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Book: Informal Learning at Work - How to Boost Performance in Tough Times by Paul Matthews
Author Paul Matthews

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E-learning 101 - It's not as tough as it looks by Dr. Liz Hardy
E-learning 101 - the friendliest online study guide ever! Fix your biggest online learning problems in about an hour. E-learning 101 will show you that e-learning is nothing to fear - and might even be fun! Replace anxiety with action using simple, practical strategies. This book was written especially for new students who are taking an online course for the first time. The book is presented as 6 short lessons. Each lesson [...]
Success for Every Student - A Guide to Teaching and Learning by Oran M Tkatchov
Veteran educators team up for the release of their second book, Success for Every Student: A Guide to Teaching and Learning, which was released by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. With all the multi-tiered interventions, assessment software, aligned textbooks, digital content, and scripted curriculum available to the field, some might question if the role of the teacher is significant in today's schools. Does it really [...]
Wise Up - Be the Solution: Establish a learning culture in your home and help your child succeed in school by James L. Casale
As parents, we simply want what's best for our children, but sometimes the modern education system does not always cater to the individual needs of every child. Each child is unique and requires different amounts of attention and support. As your child's first teacher, you are the most influential factor on his or her growth academically, emotionally, and psychologically. In Wise Up and Be the Solution, James Casale shows you [...]
Journey With Me ABC's (KDI Childrens Books) by J Adams
"My Alphabet Adventure - ABC Picture Book For Toddlers" was intended to help children learn the alphabet. As a children's book author I really enjoyed creating this Kindle learning book and I hope it will be the first of many. "My Alphabet Adventure - ABC Picture Book For Toddlers" grew out of a desire to create the type of childrens abc book that can be enjoyed by both parents and children together. Also I felt this ABC book [...]
Nothing You Can't Do! - The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets by Mary Cay Ricci
Have you ever thought about your dreams and if you could achieve them? Guess what? You can! You can find your full potential and become more successful than you ever dreamed possible it just takes changing the way you think to change your life. Unlock the secrets and clues to success in school, sports, afterschool activities, life, and so much more with the tips in Nothing You Can't Do!: The Secret Power of Mindsets. By [...]
Paddy and his Disappearing Daddy - A charming story designed to help children understand why parents go to work by Elise Lowe
Paddy doesn't understand why his daddy disappears every morning... until he secretly follows him to work. "This is just the cutest little story! The magical way this book explains disappearing daddies is charming!" Val, GoodReads After her little boy became distraught each time his dad left for the office, Elise Lowe created the story of the little leprechaun Paddy and his disappearing daddy. Paddy's eye-opening adventure, in [...]
A Isn't Just for Apple by Barbara Woster
Dear Parents -- As we are all aware, children learn from repetition. Teach, repeat, teach, repeat . . . until, ultimately, the action or knowledge becomes ingrained; a habit. This is why alliteration is an extraordinary learning tool; however, books generally target one letter sound at a time or one example. Today's learners are mentally sharp, thus should be introduced to multiple examples and letter sounds early, so to [...]
GENIUS INTELLIGENCE - Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series Book 1) by James & Lance Morcan
The brain's potential is the human potential! What if there are faster and easier ways to learn and study than the modi operandi currently being taught in mainstream education systems? GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ is the ultimate treatise on accelerated learning methods. Written by novelists, filmmakers and independent researchers James Morcan & Lance Morcan with a foreword by leading [...]
Succeeding as a Student - Tips for Using Your Time Efficiently and Studying Effectively by David R. Gross
Top jobs require advanced degrees, and the competition for these limited enrollment programs remains fierce. Undergraduates need top scores... and direction on how to achieve them. As a retired professor, David R. Gross knows the secrets to securing those grades. His Succeeding as a Student: Tips for Using Your Time Efficiently and Study ing Effectively provides the details to ensure high marks with specific directions from [...]
Dia a dia - Brazilian Portuguese (Portuguese Edition) by Edinaldo E. Santo
Brazilian Portuguese grammar book. This book is divided in four short books/chapters. Book 1 -Present Tense (first steps), Book 2 -Present Tense (foundation), Book 3 -Present, Present Continuous, Immediate Future, Simple Future and The Imperative form. Book 4 -Simple Past Tense. It is designed to help students to achieve an intermediate level in 4-6 months with a 1h lesson a week, if used by a teacher. Students using 'DIA A [...]
Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience - Self-Development Strategies to Thrive Through Adversity by Marquita A. Herald
Unlike other books, that may wander in the vagaries of self-empowerment and self-motivation, I found this to be not only practical, but applicable to literally every day of life. Drawing on the findings and realizations of countless events, studies, and anecdotes, you will realize that even the darkest moments of living can provide a springboard for success. Finding purpose outside one's self is a pervasive theme, and one [...]
Novice to Expert - 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills by SJ Scott
Don't know how to get started with a new skill? Can't find time for a side project? Ever quit in frustration after beginning something new? We all want to expand on our existing knowledge. But sometimes it's impossible to stay consistent with a new skill or habit. It's easy to fall into the trap where you focus only on learning and never get around to implementing the information. The truth is: You can learn anything... [...]
