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Book: A Vagabond in Mexico by S. Guzmán-C.
Author S. Guzman-C.

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Frank Noon divides opinion. Whilst some say he's a philosophical genius, some say he's a fanciful dreamer who deliberately courts controversy with his anti-establishment views about the failings of modern society. Seemingly nearing the end of his life in politics, he reluctantly fronts an experimental inter-galactic government project late in the 21st century aimed at making life on an overpopulated Earth more sustainable. As [...]
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Memories, Mummies, México by Ivan C. Browning
Mexico Travel Adventure Novel She's young, feisty, on a mission, and surrounded by carousing people with faces painted like skeletons. Ellen Greer is a freelance journalist whose career is on the way up. Her latest lead takes her to the historic cities of San Miguel and Guanajuato, Mexico. A "memory plant" used by an Indian healer living in a shack in the desert may help people afflicted with early-stage Alzheimer's disease. [...]
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Lethal Inheritance (The Diamond Peak Series) by Tahlia Newland
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The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave by Eileen Hobbs
Addie B. and her cousins Jack, Beanie, and Bodie are mourning the loss of their grandmother Winnie. While visiting their grandfathers beach house in Maine, Addie receives a mysterious treasure box once owned by her grandmother. In it is a moonstone ring and a mysterious poem from her grandmother. The poem leads Addie and her cousins to nearby Moonstone Cave where, together, they enter a secret and magical garden and embark on [...]
Living or Retiring in Mexico - All you need to know before you go by Leo Buijs
This updated, and second edition is a captivating collection of stories and practical information for anyone with an interest in Mexico. Especially for those who want to spend more time in Mexico or consider staying permanently. Written by a seasoned gringo, the book covers Mexican culture and history, what to expect in this foreign country and how to deal with it. From selecting a location, bringing goods into Mexico, to [...]
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What is it like for a woman to do a man's work, and do it better? Then have to work with him day in and day out. Or to have to go home to a husband who asks how her day went. Does she mention anything about the supervisor who patted her rear end or the inspector who wants to inspect more than her work? Moreover, she works in a factory so immense that she's never met everyone. But she knows someone is trying to destroy what [...]
Temples and Tacos by Valerie Astill
This fascinating expedition consisted of so much more than learning about ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs, Zapotecs and Mayans and seeing the remains of their once great cities. Whether travelling by coach, visiting a remote site by five-seater 'plane or travelling up-river by boat, the journey itself was part of the adventure. However, it was the discovery that many Indians still practised ancient customs, plus [...]
Paddy and his Disappearing Daddy - A charming story designed to help children understand why parents go to work by Elise Lowe
Paddy doesn't understand why his daddy disappears every morning... until he secretly follows him to work. "This is just the cutest little story! The magical way this book explains disappearing daddies is charming!" Val, GoodReads After her little boy became distraught each time his dad left for the office, Elise Lowe created the story of the little leprechaun Paddy and his disappearing daddy. Paddy's eye-opening adventure, in [...]
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (Part 2) by Chantelle Atkins
Danny's story continues...His mother has married Lee Howard, psychotic nightclub owner and violent control freak, while Danny has been befriended by his creepy sidekick ex-copper Jack Freeman. Keeping his friends at bay for their own safety, Danny spends his days in a drug induced haze, relying only on music and his job in The Record Shop to keep him going. When Anthony is released from prison, he vows to help Danny escape, [...]
Burning Barriers by Karen Moulder
Burning Barriers was written as a fiction based on my life as a single mother who became the first female firefighter in Brownsville, TX. It shows what led me to make that career decision. It brings the reader into my world of a mother working three jobs, fighting life threatening fires, and gender discrimination from entering a "man's" job, as well as being part of history making. It not only lets readers see the struggles [...]
The Inconvenience Store by Robert Cubitt
This is another of my books which started out as just a title. After visiting a local convenience store to buy milk I wondered what an "inconvenience store" might be like. I am an ardent Terry Pratchett fan and wondered what he might do with that concept. Cheekily I e-mail TP's agent, offering him use of the expression (for free). I got a very nice reply in return, but declining the offer because of the inherent risks of [...]
Holloway 8632 by Steph A. Amey
In 1905 life in the the East end of London is hard; poor living conditions, low wages, smog. Sally relies on neighbours and family to look after her child so that she can work long hours in the candle factory. When Connie enters her life, she at first appears to need Sally's protection. Connie leads Sally into the suffragette movement, led by the Pankhursts. Increasingly drawn in, the two women struggle to balance work, home [...]
Unintended Consequences by Marti Green
"Unintended Consequences is an engrossing, well conceived legal thriller. Most enjoyable." - Scott Turow, NY Times bestselling author of Presumed Innocent & Innocent - "This one will grab you by the neck from the very first page!" - Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-winning author of Die A Sranger - * * How much would a father sacrifice for his child? Nineteen years ago, Indiana police found the body of a young girl, burned beyond [...]
A Gringo's Tour of Mexico - The Practical Traveler's Guide by Grant M. Handgis
This gringo's tour will take you through thirteen states of Mexico, with your own tour guide leading you through every step necessary to navigate through Mexico as if you had been doing it all your life. All the necessary documentation requirements for travel through Mexico as well. You will come to get a feel for daily life in Mexico and what to expect along the way. You will be shown the royal road south, down the pacific [...]
A Taste of Living in Mexico - A Collection of Stories and Suggestions for would-be gringos by Leo Buijs
'A Taste of Living in Mexico' is a collection of stories, based upon facts, and has suggestions or advise, that could be informative and or funny to anyone with an interest in Mexico. However, the content is primarily designed to benefit readers that hope to spend more time in the United States of Mexico. Either to 'live the life', or to retire there, and see their retirement budget gain substantial spending power. The [...]
His Unquenchable Desire by Joy Tremay
No woman has ever denied him...until now. In the urban jungle of Los Angeles, hard-working city girl Cathlene Patterson has her hands full juggling two jobs. She meets wealthy and cynical businessman Nick Maxwell who immediately falls hard for her independent spirit. He offers to rescue her from the daily grind but she's no damsel in distress. Although she craves Nick with a burning lust, she challenges his advances at every [...]
The Heath Cousins and the Kingsgate Bridge - Book 2 in the Heath Cousins Series by Eileen Hobbs
Addie B. and her cousins are back in the second book of the Heath Cousins series! The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave introduced readers to Addie B. and her cousins, Jack, Bodie, and Beanie, when the kids traveled to the otherworldly Garden of Choice and encountered new friends and adventures. The Heath Cousins and the Kingsgate Bridge brings Addie B., Jack, Beanie, and Bodie back to the Garden of Choice and this time, [...]
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (Part 1) by Chantelle Atkins
Having moved towns in order to escape his mothers ex-boyfriend/stalker, Danny is consumed with anger, and he just wants to fight. It's what he does best. He soon makes friends with the local misfits and troublemakers and finds himself standing on the edge of a great swelling discovery- music! We follow his exploits with school bullies, the girl from the nice end of town, and his attempts to scare boyfriends away from his [...]
Fleeting Visions by Rene Natan
Louis Saura is a lonely seventeen-year-old in Canada who knows what it is to fight and survive the hard way. Orphaned at the age of two and raised by a poor and sick uncle, his life suddenly changes when his uncle dies and local crime boss Camilo Estorbar comes into his life. Soon, Louis spurns Estorbar and the fight for his life begins. As Louis plays cat and mouse with Estorbar, he crosses path with Detective Gordon [...]



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