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Book: Depression Carpenter by Java Davis

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The Detroit Kid in the Forgotten War by John Robert McCauley
This story captures the forgotten conflict of World War II. The book sets during the Great Depression about eight years prior to World War II. The first section of "The Detroit Kid" is the story of young John trying to find his way during the depression while reaching for dreams and in the process learning the ways of men. This novel explores such issues as guilt, the acquisition of wisdom, heroism and the life journey of at [...]
Nobody Wakes Up Pretty by Diane Lefer
New York City, 1992. For Holly, it's the summer when the city she's lived in all her life changes past recognition. And the funerals are about to begin. "Let's get this out of the way," she says. "I'm a white woman who likes black men." That includes her lover Samps. Once a young artist of promise, he's now homeless, living in a Harlem squat, and maybe, Holly fears, clinically insane. But that doesn't explain why she's caught [...]
Traveling Around the World with Mike and Barbara Bivona - Part One by Michael Bivona, CPA
Mike and Barbara Bivona have danced their way around the world, embracing the colorful rhythms of each country and culture in their travels. Now, Mike, the author of Dancing Around the World with Mike and Barbara Bivona, returns to share more of their globe-trotting adventures in part one of a new travel memoir series. While cruising the islands, they witnessed lava flowing into the surf off the shores of Hawaii and danced on [...]
Heat Seekers by James Clayton Rogers
Against the backdrop of an early-summer heat wave, Heat Seekers plays out the brutal logic of tragedy, with emotions following a predictable pattern to an unanticipated conclusion. The Old South has not vanished completely. New sensibilities and an antique code of honor meet in Ash Mason, who cannot reconcile himself to losing his girlfriend to a high school classmate and begins to act out his vengeful fantasies. Nor can the [...]
Global Economic Boom & Bust Cycles - The Great Depression and Recovery of the 21st Century by Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti
Was the Meltdown of 2008 the first phase of the Great Depression of the 21st Century? In 2013, this global economic crisis is not over and no one knows the hour or the day when the Final Reckoning will occur! The 2008 Meltdown that culminated in the serial collapse of some of the most powerful corporations in the world, represented only the tip of the iceberg in the emergence of this epic economic bust cycle. What we are now [...]
Hearts in Alabama - Best-Loved Poems of Alabama by Cheyene Lopez
I want to thank God for all that He has done for me in life. I am just a plain, old country boy who learned to put all my words and feelings into poems. I am a native of Alabama, and I write something different on the beauty of Alabama for the way I see it. I feel and believe that you will truly like these poems. I hope to be able to write more books in the future. I want to thank any publishers who have given me chances to [...]
The Insider’s Guide to the Best of Mexico - 42 experts tell you where to sun, swim, eat, stay, and celebrate the real Mexico by Carmen Amato
The Insider's Guide to the Best of Mexico is a unique collection of insider stories that you won't find anywhere else. It's your passport to a country full of color, culture, and contrasts. Forty-two writers, artists, educators, travelers, business owners and others share their experiences inside today's Mexico. Most of those who contributed stories are expatriates who have found opportunity and inspiration in Mexico. From [...]
Galveston - 1900 - Indignities Book Five - The Arrangement by N.E. Brown
The epic journey of Catherine Merit Matthews continues in N. E. Brown's fifth book of her Galveston, 1900, Indignities series. Twenty-six year old Catherine Merit Matthews is beautiful, confident, newly married, and mother to four children. Although life appears to be perfect, old memories and scars from the past continue to haunt her. Her new husband, Trent Matthews, knows she is hiding shocking secrets from her past, and is [...]
Riding the Rails - Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression by Errol Lincoln Uys
During the Great Depression, more than 250,000 children left their homes and hopped freight trains crisscrossing the United States. They were looking for work and adventure; some wanted to leave their homes, and some had to. They grew up in speeding boxcars, living in hobo jungles, begging on the streets, and running from the police and club-wielding railroad guards. The restless youth of these boxcar boys and girls, many who [...]
Alabama Heart Of Dixie Poems - Where Stars Rise And Fall Upon Alabama by Cheyene Montana Lopez
This is my second poetry Book about Alabama and my home state with my first one titled Hearts In Alabama and published with and this book in paperback with and You can also purchase this book in E-book from Amazon Kindle.I came up with this idea for the title because Alabama is where I was born and raised most of my life. O am inspired by the breathless beauty of the scenes of [...]
Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book One - The Arrival by N.E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins
A 15 year- old English girl is orphaned shortlyafter arriving at the Galveston port in 1898. She is stalked by a drifter whowants her for himself. Romance, danger and fleeing a dangerous man wanted forseveral murders challenges her livelihood and future. All of this is happeningwhile the city of Galveston is unaware of the devastation from a monstrous hurricanein 1900 that is brewing in the gulf, killing thousands
Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book Two - The Aftermath by N.E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins
The physical and emotional journey of Catherine Merit continues in Book 2 of the Indignities Trilogy. A must read historical fiction packed with dark suspense, emotion and romance. Following the aftermath of the Galveston Storm, Catherine Merit is faced with new dangers. After putting her past behind her, a year later, Catherine is again recaptured by villain, David Brooks, and taken to Beaumont, Texas, to start a new life as [...]
