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Book: Backyards & Belly Laughs by Nancy J. Tobin

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Backyards & Belly Laughs by Nancy J. Tobin might also like our reading suggestions below

Forensic Foraging - Photography to Unlock the Unseen by William C. Crawford
Forensic Foraging is a shooting approach that can add some much-needed, creative options to modern digital photography. This volume suggests basic, minimalist techniques that help to unlock the unseen in our everyday, visual world. The throwback principles showcased here serve as signposts for the digital shooter who is trying to step back a bit from today's techno-driven, computer enhanced images.The authors both lifelong, [...]
Exposure Mastery - Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO. The Key to Creative Digital Photography by Brian Black
2017 Edition. FULL COLOR eBook! (Please note that the paperback version is in black and white to keep the price you pay low!) Taking Your Photography to the Next Level You've Spent Hundreds on A High Quality Camera - Wouldn't You Like to Do More with It than Just Point and Shoot? Whether you want to pursue photography as a hobby or looking at launching a career, you want to be able to explore all the possibilities of [...]
The Antique Love by Helena Fairfax
One rainy day in London, Wyoming man Kurt Bold walks into an antique shop off the King's Road, looking every inch the romantic hero. The shop's owner, Penny Rosas, takes this handsome stranger for a cowboy straight from the pages of a book... but Kurt soon brings Penny's dreams to earth with a thump. He's no romantic cowboy his job is in the City, in the logical world of finance and as far as Kurt is concerned, love and [...]
Ghostly Images by Peter Townsend
Whitby, North Yorkshire - 1894 - Two apprentice photographers, David Taylor and John Evans, find themselves unemployed and desperate for work when their employer dies. They fall into the clutches of Hood, a notorious charlatan, who is eager to exploit them as "spirit photographers" with the aid of the infamous Tate Camera now owned by David. This notorious camera is said to have the ability not only to photograph spirits, but [...]
Alchemist's Guide; to Black & White Photo Chemistry - Principles and Procedures for Negatve & Print Development by Grant Michael Handgis
This book is a photographer's guide, a manual for practices and procedures for the craft of black and white photography. The material covers all the aspects of understanding and controlling the negative, from pre-visualization through developing.This book includes a full explanation of the negative, the underlying process of development, procedures for controlling the negative, b&w photo chemistry principles and explanations [...]
Freddi's Collection by Patrizia Murray
Why do three separate buyers want the acreage that Freddi has inherited from her inventor father? What is the mysterious concrete structure on the property with no doors or windows? Is bad boy biker Ward on her side or the other side in the attempts to buy her out? Ward's motorcycle injuries give both of them time to think about what they really want from life, and to decide if their love can overcome the barriers they have [...]
Decisive Moments by Toni Noel
To satisfy the requirements for her Master's Degree in fine art photography, Amy Millington needs to photograph architect Charles Harding's childhood home, but his boarded-up house holds painful memories for Charles and he allows no one inside. Without those photographs Amy cannot secure her daughter Marta's future, but he denies the gutsy widow's request. Amy notes his sadness and with Marta's help, teaches Charles to again [...]
DSLR Photography for Beginners by Brian Black
The Original "DSLR Photography for Beginners". 2017 Edition. FULL COLOR eBook! (Please note that the paperback version is in black and white to keep the price you pay low) Who Else Wants to Take Mind Blowing Pictures? * * Limited Time Bonus Inside! * * If you want to stand out from the crowd and capture all those magic moments for posterity, you have come to the right place. Most guides to Digital SLR photography will [...]
Children around the World - An eclectic collection of photos from children from all over the globe by Leo Buijs
Come face to face with some of the cutest children around the world, with this collection of photographs by award winning and retired entrepreneur and writer, Leo Buijs. This eclectic collection of mostly happy and very cute children's photos has eye-opening facts and descriptions of how children live in different parts of the world. The large 8.5" x 8.5" format is a handsome coffee-table book that is well designed and best [...]
Bahrain Underwater Portraits (Bahrain Nature Book 1) by Jouko Tapio Kärkelä
This booklet is an introduction to Baharain's shallow water marine life as it exists in our days. This is a photographer's journey to Bahrain's underwater world revealing the most common biotopes and species of flora and fauna with 53 high quality photographs. Ecological considerations are highlighted based on author's personal experiences in Bahrain's marine life during the last 20 years. The aim of the booklet is also to [...]
Homeward Bound by Toni Noel
Successful CEO Luke Townsend hires Kristal Lake to stage his Rancho Santa Fe estate for quick sale. He unwillingly assumed the responsibility of running the family conglomerate following his father's sudden death and had to place his own plans on hold. The product of foster care, Krista longs for a home of her own and promptly falls in love with Luke's. He wrongly believes unloading his house will relieve his stress until [...]
Three Wrongs (Donavan - Thief for Hire) by Chuck Bowie
Sean Donovan is doing all right; he has two offshore bank accounts and an American one as well and all three are filling up nicely. His network of clients know his business plan: he is willing to acquire whatever rare or inaccessible product is needed, be it the security plans to an art gallery, a rare Etruscan goblet or a recorded conversation from a former American President. And he will steal it and deliver it to them, no [...]
