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Book: Bees & Flowers by Liberty Dendron
Author Liberty Dendron

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Amazon are aware the link in the front and back of the book are not working and they are working to resolve the problem. You can type to get your free copy of Sniffer's First Christmas. For listening and for beginner readers to practice their skills. Run Sniffer! Run! Sniffer's in trouble again. Book one in the Sniffer series sees Sniffer, the puppy who loves to sniff, out and about on [...]
WAIT FOR KATE by Ayala Saar
SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! We try and try, and just don't seem to succeed. Then we see others succeeding, and that makes us feel worse! So it can be tempting just to give up. Kate the little bird is having a hard time learning how to fly. Her brother and sister both learned how, but not Kate! She really wants to fly and see the world from the sky, but it all seems too hard. Will she give up, or keep trying? [...]
Chase Danger - Super Spy - Mystery of the Special Sauce (#1) by Lisa Olivera
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Guitar for Kids - First Steps in Learning to Play Guitar with Audio & Video by Gareth Evans
For Video & Song Samples please view Author page Guitar For Kids is a fun all-colour guide on the first steps of learning to play Guitar with over 70 photographic examples, purpose-made diagrams and cartoons. Starting with advice on buying your first guitar, how to hold the guitar and how to tune it, the music then begins with easy-to-play melodies using only open strings (open strings means only the plucking hand is used), [...]
Mom Says "NO" by Rebecca Gresch
This simple, heart-warming story defines the connection between love and discipline. Told from a child's perspective, the main character feels unloved by his mother because she often tells him "no" when she corrects his behavior. All is resolved at bedtime when his mother declares her love for her son, explaining to him that mischievous behavior can never change a mother's love for her child.
First Friend by Edinaldo E. Santo
First Friend is a children's book and describes the first contact of a young bird with the outside word. H e was the oldest of a hatch of three and was born sotiny, that Mother Bird had to give him special care... O ne morning while most of the family was out, adistracted firefly flew into their nest and landed in front ofthe chick... " W ait a minute, sir," said the bird.The firefly went pale! "You forgot your hat." "I don't [...]
A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about SHARKS by R. E. Knight
REVISED EXPANDED Edition with 14 more pictures ... FREE ... Get My New E-Book "Dolphins - A Kids Fun Facts and Pictures Book" Free when you purchase "A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about SHARKS" Now! (This is a Limited Time Offer) so Grab it While it lasts... How many types of sharks are there? How long have sharks been around? What is the biggest shark in the world? These questions and more are answered in this Sharks [...]
Children's books - Honeybee's Family & Home, Volume1 - Honey bee facts - Family, home, gender, food & communication (Honeybee Series) by Jeanette Vuuren
AN EDUCATIONAL BOOK WITH FUN FACTS ABOUT HONEY BEES! HONEY BEES - FAMILY, HOME, GENDER, FOOD, COMMUNICATION As a child grows, it has many questions about the people and things it sees around itself. The Honeybee children's books for kindergarten & elementary school students, help answer these questions from the perspective of a playful female honeybee. The learning books aligned to Common Core Standards by Clever Mind Series, [...]
A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about Dinosaurs by R. E. Knight
Dinosaurs for kids...What is our fascination with DINOSAURS?? Young or old we all seem to be entralled with these long gone giants. This book contains lots of fun and interesting facts as well as pictures of these amazing creatures. "A Kids Fun Facts and Picture book about Dinosaurs" will engage your child on their own or if you read it to them. It was designed with young children in mind. Be sure to get your copy... Today!
Would You Grapple With a Grizzly? - Safely Crossing the Road by Danny Reyland
Would You Grapple With a Grizzly? is an amusing children's picture ebook that uses a number of ridiculous situations involving dangerous animals to underline a road safety message to younger children. These situations are so obviously dangerous and each is accompanied by a rhetorical question, that will of course be answered in the negative, that even the youngest child could not fail to get the message that it is dangerous [...]
Dance Little Monster, Dance! by Kally Mayer
Read this book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited Membership "Dance, Little Monster, Dance! (Suitable for ages 2-6) New revised edition - DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE TO READ BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOKS? If your child is of preschool age or a beginning reader and enjoys rhyming stories and poetry, your child will love this cute ballerina story by Kally Mayer! Perfect bedtime story! Increase your children's reading skill and [...]
All About Flowers - Tips on how to grow beautiful and healthy flowers, flower look book and the origin of flowers by Roxanne Bermeo Regalado
Some of these flowers are grown at home in our very own garden, some I've seen during our outing in Balay Alibangbang and some in a garden show in Panaad Sa Negros. Let these beautiful flowers inspire you to grow your own garden at home. This book includes tips on how to grow beautiful and healthy flowers, flower lookbook and information about the origin of flowers.
Bless the Bees - The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What We Can Do to Stop It by kenneth eade
Get the #1 best selling book on saving the bees! "If the bee disappears from the earth, man would have no more than four years to live" Albert Einstein This beautifully illustrated edition is educates the reader about the potential extinction of the bees as an indicator of a mass extinction, the last one of which was 65 million years ago. It explains what pollination is, who does it, why its essential to us, what things are [...]
