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Book: The Black Belt Book of Life - Secrets of a Martial Arts Master by Richard Andrew King
Author Richard Andrew King

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Girl Fights Back (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 1) by Jacques Antoine
Emily Kane has gone missing... ...and the world's spy agencies are determined to find her. They think she's been genetically modified as a human weapon. Now, she'll need all her skills to make it to tomorrow. Her father taught her everything he knew, how to hide, how to live off the land... and how to fight like a demon, without mercy or remorse. When the mercenaries came, her family fled. But Emily Kane has had enough of [...]
Girl Takes Up Her Sword (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 3) by Jacques Antoine
High school graduation was never so dangerous as it turns out to be for Emily Kane. Defending herself against foreign agents is one thing, but when the threat comes from within Emily's own family the violence rises to a new level, and the need to reconcile herself with her inner demons has never been so urgent.
Sparring Partners (The Dojo Chronicles) by Leigh Morgan
What if everything you always thought you wanted could be yours simply by saying "I do"? Billionaire Jordon Bennett needs to find a wife, now, to secure his position as CEO of B.H. Holdings. Reed Mohr could use a miracle to help pay for her alternative elder care facility, Potters Woods. Inside and out of the dojo, can these two survive sparring with each other? Find out in SPARRING PARTNERS.
Beta (A Mallory Petersen Mystery) by Stephen L. Brayton
Private Investigator Mallory Petersen, a fourth degree black belt with her own taekwondo school in Des Moines, Iowa, splits her time between teaching martial arts and her often inane cases. It's not that she wants bad things to happen to people, but it makes life more interesting when they do. When Mallory accepts a case to find Cheryl McGee's kidnapped eight year old daughter, she is pulled into the dark underworld of child [...]
Alpha (A Mallory Petersen Mystery) by Stephen L. Brayton
Fourth Degree Black Belt and private investigator investigates the murder of her boyfriend. Almost immediately, devastating secrets are uncovered and Mallory finds herself in mortal danger at nearly every turn. On top of the murder, she is asked by her landlord to find his missing daughter. It's high kicking action when Des Moines' most gorgeous investigator enters a world of betrayal, murder, and illegal narcotics, as well [...]
Joshua's Revenge by Richard L. Wren
Joshua is a world renowned Martial Arts expert working as a Yosemite Park Ranger. He is assigned the task of finding and eliminating a Chinese gang that is killing and eviscerating Yosemite Park bears for Chinese medicine and that have killed his Ranger partner. The chase ranges from the back woods of Yosemite to the back alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown. Kidnappings, murders, gang warfare and treachery challenge Joshua's [...]
Girl Takes The Oath (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 5) by Jacques Antoine
Emily Kane goes to the US Naval Academy, where she makes new friends... and new enemies. A foreign power wants to extradite her on a murky charge involving an incident in Nepal two years ago, and the Diplomatic Security Service and NCIS are investigating her to find out why. Concentrating on her studies at the Naval Academy is harder than ever, and Emily begins to fear for her friends' safety. And when a mysterious stranger [...]
Jean Claude Van Damme - A Career in Kicking Ass by Nathan Shepka
JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME: A CAREER IN KICKING ASS - The #1 Movie Guides and Reviews Book! " entertaining read and a very admirable effort," Mike Leeder (Impact Magazine) "...a witty review style that is energetic and engaging," Jonathan Urban (MovieHole) Jean Claude Van Damme: actor, martial artist and to a legion of loyal fans, an icon. The man who brought his on screen high kicking antics to the West and built a career on [...]
Dead In The Water (Rider Bradbury Book 2) by James W. Brown
Rider Bradbury is back. This time he is on the hunt for a serial killer known as the Water Demon. Bradbury will need all his skills as a cop and martial artist, to carry him through this ordeal. The Water Demon believes water is power and he will use this as the resting place for his victims. Bradbury bends the laws in order to try and capture this devious and dangerous killer. Follow Rider Bradbury through the twists and [...]
Paths Less Travelled of a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer by Hon K. Lee
A personal memoir by Hon K. Lee describing his adventures: growing up in New York's Chinatown; being a combat Marine; running CIA clandestine operations; teaching Chinese martial arts; and treating patients with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. His story begins with Lee as a scrawny runt in a Chinese immigrant family. He gets bullied so often he yearns to be like the kung fu heroes he sees in the movies. He becomes a Marine [...]
KI Energy - Unlocking the Hidden Potential by Joseph Lee Vreeland
The book is about finding and unlocking the potential of the mind and using the energies around you to help in everyday life processes, also there is information about developing better fighting skills in the martial arts like raising your strength, speed, agility and stamina. After about 23 years training in the martial arts I took all the information I had gained to also training in energy manipulation for about 18 years [...]
American Warrior by James Snyder
The year is 1961. America has a new president, named John F. Kennedy, and a new era the newspapers are calling the Dawn of Camelot. But for ten-year-old Paul Brett, dealing with an abusive father and the immigrant gangs roaming his slum neighborhood of China Slough, America is only a small, dead-end place he is struggling to survive. That is, until the night a mysterious stranger comes out of the darkness to his rescue, and [...]
