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Book: Venus in Arms by Criss Jami
Author Criss Jami

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My little booklet of songs and poems by David Forest
The poems and songs in this short book are a selection from throughout the author's life. The author has tried to promote a whimsical mix of variety rather than adhere to a progression of theme or style. As such each work can be enjoyed as an individual piece. All of the songs and poems have their own distinctive feel - from short pithy works and rhyme to free verse; from soft rock lyrics to dystopian bleakness. A varied [...]
Confessions of a Mystic - There is no more by Mark Gerard Craig
The Tao that you can name is not the true Tao. The perspective that you think is ultimate truth is not "The Truth." Like a slippery fish it wriggles free from our grip and returns to the deep from whence it came. Can a person catch the wind and hold it in their cupped hands? Of course not. It is foolish to even contemplate doing so. Yet, the wild and uncontainable impulse that is God, some optimistic individuals and groups [...]
Anatomy of a Poet by CJ Heck
Poetry can be daunting and hard to understand, but it doesn't have to be. I feel a poet has an obligation to write in a way that everyone can understand. Poems should flow softly through a poet's words, their meanings gently caressing the heart and mind of its reader. If a poem comes from the heart, it will reach other hearts, and this is what I've tried to do with the poetry in "Anatomy of a Poet". ~CJ Heck "Like a rose with [...]
220 Lyrics from the Eighties - Lyrics from the most famous songs of the Eightie's and beyond by Paul Oliver
Remember the eighties? Well now you have the opportunity to bring back a piece of it. The great eighties were a time when everybody seemed to be having fun. Life was a lot less complicated and we had a lot more time to enjoy ourselves and get those much needed breaks from the general hum-drum of everyday life. This book contains lyrics from some of the greatest hit songs ever to come out of the eighties. It is guaranteed to [...]
The Synocant War by Peter J. Maher
The Fourth Book in the Coalition Series. The Restoration Edict was supposed to restore order. But the War of the Coalescency had shattered the fragile alliances that had once united an entire Galaxy. Now the Coalition has been forced to retreat back towards the Hub Sector. The Non-Conformist planets had finally declared their independence and the alien races were once more gathering to challenge the power of the Coalition. [...]
Pretty Words - from a tale-spinner's heart by Harlow Clark
A deep and thoughtful collection of poems and two essays written over the course of three years about life, love, and the random and sometimes poetic thoughts that float through my brain. I'm a storyteller at heart, and I don't consider what I've written any more than flinging together pretty words in hopes that I'd hit a few heart strings and touch someone's life for the better. These poems are supposed to read like music on [...]
Titans of Philosophy - Descartes, Kant, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Sartre by Marciano Guerrero
From my adolescence to my golden years and calmed old age, the reading of philosophy has always been a happy companion. My first serious encounter with philosophical ideas occurred when a friend lent me a novel Nausea published by Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher. Fresca is still that afternoon of my youth when I read the novel from beginning to end on a bench in La Recoleta square in Lima, Peru. I thought then, "What [...]
Believe, Achieve and Forgive! No Fear; No Trust; No Requests by Serge Lapytski
The name of the book is "Believe, Achieve and Forgive!" This poetry book includes poems about love, friendship, politics, and life situations. I write poetry and lyrics and I want them to be inspirational, encouraging and motivational. I want them to stand out. The idea is to help people; give them motivation and drive. The philosophical approach I use and the style, in which the poems are written, is a good and positive [...]
Cherished Pulse - Unconventional Love Poetry (Celebration Series of Poetry Chapbooks) by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Cherished Pulse is a booklet of twenty poems that look at love from a mature, sensitive perspective. Never sentimental or sing-songey (forget Hallmark!), the poems explore love in its many guises--longing, sensuality, and that sacred place between desire and consumation. A gift for anyone you love. Valentine' s Day or any other. From the multi award-winning Celebration series of chapbooks by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Aussie [...]
Midnight Road by Jason Kessler
Midnight Road is a poetry collection I was inspired to write by the at times painful works of Charles Bukowski. It covers approximately two years of extreme change in my life. I began writing it towards the end of a turbulent relationship with a woman I was dating in Italy. I had quite a bit of free time on my hand so it seemed like an interesting thing to do. Very quickly it became my new obsession. Poems of this period [...]
Down Below - Reminiscences of a World War II Engine Room Merchant Seaman by Edward Ted Jones Whitehead
World War II perils and adventure as never told before, from the eyes of a merchant navy engine room seaman. Ted takes the reader from his native Wales in the Rhondda Valley, to global journeys on numerous ships pursued by German U boats The narrative takes the reader to Canada, where his ship the S/S Lilliy was torpedoed on his first Trans Atlantic crossing. After to New York, The Caribbean Islands including Trinidad (where [...]
The Genesis Equation by Peter J. Maher
The savagery of the Second Jihad was unprecedented in Galactic history. After a decade of constant war, the white and gold banner of the Imperial Family was once more raised upon fifty million worlds. But the ultimate causal nexus was about to restore an ancient evil to the multiverse. The balance of power would shift beyond corporeality into the realm of causality - time itself was running out.
