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Book: NOT FOR RANSOM by Michael Hill
Author Michael Hill

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How to Overcome Fear Spiritually - 9 practical and powerful ways to get rid of any type of fear by Sesan Oguntade
Do you still allow fear to stop you from taking developmental steps? If you have struggled to put that business idea that has been in your heart for many years to work, then you're dwelling in the cage of fear. A wise man once said a child is born without fear except the ones he's taught by the society as he grows up. I want you to understand that everyone has the tendency to have fear but those who are great achievers in our [...]
The 7 by T. K.
That amazing house by the beach, an unlimited amount of money in your bank account, to have the man or woman of your deepest desires, the ability to eat and drink the most amazing things, to be the most desired person in the world, to get the perfect revenge on that person that stabbed you in the back, to do absolutely nothing and still be able to pay your bills... what would you give to have all of your dreams come true? [...]
Go! - Hold On! Season 2 - An Action Thriller by Peter Darley
Season 2 in the Hold On! Trilogy - (An Action Thriller Series) On the run. Their sister taken. And their only hope - is a broken man. Picking up where Hold On! - Season 1 ended, the nail-biting action and relentless pace continues. Brandon Drake has escaped from Leavenworth, aided by a new player who has entered the game. Tyler Faraday is the heir to an empire and Brandon's long-lost brother. Brandon is finally reunited with [...]
Equity of Fear (The EQUITY Series) by Rudy A. Mazzocchi
Researchers and scientists in the U.S., Russia and Japan compete in a new technological race to control fear and pain in the minds of the world's populace. At first the race is rooted in purely scientific ambitions, such as that of space travel or in the era of the industrial revolution, but it evolves into something much more sinister. Here is yet another dark world where scientists experiment on orphaned children rather [...]
52 Ways to OVERCOME FEAR - 52 Powerful strategies anyone can use for overcoming fear and discouragement, and improving confidence and self esteem. by Annalie ...
Compact guide with 52 tips anyone can use to overcome fear and improve confidence. Getting through fear is one of the skills that anyone can learn. Take action and implement as many as you need of the 52 tips discussed in this book. To identify and acknowledge that fear is affecting you in your life, is the first step towards overcoming any fear. Once you put a fear back of you, you will gain a big boost to your confidence [...]
Bill of Human Wrongs by C. Michaels
Claire Winslow has nightmares nearly every night, reliving the event when her sister killed a man, and then shot herself. The man had been a prominent CEO of an electronics company, a powerhouse citizen in their small town, her sister's rapist. Twenty years later, Claire Winslow, now a US Republican Senator from the state of Washington is an advocate for women's rights. Her national platform gives her the power to be heard [...]
TRIBAL by Robert Everhart
Bryant Williams lives for his family. But when a tragic sailing adventure strands them on an island of indigenous people exploited by a demented tyrant, living will be the least that is required. TRIBAL is an exciting, fast-paced thriller packed into the pages of a short novel. The length was somewhat dictated by the original source of the story. I wrote it as a screenplay first. Later, I decided to explore the characters a [...]
Tess - The Abomination of Human Trafficking by Andres Mann
A powerful exploration of global human trafficking - After rescuing a child prostitute in Cambodia, Tess persuades Jake, Carmen, Nicola and the Team to tackle human trafficking worldwide. Sponsored by the United Nations, she creates a team of Valkyries, six remarkable women that alongside the men of the Team embark on a Herculean effort to rescue victims and pursue traffickers, starting with a degenerate financier that [...]
The Damned Generation by Maurice Connolly
Contemporary Ireland as well as the superstitious Ireland of the early fifties brought vividly to life. However, the setting could be universal as human emotions run parallel in all societies. And emotion, in all its rawness, is explored in this fascinating collection. Peopled by some extraordinary characters it is certain to remain vividly implanted in the mind long after the stories have unfolded. Love, sex and violence are [...]
A Moment To Remember, To Forgive Divine by Diane Griffith
'Is Forgiveness the Answer?' Can there be a happily ever after for two young lovers who face a lifetime of separations? From two happy children to two troubled young adults, Alison and Rob must learn to forgive and forget. In the stirring novel A Moment to Remember: To Forgive, Divine, Alison and Rob are childhood playmates in a small village in North Wales. Although Alison moves away with her parents, a sad turn of events [...]
The Set Stealer by Jonathon McElhaney
A Set is a gift. A power that one can bring from within themselves and manifest to change the physical world. Everyone has at least one, ranging from the mundane to the all powerful. That is, everyone except Kayla. But when her father is murdered in front of her, Kayla is sent on a collision course with destiny as she is forced on an adventure to discover not only who killed her father but who she is. Searching within [...]
Rise of the Priestess (The Demon Lover's Chronicles Book 3) by Julian M. Coleman
**Adult Content/Graphic Violence** A Dark Paranormal Fantasy. Cesar is the WINNER of the IAN 2016 OUTSTANDING Paranormal/Supernatural Book of the Year. "Julian M. Coleman's Cesar is a supernatural tale in the same vein as Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches series. Both authors make forays into the vampire and witch (voodoo priestess) mythology and locate their stories in the Louisiana bayous." [...]
