteries and realities of life. With the drums of the Vietnam [...]



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