Adventures of Tommy Smurlee by Dr. Judith Rolfs
The Adventures of Tommy Smurlee - Rated Excellent: Reviewed in Church Libraries Journal Outstanding reading for girls and boys nine and up. Join Tommy Smurlee for an extraordinary summer at Dunster's Camp of Mystery and Inventions. Exciting adventures await at a camp where children develop their imaginations, and thinking skills. Watch Tommy Smurlee and the Silver Team encounter a gyrating tunnel, venture onto the Trail of [...]
Little Cupcake's First Day by Nataisha T Hill
The first day of school is fun and exciting for kids! Enjoy this colorful picture book about a happy little girl on her first day of school. Follow her on her journey as she learns, has fun, and doesn't forget about the important things. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their kids and the kids will enjoy reading this book by themselves!
Brian Brown Bear and the Strange Horrid Smell by Edinaldo E. Santo
"What is this smell?" asked Dad. "It is just the wind blowing in your direction, honey," replied Mum. DOES BRIAN CARE? Definitely not, but should he? Brian Brown Bear doesn't want to bathe, brush his teeth or wash his hands. He is only interested in watching his favourite TV programs and playing with his toys. His odour is not going unnoticed, though, and it is attracting unwelcome visitors during the night. Critters who [...]
Ben, Zach and Chelsea Make Crepes by Mae Segeti and Nic Monty
Let's Make Crepes: There's no question that kids love to help out in the kitchen. Let's Make Crepes tells the story of Ben, Zach and Chelsea as they help their mother make one of their favorite dishes of all time crepes! Ben, Zach, and Chelsea love their Mom's cooking. And they get really excited when she's making crepes, those deliciously thin pancakes from Europe. One day, Mom allows the kids to help her, and so begins a [...]
(Children's Book) ''Brit the Misfit'' (Girl's Self-esteem and Self-Respect Rhyming Ebook) for Beginning Readers (ages 3 and up) by Kally Mayer
Read this book FREE as part of your Prime of Kindle Unlimited membership Help your child celebrate their uniqueness! Children's Ebook; 'Brit the Misfit" (A Children's Rhyming Picture Book About Kindness and Bullying) FREE bonus!! Self-esteem activities included - DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE TO READ BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOKS? Suitable for (Ages 2-8 ) (Beginner Readers) Brit is different. She doesn't fit in. She has her own unique [...]
Fluff Puss and the Boat by Ian Mower
Fluff Puss is a cute, loveable cat. His friend is a goldfish called, Mabel. In this first book of the series, the two friends take to the water in their toy boat to avoid a flood. The book is ideal for early learners and primary age children learning to read and makes a great bedtime story with lots of colourful illustrations. The book is also due to be released in different languages soon.
If I Were King by Randa Handler
One rainy day in the jungle, unlikely friends Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Monkey, Elephant and Chameleon gather to lament how boring their daily activities are. Zebra's imagination and fun-loving nature convinces the other animals to escape their mundane lives by pretending they are kings. Playing this game teaches them about their many differences and, more importantly, their own likes and dislikes. Zebra, upon [...]
A Isn't Just for Apple by Barbara Woster
Dear Parents -- As we are all aware, children learn from repetition. Teach, repeat, teach, repeat . . . until, ultimately, the action or knowledge becomes ingrained; a habit. This is why alliteration is an extraordinary learning tool; however, books generally target one letter sound at a time or one example. Today's learners are mentally sharp, thus should be introduced to multiple examples and letter sounds early, so to [...]
I'm Half - My Daddy is American, My Mommy is Korean by Paul Proctor
My family is a biracial family. My wife was born in Korea (Asian) and I am Caucasian of European decent. We met in college and fell in love, got married, and made three beautiful babies. We decided that we wanted to participate in the microcosms popping up all over the country celebrating biracial and biethnic families. "I'm Half: My Daddy is American, My Mommy is Korean" is loosely based on our family, and seeks to promote [...]
All The Wonderful Things by Alan Dufner
This is a book for parents and toddlers to look at together. It has wonderful pictures of different objects and animals with the word for each below it. This can help you child learn to have word and object recognition. It can be a fun bonding experience as well because you can tell your child what each object or animal does. The photos are all original. Some were shot in Florida and other places. I was inspired to create [...]
Why The Giraffe Is Crying? by Anat Umanksy
Children's Books: Why The Giraffe Is Crying? Kids books - Early readers, Bedtime books (Emotions & Feelings) Friedship, Social skills, Picture book (Values) Fun, Animals Stories before Sleep ***Free Audio Book Inside*** **Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle UNLIMITED membership** What would you do with a Giraffe who cries over every little thing? And how will you manage to calm Geraldine down? This sweet children's [...]
Kitten & Koi (Kitten and Friends) (Volume 2) by Aviva Gittle
*** 5-stars from Readers' Favorite! Kitten's new friend Koi is a fish. Koi can't leave the pond, but Kitten wants to find a game they can play together. Is Kitten brave enough to try to swim? The second book in the Kitten and Friends series, Kitten & Koi is a story of friendship and acceptance. Snuggle up with the sweetest, fluffiest kitten in the whole wide world!



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