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Book: You Are A Story Away From Stopping Masturbation by Sesan Oguntade
Author Sesan Oguntade

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QUANTUM SELF HYPNOSIS STOP SMOKING NOW - Hypnosis Script & Inductions Included! by Jo Ana Starr, PhD
Quantum Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking Now is a book specifically written to help the reader to create his own Stop Smoking Now Self Hypnosis session easily and inexpensively. This book includes tips and tricks on how to create a great, effective Self Hypnosis session, complete with recording equipment/software suggestions, 2 Master Hypnosis Inductions and a time-tested Stop Smoking Now Session Script. Readers receive a special [...]
The Damnation of Antoinette d'Acier by Walter Cie
Dave Morgan's father died when little David was only two. His frigid, prudish mother, having been released from the odious sexual servitude of marriage while simultaneously benefiting from a generous life insurance payout, never remarried. Because she was so prudish, it was in the bras and panties section of his mother's JC Penney's catalogues that he first saw the basics of the physical differences between men and women - [...]
What Molly Wanted by Erin O'Quinn
Christmas Eve finds Molly alone, as usual. But tonight is different. A devilishly handsome waiter named Pablo Diablo from a local Tex-Mex restaurant asks her to dinner at his place. His eyes, and the blatant outline of his growing interest, promise the fulfillment of her most ardent wish--to enjoy a great piece of ass for Christmas. Forgetting she jokingly promised her soul to the devil for just such an opportunity, she [...]
Free Your Child From Screen Addiction - A helpful guide for parents with screen addicted children by Nancy Sungyun
This book will: *Show you how to go beyond struggling to control your children's screen obsession. *Reveal the urgency to address this problem sooner rather than later. *Show you how to help your children experience authentic happiness now and in the future. *Show you how you can become the best version of you, the best version of parents that you need to be for your children. *Show you how to throw away what is not working [...]
What is Stevia? - Benefits, Side Effects, Growing Stevia, Recipes with Stevia by Jeen van der Meer
What is Stevia? Because stevia has become so popular, there are a lot of questions concerning stevia. Stevia is 100% natural therefore it has no additives. In this book I try to give an answer to all those questions asked when it comes to stevia. Questions like: "Can I use stevia to lose weight? "What are the benefits of stevia?" "What are the side effects?" "Can diabetics use stevia?" "How can I grow stevia plants?" "How do [...]
Cancer with Joy - How to Transform Fear into Happiness and Find the Bright Side Effects by Joy Huber
When professional speaker and songwriter Joy Huber was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer at the young age of 33, she didn't choose to stay angry. She chose to fight using the tremendous power of positivity and lots of humor, even as she went from having shoulder-length hair at diagnosis to bald in 6 weeks. She heard the word remission less than 6 months after her diagnosis and after 6 intense rounds of chemotherapy. Joy [...]
Happiness Decoded - How to stop negative thinking, be in the moment and stay positive by Anirudh Rawat
Happiness Decoded - A Book to Crucify Negativity to stay in a Good Mood Happiness Decoded (HD) starts by giving a precise definition of happiness which simplifies what needs to be done to stay happy. It is built around the theory of the Eight Cs which identifies things you need to let go of and things you need to inculcate to attain a positive state of mind which is not easily disturbed. In the eight chapters dedicated to the [...]
Why you drink and How to stop - Journey to freedom by Veronica Valli
Winner of the eLit book awards for self-help Award-Winning Finalist in the "Self-Help: General" category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards Kristen Johnston - 2 time Emmy award winning actress, NYT Best selling author and recovery advocate says: "Veronica Valli has written one of the clearest, most fascinating & truly helpful books on addiction I've ever read. To me, it's up there with 'Clean' by David Sheff, except from the [...]
I'm Never Drinking Again - Maybe It's Time To Think About Your Drinking? by Trish Taylor
It was only a few drinks... ...but it has got you worried. Maybe you have a drinking problem? At first, it was just part of your life, but as the years have passed you can't remember the last time you went a week without a drink. You don't feel out of control and AA isn't for you. Is there another way? Not every problem drinker has lost their job, is in the gutter or has hit their own rock bottom. So many drinkers wonder if [...]
fearLESS - How to Conquer Your Fear, Stop Playing Small, and Start Living an Extraordinary Life You Love by Nathalie Thompson
The "how to" manual that turns dreamers into doers . So often it happens that we put off doing what we most want to do in life because we're afraid that we're not good enough to pull it off; we're afraid that the road to success will be more than we can handle, or that we'll never be able to find that elusive path to begin with. Our biggest dreams then get pushed onto a shelf and left there to collect dust because of our [...]
Fix Your Marriage - 10 Simple Steps To Put The Joy And Intimacy Back In Your Marriage (One New Habit) by Grace Stevens
If you are struggling to put the connection, passion, fun and goodwill back into your relationship - this book is for you! While this book was designed specifically for struggling couples who - are looking for help to fix their marriage, the practical, simple steps found in this book are good relationship habits for every couple. Simply put, even if your relationship is great, these strategies can make it better. Be honest [...]
Stop Hiding and Discover Yourself! Secrets to Strengthen Your Personal Value by Antonia Lo Giudice
"Stop Hiding and Discover Yourself: Secrets to Strengthen Your Personal Value" is a simple, easy, and practical guide on how to break free from your emotional wounds and how to take the first step towards achieving your full potential. Dreading waking up every morning to start your day can be changed. If you're eager to push your boundaries, build self confidence, find your strength and discover all you can be, this book will [...]