Hijack (A Sgt Major Crane novel) by Wendy Cartmell
He thought his question was righteous... it was, wasn't it? Love Rebus and Reacher, Banks and Bosch? Then you'll devour the Sgt Major Crane crime thriller series... over 250,000 downloads! Six hijackers have taken control of a local train and its occupants. They are armed and resolute, prepared to do anything to free their brother in prison in Afghanistan, even if it results in the deaths of innocent people. Frantic at the [...]
The Alberta Connection, a Ryce Dalton novel by R. Clint Peters
After watching 'To Hell and Back', the Audie Murphy Story, for the fifth time when he was eight years old, Ryce Dalton decided he wanted to join the Army. However, when he was fourteen, his goal was to become an Army Ranger. With only sixteen years as an Army Ranger, Ryce has retired. Injured in an off-course, low-level practice jump that slammed him into a granite cliff, Ryce has concluded that command opportunities are [...]
We are only human by michael blaney
This is Part one of a two part autobiography by Michael Blaney a screenwriter, author, singer, songwriter whose life has been plagued with painful events one after another. The riveting autobiography shows how forgiveness is important as you watch this young man grapple with some of lives most horrible obstacles. The original book IM ONLY HUMAN was released last year. In this version, the writer goes back and recaps what he [...]
Teleportal by Gordon Savage
TELEPORTALs provide instantaneous point to point transportation anywhere in the world, effectively eliminating all borders. There would be almost no need for cars, airplanes, or gasoline. Terrorists could have a field day. Smugglers could move contraband without concern. When an accident in the lab exposes the project prematurely, special interests, including the U. S. government, come after the team to get control of the [...]
Yellow by Matthew Riehl
Jax Wright is a seemingly ordinary man leading a relatively mundane life as lead technical editor at a military proving ground, but that all changes in a heartbeat. Because of his position and connections, he becomes privy to some highly confidential government projects, such as Goliath, a cutting edge weapon system being developed and tested at the proving ground. When the top-secret project is supposedly leaked, one of the [...]
FEAR! by LT Reece
A novel based on historical and fictional events. In this expansive examination of Man's nature, the author leads us into a world where the government controls everything, war is a constant reality, and no one can be trusted. Throughout it all, one family clings to their values while holding firm against the forces that would see them torn apart. Ranging in time from the distant past to the near future, FEAR! takes the reader [...]
Blow Out the Candles - And Say Goodbye by Linda S. Glaz
Starting over in a new town, Brandy Barrett hopes to help her father heal from a double tragedy in their shared past. Her sister, Torey disappeared mysteriously then Brandy lost her tortured mother, too. When a devious and heartless couple moves into town, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan turns out to be anything but peaceful. The pair have plans for the little girls in Iron Cove. Plans that include cakes, balloons, [...]
REDEMPTION by Stephanie Baldi
Redemption By Stephanie Baldi, Nominated for Georgia Author of the Year! Murder is the catalyst pushing Carrie Overton headlong into the arms of the hitman sent to kill her. Determined to escape her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother and distance herself from the memory of the son she lost, Carrie leaves home with Travis Montgomery, a man twenty years her senior who harbours shocking secrets connected to her past. After [...]
Interruptions by Bea Cannon
Cady and Sam don't like excitement. Consequently, they have good reason to love their lifestyle in the small town of Matthews, North Carolina. They've got a cute kid, good jobs, great neighbors, and as Cady says, their home of five years beats the wheels off their last address. Unfortunately, interruption rears its ugly head when it's least expected, leading to that unwanted unrest they've been avoiding. What's a couple of [...]
Bad Traffick (Leine Basso Series) by DV Berkom
Dangerous obsessions take center stage when a former assassin and a homicide detective race against the clock to find a missing girl before she's sold to the highest bidder. Identified as a person of interest in three cold case murders she didn't commit, and required to stay in L.A., retired assassin Leine Basso accepts a temporary position as a security specialist for A-list actor Miles Fournier. Soon, a woman contacts [...]
Dragon's Mind by Vered Ehsani
A Sci-Fi Adventure That Will Touch Your Heart Ten years ago, an artificial brain was installed into a computer system. To most people, it is a non-living entity operating in the background of their lives. Only a girl named Myth knows better: his name is Dragon and he is very much alive. After ten bodiless years, Dragon has a dream that will change everything and will put his mind and Myth's life in mortal danger. There are [...]
Taking the Shot by Melanie S. Hatter
In the heat of the jungle, love can change lives... When freelance photographer Diana Lee Ross is taken hostage by Colombian drug runners, they think her American publisher will pay handsomely for her return. But Diana's freelancing for a nature book, not Newsweek, and her chances of rescue are slim. In the stark conditions of a rebel camp, fear and longing are her closest companions, until she's rescued from the hands of a [...]
Criminal Utopia - Fear the Hacker by J. Arthur Squiers
What do you do when the most feared hacker in the world is tearing your life apart? In Night Harbor, Minnesota, ultra-marathon runner Jim Wisendorf is being stalked by a sadistic technology genius. Out of desperation, Jim tries to find someone skilled enough to help him stop the unbeatable hacker, before everything he loves is destroyed. While fighting to get his life back, Jim makes his way through the dangerous underground [...]



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