LEADERSHIP BY VIRTUE - Dé Lǐng Dǎo - Martial arts philosophy behind leadership process to rise above our 'cultural background noise' by Jaro Berce
The story is showing from a first-person perspective the internal growing up of a leadership process based on non-Western approach. The main character, brought up in Europe and therefore used to Western "cultural background noise' although practicing Chinese martial arts, has to learn and understand the differences brought by Far East principles if he wants to grasp leadership from a different angle. On the whole, a Western [...]
Bar-jutsu - The American Art of Bar Fighting by James Porco
"It's as if Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn wrote a treatise on bouncing as the sequel to "Wedding Crashers." Pittsburgh Post Gazette A pounding headache, mouth dry as the desert, memory loss...and wait, a black eye and a fat lip? You have officially woken up from another night on the town. While there is no known cure for that dastardly headache and cotton mouth, there is now officially a remedy for the black eye and bruises. [...]
Karma Goes Around (Karma Novels) by Jim Parks
Charlie Walker learns about karma at an early age. Good and bad karma always seems to close to him in one way or another. He is going to college. His ambition is to be a mechanical engineer. Sherry Baker is definitely a distraction for Charlie. He deals with these "Sherry issues" in Karma Goes Around: He decides if he should break up with Sherry to focus on school. He finds out if Sherry is lying to him. Of course, she has [...]
The Entwhistle Experiment Book 1 - Glued by Robyn Collins
At twelve years old, Horatio Entwhistle has already blown up his bedroom twice and invented Stupendous Glue. While both of his parents are genius geneticists who may have something to do with his science smarts Horatio does all his own experiments. Right now he is stuck, literally and figuratively, trying to find a solvent for his truly crazy glue. His holiday research plans are rudely interrupted, however, when two [...]
You Can't Shatter Me by Tahlia Newland
Sixteen-year-old Carly is set to become top of her art class until bully-boy Justin gives her a viscous payback for standing up for one of his victims. Her boyfriend, karate-trained nerd Dylan, wants to smash the guys face in, but a fight at school means suspension, losing his chance at school honors and facing a furious father. Carly is determined to find a more creative solution to her problem, but will she sort it out [...]
Multifarious Notions by Bill Hylton
The stories in this book have a broad range of subjects: sexual attraction, gun safety, a U. S. Senator's Vietnam experiences, children in state custody, karate and its effect on a father/son relationship, frontier survival, frontier justice, and modern justice when an Arkansas Deputy Sheriff arrests a Mexican chicken plucker.
Girl Punches Out (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 2) by Jacques Antoine
A routine traffic stop turns into a fight to the death. Is Emily Kane doomed? There may be no point trying to hide anymore. But can she survive a confrontation with a weaponized North Korean clone? ... and if she has no choice but to face him, will it even be enough to survive the encounter? FBI, CIA, NSA, the list of her enemies grows longer everyday. Throw in a West Virginia biker gang, and the local bullies, and it's hard [...]
I Survived by John Wayne Ryan
This is the true story of a private detective / bodyguard operating in Brisbane, Australia during the 1970s amongst some of the most deadly gangster cops and endemic corruption that could ever have existed. Murder, firebombs, 'disappearances', kidnappings, 'overdoses', police verballing, extortion, prostitution, drug running - all operating not only with police management knowledge but in fact under their control. Refusing a [...]
Shaygan by Joshua Dyer
Shaygan: an ancient door to a forgotten world. Treacherous plots threaten to bring the world's dynasty of peace to its knees by wiping out the High Consulate's two sons and only heirs. Allek searches for the redemption of his father's name in a time when a rogue virus sweeps across Sicon. The mage, Layol, seeks revenge on a disease that took his sister's life. At the same instant, Allek's brother, Symon, puts the finishing [...]
Hold Trilogy - Books One, Two, and Three - Complete MMA Fighter Romance Series by Jayne Blue
For the first time ever, get the complete Hold Trilogy in one mega bundle. This compilation contains all three books in Jayne Blue's bestselling, sexy, MMA Fighter New Adult romance series. It's love at first fight for this MMA Bad Boy who knows what he wants even more than a title. Broke, hungry, and desperate, Cassidy Parker just needs a job. She finds one at the local gym that seems like the answer to her problems. But [...]
Desire (Ring Dreams Retro) by Jezebel Jorge
Billy Dalton dropped out of school at only sixteen to pursue a career as a professional wrestler. The business killed both his grandpa and his mother, so with nothing left to lose Billy is determined to make a better life for himself with a new start in Charlotte, North Carolina.What he doesn't count on is falling for the daughter of his mentor and the territory's top star, the legendary Paul Bryson. Lizzie Bryson grew up [...]
The Platinum Retriever - The Story of Earth's Unexpected Savior by Kyle Robertson
A Private Investigator has to Investigate a Very Different Case This alien invasion tale has a very different premise. Yes, they have xenomorph DNA, but they were indigenous to Earth. This adventure gets much deeper than the normal. Daedalus Platinum was a private investigator for children who never received their child support. The reason for his diligence was his father died before he was born, and his mother died during [...]
Vietnam Bao Chi - Warriors of Word and Film by Marc Phillip Yablonka
Bao Chi brings together interviews with 35 combat correspondents who reported on the Vietnam War. They wrote the stories of Vietnam, captured the images and filmed the television coverage of their fellow servicemen on the battlefields from the Mekong Delta in the south to the DMZ in Central Vietnam, from the Tet Offensive in 1968 to the fall of Saigon in 1975. They were men like Dale Dye, who would go on to play an integral [...]



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