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and...Murder (It's Murder at the Office Book 2) by D. A. Featherling
Abigail Newhouse hopes her life remains peaceful now that she's managing a local antique mall. When a murder occurs, she again wants to help solve the case. Homicide Lieutenant Nick Vaughn isn't happy about Abby being involved in the crime. Will her pursuit of the truth sidetrack their relationship? And can he save her when her life hangs in the balance as she faces the killer in a deadly showdown?
Around Hope Town - Photos from Hope, Alaska by SK Malone
A collection of photographs that I have taken in and around Hope, Alaska. Hope is a little town located on the upper Kenai Peninsula and along the Turnagain Arm. Nestled between the mountains and the water, a place of rare beauty, eccentricities and history which makes up part of its small town charm. Inside these covers you'll find a variety of photos that I have taken; including scenic, stills, and nature. So you too can [...]
We're Not Like the Others by Leonard Stegmann
In this collection of his popular humor essays, Leonard Stegmann confronts his fear as he comes face-to-face with a hideous Louisiana night creature, explains why as a child he felt the need to shoot a bottle rocket out of his bedroom window, how he came to the conclusion that he much prefers going to funerals than weddings, and why, even though he would have preferred his house to be cleaned by topless maids, he has to [...]
Bogie Sees Paris by Arleen Shabel
A photographic journey of Paris as seen through the eyes of a five-pound Maltese dog. Share Paris with Bogie, a dog who really gets around and has something to say about everything he experiences in the City of Lights. For all those who have thought of sharing Paris with their dog, this is a dream come true. Paris puts out a welcome mat for dogs where other cities may banish them. Bogie began exhibiting his cafe manners from [...]
Images of Cuba by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, a tropical paradise where lovingly preserved 1950s American cars adorn streets lined with crumbling, centuries-old buildings. And, somehow, the seemingly incongruous all fit together in one of the safest and most photogenic countries in the world. A living museum, Cuba effortlessly appeases all the senses. With its warm, educated, population and famed for its hand-rolled cigars, [...]
SIGHT FROM ABOVE - Amazing photos book - The Holy Land by Avi Hartmann and Asaf Solomon
SITE FROM ABOVE Jesus' Path from a New Perspective. Site From Above invites you to take a new look at the land of Israel and its beautiful views and holy sites from a different perspective For thousands of years, it was a desired location for great empires, and many different cultures passed through this place. The spiritual essence of the large Monotheistic religions was created here. It is Christ's birthplace, he who [...]
I Stopped Time by Jane Davis
What if the villain of your childhood turned out to be someone really rather extraordinary? 'A perfectly written book in which the author never puts a foot wrong.' Author, John Lynch Edwardian Brighton. A wide-eyed girl enters Mr Parker's photographic studio and receives her first lesson about the brand new medium that will shape her future: "Can you think of a really good memory? Perhaps you can see it when you close your [...]
Growing Up Humming by Mike Spinak
Fans of David Attenborough will enjoy experiencing the wonders of nature through Mike Spinak's pictures and words. Imagine witnessing hummingbird chicks being raised on the nest from front row seats, with every step shown as it unfolds, accompanied by fundamental explanations of the "whys" behind what you're seeing. In Mike Spinak's Growing Up Humming, you'll see hummingbirds as you've never seen them before. The elder chick [...]
Musings of a Rainy Day Poet by SK Malone
Have you ever wanted to wander through a poets mind? To feel their soul drenched words drip from the page? Evoking thoughts, emotions and inspiration with eloquent prose. Within these covers, throughout these verses I lead you on a journey, not only with words but photos as well. Writing started for me in the fourth grade and knew I wanted to be a published author one day. I wrote for two local newspapers for awhile which [...]
Hymie and the Angel by Norman Beim
"Hymie and the Angel" is both a memoir and a fantasy, a visit with relatives long since gone. I selected a picture of my father for the cover. I've set the Greek legend of Alcestis in Newark, New Jersey in the 1930s. This book features both suspense and love. The book is also a picture of an immigrant family, a group of people from an old country struggling and adapting to a new life, clinging to each other for support. It [...]
Woodvale by May J. Panayi
This book is a beautiful photographic representation of Woodvale (incorporating Extra Mural) cemetery. It takes a visual journey through the seasons, bringing breath-taking images that you will want to gaze on again and again. Gothic stonework combines with nature in all its forms, to bring images of contrast and in some cases harmony. Woodvale is an unexpected pleasure nestled in a thriving city. To drive along the busy [...]
The Golden Hour by N.M. Lombardi
Claire Blandy isn't content settling into her golden years, restless and dissatisfied with what a life of sacrifice has amounted to. When her daughter buys her a used android, ostensibly to help around the house, Claire makes the unfortunate discovery that he's living on borrowed time. Unwilling to let him waste the last days of his life doing laundry and washing dishes, she instead takes him on a cross-country journey to [...]
Natural Colours - A celebration to unnoticed treasures by Luiz Valerio de Paula Trindade
Black, blue, green, purple, red, white, yellow, you name it. Vibrant, vivid, pale, dark or light, and so forth. Those and many other equally incredible aspects are all characteristics of the fascinating colours that nature provides us with on a daily basis and most of the times many people do not notice them. Therefore, this photo essay is both an awakening and a celebration to those amazing colours that, even unnoticed, make [...]



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