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Book: Ebay and Beyond - What's Hot and What's Not In Antiques and Collectibles - The Picture Edition by Jonathon Jones
Author Jonathon Jones

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Ebay and Beyond - What's Hot and What's Not In Antiques and Collectibles - The Picture Edition by Jonathon Jones might also like our reading suggestions below

The Madison Picker by Mark Clay Grove
Ventures in the Trade, Travel, & Hunting Design Merit. A grumpy Virginia gentleman and a fiery Peruvian lady have a fun time picking for antiques on a road trip from Key West to Charlottesville. The Madison Picker is a witty occupational novel that reads like PBS's Doc Martin series or All Creatures Great and Small. It is based on the author's own day-to-day experiences as an antiques dealer and collector over four decades. [...]
How to eBay in Real Life - International Sales by Sam Rovin & Jason Richner
People ask me all the time "is selling internationally on eBay difficult?" My answer is: "Not if you know what you're doing." Most new eBay sellers stay far away from selling abroad. The customs forms, potential tariffs, and insane shipping costs are all justifications to keep our stuff safely within our borders. After all, there's no such thing as international Media mail. What do I do if someone in the UK wins that old [...]
The Home Furniture Delivery Guide - How to Shop and Plan so Furniture is Delivered From the Store All the Way into Your House, Without the Problems Other ...
NEVER WAIT HOME IN VAIN FOR DELIVERIES AGAIN! STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY ON DELIVERY SERVICES! Learn how very quickly and easily you can: Research your retailer's delivery history - and not just their products. Choose the correct delivery option. Get furniture you want - and not be steered by salesmen. Prevent problems on the day of your delivery. Protect yourself from scam artists. Avoid being charged large re-stocking or [...]
How to eBay in Real Life (For a Living) by Sam Rovin & Jason Richner
I never actually believed I'd be my own boss. Sure, I'd vaguely thought about it from time to time. Like everybody else, I'm sure I've gotten swept up in some dully romantic daydream about one day calling the shots, perhaps wearing the cliche hard hat in some factory directing imaginary labor forces with my free hand, a coffee in my other while looking over blueprints. Clearly, I didn't delve very deeply into that imaginary [...]
The Serapis Fraktur by Mark Grove
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Time travel is big business in the 25th century. Artifacts from the past are salvaged and people are extracted. Interestingly, the entrepreneurial development of the recovery process leads to a massive archaeological expansion on a scale that dwarfs The Smithsonian and provides for colonial expansion across the galaxy. Australia is the new Ellis Island. EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Written in the first person, [...]
Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware by Charles Dittell
"Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware" is a detailed information source on these fascinating silver items -- jewelry and related items (such as ash trays, picture frames, vases, cigarette boxes, and the like). I chose to write this book after discovering these items at flea markets and collectibles stores. No one seemed to know anything about them. After 30 years of research, I wrote the book. I found only one patent related [...]
Some Kind of Good (The Picker Series Book 2) by Mark Clay Grove
Ventures in the Trade, Travel, & Hunting Design Merit. A grumpy Virginia gentleman and a fiery Peruvian lady have fun leading a group of avid antiques collectors on a tour to London and Paris. . Some Kind of Good is an occupational novel that reads like PBS's Doc Martin series or All Creatures Great and Small. It is based on real-world, down in the trenches experiences common to antiques dealers, collectors, and very [...]
Glass Ceilings by Alicia Hope
(Previously titled 'Glass Ceilings') Corporate glass ceilings aren't the only things meant to be broken ... and when someone determined enough shatters the glass, watch out everyone below! When ambitious career woman Verity Parker breaks through the glass ceiling of a multi-national mining corporation and snatches the job of CEO from the waiting hands of ruthless corporate nemesis Royce James, she finds herself in danger of [...]
Zen and the Art of Home Theater Seating - 8 Easy Steps to Choose a Home Theater Chair (Home Theater 101) by Bryan Tarafa
What is home theater seating? If you've ever been to a reclining chair movie theater, you've sat on a theater chair. But this one is for your home. It's a La-Z-Boy with cupholders. A home theater chair is one of the most comfortable, advanced and luxurious parts of your home theater, but ... It's not easy to choose one. The many combinations of leather, USB ports, ambient lighting, sizes, configurations, and features is [...]
BENEATH YELLOW CLAY by Robert Mitchell
FOR FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS THE TOMB OF THE CHINESE GENERAL HAD REMAINED HIDDEN BENEATH THE PALE YELLOW CLAY OF SHANXI PROVINCE. It lay undisturbed until a twelve-year-old boy fell through the roof. He kept its secret. Fifteen years later, now living in Australia, he tells his friend Charlie of the terror he felt when he had crashed down among the grave goods. Charlie convinces him that they should go to China, back to Shanxi, [...]
Foundations (The Journey of Why) by Christophor Rick
For generations, the Product has been dug out of the ground, packed up and placed in Storage Wagons, to be carried away by the Locomotor. The asking of questions gets one 'disappeared' often, never to be seen again. But with so many questions needing to be asked how could one not? Myranda, 12-year-old troublemaker, finally asks one too many questions and gets sent to Administration. This is the first step in a journey that [...]
Small Knitty Gritty Folk Tales (Small Folk Tales) by Christine Larsen
The first thing to know about the Knitty Gritty Kids is that most of them are 'Special Needs' children, rescued from the scrap heap of Life. I did not let them down as other soul-less, so-called 'parents' had. Deserted and discarded like so much rubbish, each one begged for rescue. Some wore their saddest, most tearful expressions, whilst others relied on an unexplainable magnetism to draw me to them, to be saved from . . . [...]