Synocant Schism by Peter J. Maher
The Prophesy of Sela has been fulfilled - the Issaric Empire has united a galaxy under the white and gold banner of Issa. For more than two hundred years the Emperor has awaited the return of the old enemy - Saemal. In this last chapter of the story that began with the First Race the final battle will decide not only the fate of the Empire but the future of civilisation itself.
The Cortex by Peter J. Maher
The Coalition of Worlds has known peace for hundreds of years and there was no reason to believe any of that would change. Until The Cortex was reborn. A self-generating neural construct that exceeded its basic protocols has reawakened and is looking for revenge. The Cortex is the story of a quest. A love story and a war story on a Galactic scale. It is the story of an ancient nightmare and one girl forced to face her [...]
Synocant Symbiosis by Peter J. Maher
The Fifth Book in the Coalition/Synocant Series. The sudden ending of the Synocant War brought peace to the Galaxy. The Restoration was replaced by the Unification - the alliance between the Synocant Collective and the Coalition. A new era of peace and cooperation dawned. But now the seeds of Empire have been sown upon a distant world and an ancient prophesy was about to become manifest.
Between Soul and Stone - Poems by Margo Berdeshevsky
A good lady at a recent reading for "Between Soul and Stone" asked me, "but where =is=that? Meaning where exactly did I have in mind... for such a place that lies between those two points, soul & stone, in my title. The facile answer might be a landscape of passions and emotions hung between heaven and earth. But I intended a little more. And if i could say it all in 160 words, I suppose I would not have a book of poems. The [...]
An Impossible Marriage by Meriel Brooke
(Note: Originally published as 'An Impossible Marriage' - this is a 2nd and revised edition). "Can I whet your appetite?" With those words Ruth approaches Sam. Will he resist this offer from a glamorous stranger and will he taste his first White Lady? It's 1920 on a cruise ship bound for Singapore. Skirts and hairstyles are short and it's life at close quarters. Sam is going to seek a new life as a rubber planter in Malaya, [...]
poetic reflections - keep the heart of a child by Lori R. Lopez
With thirteen oft-humorous "Poetic Reflections" columns as a framework for chapters and themes, the author presents a collection of original poems and song lyrics from "a lifetime of versage" - a journey through her soul. The volume features giddy lingual romps, the words to a variety of Folk-Rock ballads, poems from other book projects, witty mullings, and much more. A serious thread running through the book is the topic of [...]
Eating God by Roy Anthony Shabla
This is a book of spiritual and ecstatic poetry in the tradition of Rumi. It will change your ideas about spirituality and life. Be prepared to be changed! This is an excellent book for the spiritual-seeker, the soul-searcher, the person experiencing the dark night of the soul. It has been a favorite teaching tool in classes of meditation, yoga, and tai chi. eating God is a cycle of poems documenting the spiritual evolution [...]
Valens Rise by Sherrel Lee
Distrust. Betrayal. Confusion. Danger. Back up your main headline here in this spot Overwhelmed with distrust and doubt, shapeshifter Jemma Nix uncovers her family's legacy. As Jemma delves deeper into the truth--the truth becomes too hard to bear. Her family may have been murdered. With anguish and uncertainty, Jemma doesn't know who to trust or who to turn to. As she turns her back on the one man who may be able to guide [...]
The Dandelion Clock - A wish to end all wishes. The war to end all wars. by Rebecca Bryn
Families torn apart by the Great War. When war is declared in August 1914, Bill, a farm boy brought up in a village on the Duke of Buccleuch's Northamptonshire estate, is plucking up his courage to ask his sweetheart, Florrie, to marry him. Florrie has given up her dream of being a dancer to bring up her siblings and protect them from their violent and abusive widowed father. For her, marriage to Bill is love, escape, and [...]
The Accidental Archmage Series - Omnibus - Book One (Archmage Omnibus 1) by Edmund A. M. Batara
Collecting Books One to Three (Arc One) of The Accidental Archmage Series for a continued, immersive reading experience. Would you like to - Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure? In a world both familiar and strange? A world where magic and gods still exist? Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth's pantheons? Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, dark mages, Elder beings, and strange yet [...]
The Transcend Book II - Revelation by Peter J. Maher
Before the Cortex there was the Transcend. The explorers had travelled beyond the known Rim, out into the vast darkness of the Great Expanse. Guided by the hand of an ancient legacy they were finally approaching their final destination: Sandheim. But the journey to the home of the gods had become a race, and not every contender was willing to abide by the rules. Mystery, intrigue and violence had followed them to Sandheim, [...]
The Jeppsian Book Of The Living by Simon Edward Jepps
The Jeppsian Book Of The Living (TJBOTL) is the most wealthiest collection of original Jeppsian teachings by its founder Simon Edward Jepps, also known as Svoreign Jepps. This book is the ideal spiritually academic source of enlightenment for all followers of the Jeppsian faith. The book is named as such since it is intended as a 'spiritually academic, recreational and fulfilling companion to life'. The book contains not only [...]
The Suns Snow And The Sands Move - A thing of magic, a gift of poetry and prose by C. JoyBell C.
Consider the suns beyond your own world, and the sands that continually move beneath your feet, underlining the fabric of your life! Aspire for the blessings that fall with the snow of the suns; there are more than a legion of them! Published along with the rise of the blue moon on August 31, 2012, this new book of poetry and prose is richly infused with unpretentious symbolism, alluring one into the feather-soft nests of [...]



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