Snow on Bald Mountain by Linda Wood Rondeau
Ryan McDougall still has much to learn about this life called Christian. When his wife tells him she is pregnant, he looks to make a change, especially since Ma's cousin Millie has moved into the already crowded house on Maple Street. Ryan takes a job as caretaker for a Bald Mountain estate owned by an eccentric, elderly woman. He hadn't expected to become attached, not only to the natural beauty that surrounds the property, [...]
The Recipe by Joseph Frank Parente
This is a story about life and violence of the Mafia during the rough times in Brooklyn, New York. It is a journey through the Italian culture from 1920 to the present day. The story begins with the challenging years during The Great Depression... After the brutal murders of Sal and Anna Santorini, their son, Joey, moves in with the Leonardo Bonino family, where he is treated like a member of the family. Leo's own son, [...]
Thirty Tips To Stop Your Depression In Its Tracks by Johannes R. Malan
HOW TO OVERCOME DEPRESSION IN 30 DAYS - The content of this book is based on well-established life coaching techniques and tips that I have used to overcome depression myself. It teaches you the five key principles to overcome depression: ATTITUDE: The Way To Change Your DIRECTION - AWARENESS: The Way To Change Your HABITS - FOCUS: The Way To Change Your EXPERIENCE - PURPOSE: The Way To Change Your DESTINY - and - DECISIONS - [...]
A Room of My Own (Legacy Series) by Ann Tatlock
Virginia, the young daughter of a wealthy doctor's family, sees her life forever altered by the Great Depression. Forced to give up her own room so that relatives can move in, her resentment at those circumstances is altered as she helps her father, who spends his spare time giving medical attention to the people of "Soo City." Soo City is a makeshift camp near the Soo Line tracks. But her father's goodwill clashes with [...]
Good Afternoon Vietnam - A Civilian in the Vietnam War by Gary Wilhelm
Good Afternoon Vietnam This is the story of a civilian technology engineer working with the Marines in DaNang, Vietnam, in 1968 and 1969. Wilhelm arrived in a blue suit and tie from a military chartered plane and finally found his back way to the USA for a company that resisted ending his work term and allowing him to come home. A Civilian Working in a War Zone The position was working with the computer technology of the time [...]
Rebel Light - A Coastal Lights Legacy Novel by Marilyn Turk
She ran away from the war only to find herself in the middle of it. Who will protect her now? It's 1861, Florida has seceded from the Union, and residents of Pensacola evacuate inland to escape the impending war. But Kate McFarlane's impulsive act of rebellion changes her life and that of many others in ways she never expected. As a result, Kate finds herself with an eccentric aunt in an unfamiliar place. Lieutenant Clay [...]
In the Shadows of the Oaks by Frank Settineri
Electricity sparked through the air when their eyes first met but neither Landi nor Sean, the tutor of her son, could succumb to their desires. Instead she fled to the safety of her bedroom to escape the inevitable. Ultimately, after three months of denial their sequestered feelings burst through the facade, culminating in passionate romance. Their world was now complete with one exception - Brenda, Sean's beautiful, and now [...]
Wagon Wheels by Betty Mermelstein
Wagon Wheels follows a little girl as she goes down the sidewalk with her wagon. As her wheels spin around, she sees many interesting items that she adds to her wagon. They become piled high, and she knows they will become wonderful play things for her when she gets home. I was inspired by my own collecting days as a little girl when there were more discarded things by the curbs of the sidewalks than there are today. I didn't [...]
Dying Embers by Glenn Trust
Friendship is colorblind. The embers of hate smoldered beneath the ashes of a century. When the winds of change fanned them to life, the best and the worst of us came face to face. > > > A story of immense courage facing intense hatred, Dying Embers paints a picture of the best of us and the worst of us. It leaves us with an important message. Love and friendship can overcome hatred. Six young people cling to their friendship [...]
A Legacy to Remember - by Pamela K Orgeron
A Legacy to Remember: "Recollections of a Common Man" is the story of a man who rose above all odds stacked against him. The Great Depression, divorced parents, living in poverty, World War II, the death of a child, divorce etc. commonly known occurrences many individuals in American History have faced. Many people would have been bitter having lived through such tragedies. But not Duard Vinson Gillum! He not only survived [...]
Altered Hearts by Roger E. Bruner
The four Altered Hearts novels portray three best friends who must overcome a variety of problems and challenges both at home and on short-term mission trips to Mexico, California, and Nicaragua. Kim Hartlinger, the protagonist in three of the books, evolves slowly from being a spoiled, thoughtless, sometimes unlikeable eighteen-year-old into a twenty-year-old woman who's so set on following God's leading that she's immersed [...]
ABOUT THE BOOK - This articulate and commendable writing mirrors problems that face everyone through the eyes of an experienced social analyst. In an artistic manner, the author of Dismantling the ~Isms re-describes reality, and construes social experiences in a new and venturesome way. Various social problems are highlighted, and viable solutions are listed by the diligent author who draws from her wealth of knowledge in a [...]
In High Cotton by Ane Mulligan
While the rest of the world has been roaring through the 1920s, times are hardscrabble in rural South Georgia. Widow Maggie Parker is barely surviving while raising her young son alone. Then as banks begin to fail, her father-in-law threatens to take her son and sell off her livelihood the grocery store her husband left her. Can five Southern women band together, using their wisdom and wiles to stop him and survive the Great [...]



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