How to Win at Quitting Smoking by VJ Sleight
Unlike other books on the subject, "How to Win at Quitting Smoking" focuses on the process of change instead of a single method. Proven evidence based strategies are given in a motivating manner, often in a smoker's own words. Easy to understand analogies are used to explain some of the complicated psychological processes of change. As a former smoker, the author writes from personal experience, as well as over 20 years of [...]
Paranormal Side Effects - 2014 Edition by Michelle L. Gallagher
Brace yourself as medium Michelle L. Gallagher reveals what you haven't been told about ghosts! In Paranormal Side Effects, medium and intuitive counselor Michelle gives a first-hand account of her real-life paranormal cases. With experiences ranging from demonic possession to men with black fingernails, Gallagher arms the reader with the necessary intel and spiritual ammo to understand: what's safe and what's Satan. Harmless [...]
Open To Bliss - Sage Hope's 1st Gift to Humanity - The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction by Omid Mankoo
A Gift of Tremendous Import: The long-awaited advent of the solution to sexual addiction is dispensed by one of God's devotees, the simple Sage Hope. A gift of tremendous import and magnitude, to humanity for eons to come. A vast treasure fashioned in the hermitage of inner silence, brought out into the open, brilliantly lighting the sight of the bewildered with its profound insights. Open the Mystery: The opening words "Open [...]
Stop Being Brainwashed - Rediscover Your True Self by Enck Kanaj
Many people live a life that they are not meant to live. They are exhausted by trying to achieve things that will never satisfy them. They keep busy and try to be their False Self, which is a mental self-image imposed and programmed by parents, education and society. They try endlessly to find the False Self in the conceptual reality, which has nothing to do with true reality. The False Self is like a mirage that disappears [...]
If Birds Stop Singing - Morning will be Void by Lorraine Myers
I love the sound of birds chirping in the morning. They sing because they must, it is a requirement of them. They are a creation of God's handiwork. They know the seasons and the signs of time. Birds do not worry about the future for they know that God will provide for them. Can one imagine a morning without birds singing? The bible is filled with scripture verses referring to birds. Birds are an inspiration to humans, for [...]
The Glass Mask - Monsters Lurk Beneath by E.L. DuBois
A beautiful, naive young woman with fairy-tale dreams... And a beast of a man who only finds pleasure in the vicious acts he commits. When their paths cross, she finds herself caught in his web of cruelty... A merciless dance for survival begins. Based on a true story, The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath takes readers through the emotional, physical, and psychological parallels of an abuse victim willing to do anything to [...]
The Habit Architect - Building a better life balance, one habit at a time by Caro Angell
The Habit Architect explains what habits are and how they serve us in our daily lives. It looks at how we can optimize our routines to attain our goals, and how to manage those trouble traits we may have subconsciously developed, over time. Treating habits as small building blocks that, when built upon, can lead to greater achievement and contentment, The Habit Architect focuses on unlocking the potential we all have within [...]
Picking Up Strays by Jacquelyn Rene Taliaferro
Driven by dark secrets Amanda Hughes is hunting a madman along Oklahoma's highways. In this dark, erotic, crime thriller, Jack Tatum weaves a tale of one woman's struggles with her war service, her job, her family, and her sexuality. Lost in a maze of seamy truck stops, strip clubs, and deserted towns Amanda struggles to catch a man whose dark soul drives him to stalk the young women and girls lost in the world of truck stop [...]
Stop Surviving and LIVE! - How I Changed My Poverty Mindset to Control My Future by Miko Marsh
You're not a mediocre person, so don't live as if you are. If you're tired of spinning your wheels or feeling like you're just "here," it's time for a major change! Miko Marsh's "Stop Surviving and LIVE!" is helping people to transform their lives. Journey with the author as she walks you through the process she used to transition from poverty to provision mentally, emotionally, and financially. Use her process to consider [...]
Bless the Bees - The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What We Can Do to Stop It by kenneth eade
Get the #1 best selling book on saving the bees! "If the bee disappears from the earth, man would have no more than four years to live" Albert Einstein This beautifully illustrated edition is educates the reader about the potential extinction of the bees as an indicator of a mass extinction, the last one of which was 65 million years ago. It explains what pollination is, who does it, why its essential to us, what things are [...]
Hard Stop by Declan Davies
After two recently laid-off suburban dads decide to steal a vanload of counterfeit Viagra from a mob-connected businessman, their easy-money plan gets a whole lot harder. Hard Stop is a comic crime novel set amid a soft housing market and a flaccid economy, where desperate times lead to bad behavior - and the stiffest of penalties. Jim Metz was pharmaceutical salesman of the year, but now he's partnered with his shady [...]
THE KIROV CONSPIRACY - Disaster stalks the streets of Europe...and only one man can stop it by Anthony Talmage
A GRIPPING PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER FULL OF STUNNING TWISTS - The setting of this book is based on the same island featured in the movie The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - 70 years on the Nazi occupation might be history but today a new threat provides the backdrop for another triumph of the human spirit and survival against the odds. My name is Paul Scott. I'm a London-based newsman and bag carrier for media [...]
Enthusiastic Annabel - When Making Cakes Is so Much Fun, It's Impossible to Stop at One! by Elise Lowe
Annabel is a very enthusiastic, young armadillo. She loves learning new tricks but also has a tendency to get completely carried away.That's exactly what happens when her grandma teaches her how to make chocolate biscuit cake - she makes far more than her family can ever hope to eat.But Annabel is determined no cake should go to waste...



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