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Book: Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia by Linda Purnama
Author Linda Purnama

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AGE OF POSSIBILITIES - How To Live The Awesome and Extraordinary Life In This Age by Patrick Paul-Lukpata
We live in a time where everything is possible. The barriers of limitation have been removed by technological advancement and the knowledge of the awareness of the powers inherent in the human mind. Impossibility only exists in the mind of the man/woman who due to ignorance decline to acknowledge the changing times and the creative power of soul within each of us. You can be anything and can achieve anything you want in life, [...]
The Finish Line by Leslie Scott
Another night at the races is more than burnt rubber with a hit of nitrous. For one young woman, it's navigating trauma, love, and loss in the stifling Texas heat under the watchful gaze of her brother's best friend and reigning King of the Streets, Jordan Slater. Home in Arkadia again, Raelynn Casey starts to heal from a terrible incident at college. She finds love in Jordan, a member of her brother's circle of racing [...]
The Dancing Boy by Michael Matson
The Dancing Boy is a mystery. Treat Mikkelson is not exactly a burnt-out case but he's grown tired of his life as a criminologist and weary of memories of a marriage gone wrong and of his time in Vietnam. Trying to burn the bridges to his past, he finds and remodels a cabin on a small Pacific Northwest Island, settles down to enjoy fishing, setting his crab pot, digging for clams and documenting the lives of his island [...]
In His Father's Footsteps by Bev Irwin
He promised he would be back by the full moon... But that was days ago and Jason Sharmon's father has not returned from his prospecting trip. Now fourteen-year-old Jason must battle the Ontario North and his own fears to find his dad. Encountering many obstacles along the way, Jason struggles to survive. But when he does stumble upon his father, he realizes things have gone from bad to worse. Is Jason strong enough to do what [...]
Whose Boy Are You? - A Memoir of a Young Boy by Charles Frankhauser
"Whose Boy Are You?" is a poignant memoir of a young boy whose family life is shattered by his parents' unexpected and sudden divorce. After being shuffled around and living with different relatives, he lands in the care of an elderly-childless couple that are distant relatives unknown to the boy. Their guidance helps him when he needs it most and proves to be life changing. The memoir is both revealing and moving, inviting [...]
Beware the Attic (Tales from the DEAD Book 1) by Kitty Margo
BJ is having weird... hallucinations. What's really freaky is that they are being accompanied by some pretty terrifying noises from the attic. Then, to complete his lesson in terror ... things... that are supposed to be stationary and NEVER move, have suddenly come roaring to life. He and his two best friends are going to have to go into the dark, creepy attic and check things out. The question is... will they come back down.
The Boy with a Balloon for a Head by Brandon Rhiness
The rumor mill in a small town begins to turn when a strange boy and his family move to the neighborhood. The balloon boy seems harmless...but what are his intentions? All three issues of The Boy with a Balloon for a Head collected in one volume. The sweet, yet incredibly bleak story will stay with you for a long time.
Perfect by Chance - A Marriage of Convenience Romance by Everly Chase
Wed without my knowledge to a perfect stranger. Forced to hide out together in the wilderness. Are you kidding me, sis? You've married me off to the world's gruffest man for my protection? Until today, I had no idea that I even needed protection. Now, everyone keeps telling me that I'm fragile. That I need a live-in bodyguard 'til death do us part. Whenever that might be... Who is Rex Wilder, anyway? An old friend of the [...]
The Twilight of the Day - A story of extraordinary courage by Ian A. O'Connor
The intricate plotting...throughout this brisk work is truly impeccable. -Kirkus Reviews - The Twilight of the Day is a powerful story of human triumph in the face of impossible odds. It is a story of hope; a story of one man's resolute faith in God and country when lesser men would have succumbed. Navy Captain James Vincent Trader endured years of relentless torment as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. His true descent [...]
Be Extraordinary! by Justin Honaman
If you are not prepared to make big change, to pursue big change, to encourage big change, or lead extraordinary change, this book is not for you. This book is centered on one key concept: Extraordinary Leadership. Written in a conversational style, it is filled with thought provoking ideas on transforming yourself individually and as a leader within your organization. Each chapter introduces a Big Idea followed by a Core [...]
The Last Mile Home - Ordinary Insights from an Extraordinary God by Barbara McGreger
This book is a collection of a few poems, mostly short stories that relate to life experiences and the lessons learned from them that reference a related Bible passage. The writer conveys the stories in a simple, easy to understand format that can be used both individually as well as in a Bible study setting.
You Can't Crack Me... I'm a Rubber Duck by Charlie Northage
An extraordinary tale of one man's triumph over incredible odds. From a thirteen-year-old runaway sleeping in a "cardboard box city" deep within London's urban streets, Charlie Northage somehow summoned the stamina and resilience to triumph over a relentless string of adversities, betrayals, rejections, and losses which persistently dogged his life, to pursue a successful twelve-year career in the British Army where his skill [...]