The Written World by Fatimah Jan
What if you were given a notebook, what would you do with it? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it worthless and meaningless? Is it a waste of time? Could you believe that the words you wrote had a significant meaning . . . something that could impact other people's lives, something that could help others? Would you still do anything with the book? Sophie is a poor child from a large family. Living with the [...]
Owning Sarah [Sequel to Loving Sarah] by Julie Shelton
[Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, pegging, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA] It's been a month since Sarah Marshall was kidnapped and held at knifepoint by her ex-fiance. But Jesse Colter and Adam Sinclair, her two loving Doms, know that there is an even deadlier threat still out there--Ryder Malone. He blames both Sarah and Jesse for sending him to prison eight years ago for [...]
The Video Game Adventures of Monte McGnarly by George Giese
Monte McGnarly is a ten-year-old boy with a kind heart and a sense of adventure. And a magical cowboy hat that pulls him INSIDE his old video games! Lighthearted, lyrical, original tales inspired by video game classics, The Video Game Adventures of Monte McGnarly are good fun for gamers of all ages. To describe them lyrically: To the gamers from way back, And the fans of games old, Come along for new stories, Dear adventures, [...]
True People - A Parable & Other Prose by David Rowell Workman
True People is a parable about a man with a failed work past who takes over his deceased father's furniture business and runs it into the ground. He has no business sense at all. One evening he is walking the same bridge where his father proposed to his mother when he is struck by lightning. He is found naked on the bridge after the accident and wakes up in jail. There he discovers he has a new gift. He can see people as they [...]
One Day the Weatherman by Douglas Rappaport
One Day the Weatherman is the story of Lucas Neary, a young musician coming of age in the 1970's and 80's. From the onset, Lucas is forced to deal with the unexpected death of his older brother, his odd and emotionally unavailable mother, and his suddenly absent father, while making the painful and insightful journey to becoming a man. Moving and often hilarious, the story follows Lucas through high school and college as he [...]
Without Notice by G G Collins
"'I know what she is!' I spit it out. The slap nearly knocks me off my feet. My cheek feels like a fresh burn. Dad has never hit me in my life." Courtney's life turned upside down when her mother was killed by a drunk driver. Now, they are moving from Minneapolis to her father's hometown in New Mexico, where he will run an art gallery, and all the houses are brown. Older sister Francine is heartbroken because she has to leave [...]
Red Fox Woman (The Ashmore Brothers Book 1) by Judy Ann Davis
Rancher Flint Ashmore never expected to find a redware potter squatting on the property he purchased along Cherry Creek with his four brothers and sister. With a ruthless fiance on her heels, Julia Gast has fled from Pennsylvania to the Colorado Territory to set up her pottery business and raise horses. She desperately needs not only the rich clay deposits of Cherry Creek, but also cash to survive. Against her better [...]
Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion Clocks - Book 8 in the Whimsy Wood Series (Paperback) by Sarah Hill
Meet Fearne Fairy! She loves to sing and fly but is hopeless at landing! Come on this next exciting adventure in Whimsy Wood with Fearne and the delightful woodland folk, in which sharing and teamwork play a crucial role in solving Fearne's dilemma ... REVIEWS "This is a warm and lyrical spring tale, in which Fearne Fairy teaches some mischievous bunnies an important lesson. Whimsy Wood is a magical setting, filled with perky [...]
How To Dropship Your Way To Millions! by BD Manus
The Wonderful world of drop shipping can provide you with a steady income for life. When I first started selling on Ebay, I started as a drop shipper with just the knowledge I read about. I made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of regrets, but I also made a whole lotta money! This book is my first hand account of what you need to do if you want to succeed as a drop shipper. From a basic defination of the concept, how the process [...]
Bouquet of Thorns by Sheila Claydon writing as Anne Beverley
A very bad day has just become worse... Sarah is at her wits' end when she isn't busy running her own flower shop, she is looking after her brother's wine bar. Run ragged, a very bad day becomes worse when she flubs an order, spills wine all over a customer and stomps off, unable to take it anymore. When an offer to buy the wine bar comes in, Sarah leaps at the opportunity to meet with hotelier Sean Marlow too bad he's the [...]
By Hook or by Book (The Megan Clark Mysteries) by D.R. Meredith
Planning to write a paper for Smithsonian Magazine on the cultural significance of string figures, such as Cat's Cradle, librarian and unemployed paleopathologist Dr. Megan Clark has a wonderful idea that will help her with her research. She will organize a convention and invite all the members of the International String Figure Association to attend. She invites the Murder by the Yard Reading Circle to forgo discussing [...]
Restored Dreams by Toni Noel
Her roof leaks, the plumbing, too, but on a teacher's salary Treasure Montgomery cannot afford to pay the taxes on her property or for the needed repairs on the grand Victorian house she inherited from the great-aunt who raised her. Seeking fulfillment in an otherwise empty life Treasure surrounds herself with other people's children until she meets Buck. The retired rodeo rider turned philanthropic contractor donates his [...]
From Time to Time by Susan Thornton
Amanda Winfield, the owner of a thriving headhunting firm, is a callous woman who covets her successful career and ordered life. But Amanda's seamless world crumbles when she picks up antiques that transport her to the past, revealing the heartbreaking stories of their origins. Her obsession with the phenomenon pulls her into a downward spiral of addiction that entwines both ruin and redemption.



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