100 German Short Stories for Beginners - Learn German With Short Stories Including Audiobook (German Edition Foreign Language Book 1) by Christian Stahl
How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective way to learn German is reading interesting German short stories. Learning German doesn't have to be boring and agonizing! Here you have 100 entertaining and interesting German short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level. German for beginners can be challenging, but not with this book. All German short stories are unique [...]
Dead Children Can't Read - Classrooms of Compassion by Darleen Claire Wodzenski
Learn the meaning behind "Dead Children Can't Read" as you explore the philosophy of "Classrooms of Compassion" that promote child mental health and development. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, QPPE, PhD Candidate - a national presenter in the areas of education, special needs, juvenile justice, and development - shares the importance of putting a child's development and mental health first, rather than making [...]
The Flaming Sword by Folayan Osekita
The inspiration for the writing of the book: "The Flaming Sword" came from deep meditation upon the Word of God. The Lord Spoke to me and Told me to go round buying Bibles - especially old ones and different types and editions. Then I came across this huge Bible referred to in the first chapter of the book: "A Case For The Word Of God: Gateway To True Freedom". What struck me was the fact that men had obeyed God's Word to [...]
The Watchman by Matt Langford
The Watchman tells the story of Adam, a young man with a learning difficulty, after they move from city life and into the countryside. Told through Adam's eyes we follow him and his family through struggles, upheavals and the ultimate breakdown of both the family and his unit. Adam has simple tastes and simple needs. He loves nothing more than a cup of tea and a window to watch from. His encounters include an unforgettable [...]
Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti
New York Times & USA Today Bestseller - Big Al's Books & Pals 2013 Readers' Choice Award Romance Winner - Claire Barnes is shattered when her husband, Greg, goes on a business trip and never returns. Unwilling to just wait for the police to find him, Claire conducts her own investigation. Her best friend Drew helps her look for answers, but all she finds are troubling questions. With every clue, she discovers that Greg may [...]
Bouncy Pouncy The Ball by Cheyene Montana Lopez
This book is to help children who are yet in school to be ahead in education. I was inspired by by grandchildren. I wrote this book for early development. This book brings fun to children while they learn at the same time. This book is available in ebook on Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble online bookstores. It is for purchase in Paperback from and and Hardcover on The [...]
Destiny and Faith Go To Twincentric Academy! by Teddy O' Malley
Double Trouble! Destiny and Faith enter second grade in a school for twins. They make enemies and friends and have to step in when friends fall out. This is the least of their troubles however. When the principal has a plan to force all twins to dress alike, Destiny and Faith take a stand. There is going to be trouble - on the double. EXCERPT After lunch I still sat next to Grace, and Faith still sat next to Hope, but I [...]
The Kids Wore Plaid by Brianna Thorpe
I'm graduating from high school this year (2012). After attending the same school for seven years, I decided that I wanted to give something back to the place which made me who I am. And that is where the idea for "The Kids Wore Plaid" came from. I made a list of every person in my graduating class (57 people), the teachers who mean the most to me, and included two kids who passed away while at the school. I wrote a poem for [...]
Magic Tree by Talidari
A contemporary, treasure hunt tale of a young woman's journey across the world to find the magic tree that fulfills every wish. In favor of learning by travelling, student Magda breaks from the confines of conformity and quits her formal studies to pursue her dreams on her own terms by using intuition over reason. A fateful encounter with a wealthy Chinese man sets her on a mission to find the wish-fulfilling tree, which is [...]
Chubby Learns to Fly by John Hazell and James Adams (Illustrator)
This is a gorgeously illustrated children's book. Follow the exciting tale of a young bee's first day at school, how he overcomes his fears and realizes that if you try, even if it's something you don't want to do, it can be fun in the end.. It's hard growing up and isn't there always something that you don't want to do... But today, Chubby has to learn how to fly - and who's going to teach him? My oh my! Who's this in the [...]
Giant Lizards And Friends by Liberty Dendron
A gigantic dinosaur comes to stay. The other dinosaurs find his differences a little annoying, but when trouble comes, they realize being different can be a blessing. The earth shuddered. Trees shook and dropped leaves on the nest below. The nest belonged to an iguana. The eggs rolled around, their mother Miss Lizard steadied them with a claw. Through the trees, appeared the biggest dinosaur she had ever seen. It was like a [...]
Sitting in Creation by Brenda Asterino
Brenda Asterino uses poetry, prose, and imagery to express a sense of being in moments of creation. Those moments feel like the spiritual connection of oneness. Sometimes these are moments of joy. Sometimes they are bittersweet, or a sad comment on reality. They are all moments of connection, whether sad, mundane, lofty, or surprising. They all reflect awareness of the world, others, or self. These times of connected [...]
Little Cupcake's First Day by Nataisha T Hill
The first day of school is fun and exciting for kids! Enjoy this colorful picture book about a happy little girl on her first day of school. Follow her on her journey as she learns, has fun, and doesn't forget about the important things. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their kids and the kids will enjoy reading this book by themselves!



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