1629 Mutiny on the Batavia by Henry Van Zanden
The tragic tale of the Batavia is one of the greatest stories ever told. Indeed, when Commander Pelsaert's Journal was first published in 1647, it became a best seller. Mutiny on the Batavia has everything: drama, romance, adventure, mystery, murder, massacre and mayhem. In 1628, the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia was the largest ship built by the biggest company in the world, the Dutch East India Company [VOC]. Filled full of [...]
poems in water by Mary Langer Thompson
As a former high school English teacher, I was teaching writing and poetry and also writing my own. My first collection of forty poems, "Poems in Water," published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts in Loveland, Colorado, 2014, contains poems of everyday experiences. The title poem, "Poem in Water" was written after observing a poet in China write a poem with a brush in water upon pavement. Talk about impermanence. Yet this poet still [...]
Wisdom of Fools - Stories of Extraordinary Lives by Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey's dramatic short stories have received high praise, winning the Antietam Review award, as well as being nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His fiction has appeared alongside some of the best contemporary short story writers in over a dozen literary magazines, including Phantasmagoria, The MacGuffin, Natural Bridge, and the Dos Passos Review. His first novel, Show Time, was hailed as "a thinking reader's thriller and [...]
Not Our Brother's Keeper - The True Adventures of an Extraordinary Man by Melker Stec
From the day Melker Stec had his head smashed against his brother's by an abusive father, he suffered from visual and auditory hallucinations. But somehow, he managed to achieve a successful career as a Georgia state employee, including as a correctional counselor and governmental analyst. Along the way, he witnessed rampant corruption. In this memoir, Stec reveals how he overcame so many obstacles only to engage in a crime [...]
Before The Paparazzi - 50 Years of Extraordinary Photographs by Steven P. Unger
When we chose a few hundred pictures for Before the Paparazzi: Fifty Years of Extraordinary Pictures to represent the life's work of a legendary press photographer, thousands more pictures had to be left, literally, "in the box." Before the Paparazzi contains about 28,000 words of text and over 250 pictures-most of them with an accompanying "story behind the pictures." Almost all of the pictures appeared in the New York Post [...]
Uncommon Household Tips - ..use ordinary items in extraordinary ways by Deb Graham
Stop don't throw that away! Repurpose it instead! Here are dozens of new uses for TWENTY ordinary household items you don't think twice about. From using golf tees to hang your hammer to dental floss for scrapbooking, you'll be inspired to look around the house before you run back to the store. We all want to save money, while making life easier. Buy this book---you'll be amazed at how many of these ideas will make your life [...]
The Soulmate Experience - A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships by Mali Apple & Joe Dunn
2012 International Book Awards Gold Medal Winner in the "Relationships" category 2012 Living Now Awards Silver Medal Winner in the "Relationships/Marriage" categoryCreate the Love of Your Life--Keep the Life in Your LoveSince it was first published, The Soulmate Experience has helped thousands of people around the world create relationships that are intimately connected on every level: emotional, physical, and spiritual. This [...]
Hard Times - The Extraordinary Life and Times of Nathan by M. Anthony Phillips
When Gladiator Magazine editor and chief, Bob Goldstein needs a big story to save his company, he enlists the services of new writer Max Newcomb to find the Holy Grail of boxing finding the heavyweight champion, who disappeared 50 years ago, after it was discovered that he was an escapee from a Georgia chain gang...
Be Brilliant! How to Be Extraordinary. - The A-Z Guide to Emotional Health and Wellness by Jenny Florence
Much has been written about the power of the mind. But living is not an intellectual concept! To be a truly alive, fully functioning, vibrant human being, we need not only to think... but also to feel. We must be available to experience the emotional depths to be found in every moment of a real life being lived in its fullest. Our core inner identity, the substance of who we each are as unique individual human beings, is not [...]
More Than 36 Days - Four Ordinary Men Face Extraordinary Circumstances by Carron Barrella
"More Than 36 Days" is the stories of 4 men who served as United States Marines during World War II in the battle for Iwo Jima island. It is NOT a typical war book as it focuses on the men, their backgrounds and how their war experiences defined them into the men they grew to become. They spent 36 days on the island but their stories are more than that! Learn from the hearts & souls of: Don Whipple, Joe Weinmeier, Max Brown [...]
Extraordinary Lessons From an Ordinary Life - Simple Insights for a Better Life by Mike Jaroch
Mike Jaroch shares his Extraordinary Life Lessons from his ordinary life of being a son, brother to 12 siblings, businessman, father, grandfather and humanitarian. His insights are simple, to the point and poignant. Anyone desiring some clarity in the direction of their life will enjoy co-pondering these life issues with Mike deep inside these chapters. Foreword The Greatest Discovery Of Any Generation Is That A Human Being [...]
The Shyness Guide - Alternative Ideas and Strategies for Introverts, Aspies, HSPs and other Shy People by Alan Conrad
The Shyness Guide is not just a different view of shyness. It is a different way of seeing the world. Alan Conrad believes shyness is natural in most shy people, that it survives from humanity's prehistoric past. If you are shy, he insists that you can cope with the social world without suppressing your shy nature, that you possess hidden strengths that, combined with acquired knowledge and skills, will let you function in [...]
Social Wealth - How to Build Extraordinary Relationships By Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network by Jason Treu
Have you ever admired those successful, confident, motivated, and charismatic people who seem to have it all? They've climbed the corporate ladder quickly or started a great business. They are fantastic leaders and managers who are able to get the most out of their team. They've made all the right connections. They've mastered networking and how to build deep, meaningful relationships. They're very persuasive and created [...]



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