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Book: Among Friends - Travels in Cuba by Heather Murray
Author Heather Murray

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Memories From the Land of The Intolerant Tyrant by Gus Venegas
This book which details truthful events during the Cuban revolution and life under Castro. The Venegas family witnessed the transformation of the Cuban Revolution into the Western Hemisphere's most oppressive political, economic and cultural dictatorship. For all Cubans that suffered under Castro's intolerant tyranny, you could say that the truth is our vengeance.
Set Your Boundaries Your Way - 7 Easy Ways to Say No to Difficult People by Stephanie Sterner
Do you feel guilty putting yourself first? Do you give in to begging, intimidation and other manipulation tactics ... even when you promised yourself you wouldn't? And what happens when you're finally ready to set some perfectly reasonable boundaries? I'll bet you don't know what to say! Whether you hate conflict, don't want to feel guilty, or just don't have the right words, you'll love this simple, concise guide to saying [...]
How Annoying Are You? - A book for people with the courage to look inward. And also for people who like to judge others. (Volume 1) by Aaron Charles
"How Annoying Are You?" is a collection of comedic profiles depicting several different types of annoying people. The profiles contain a description, a famous example of that person, quotes, some "facts that weren't fact checked", and a fun way to mess with them (at your own risk). Each profile is followed by a Cosmo-style quiz so you and your friends can see how annoying you are with that behavior. It's a light-hearted book [...]
Rebels On the Mountain by Jack Durish
Revolution, rum, and rumba -- what else could an American spy in Cuba expect? Nick Andrews, an Army Long Range Reconnaissance Operative, finds all this and forbidden romance with a beautiful mulata woman while exploring the island from the streets of Havana to the rebel camp on Pico Turquino. He also finds friendship with a loyal Fidelista, Juan Tumbas, who helps Castro train and lead his rebel army to victory. Nick's long [...]
Images of Cuba by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, a tropical paradise where lovingly preserved 1950s American cars adorn streets lined with crumbling, centuries-old buildings. And, somehow, the seemingly incongruous all fit together in one of the safest and most photogenic countries in the world. A living museum, Cuba effortlessly appeases all the senses. With its warm, educated, population and famed for its hand-rolled cigars, [...]
Quest of the Dicepterons - Volume 1 - The Blue People of Cloud Planet by Brian Wolfenden
Astronauts Olivia Medici and Scott Parker volunteer for a one way ticket to the stars after an extraordinary signal is received from a nearby star. Together they are a formidable team but both harbour personal issues. Their mission takes them to Cloud Planet where they discover the Blue People, a remarkable race, who are facing extinction. As they travel across this incredible planet, Olivia and Scott's relationship blossoms [...]
Difficult People - A Practical Guide To Dealing With The 10 Main Types by Kimberly Mathews
Difficult people, pig-headed people or just plain A#%*$, pardon my French. But however you refer to them, we've all come across them at some stage. This eBook is straight to the point and deliberately written in a lighthearted, clear and easy to digest style. It will show you techniques and strategies you can use to understand and address the 10 most common types of difficult people.
Orieonis (Little People) by Daniel DuBour
Four couples and two boys from the planet Orieon volunteer to go with the astronauts from earth in their space ship to earth. During their flight, the captain and his crew devise a scheme to kidnap the two boys and use them for side shows for monetary gain. Before landing, they separate the two boys from the rest of the orieonis, making mission control believe they only had the four couples on board. This, the third book in [...]
The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by João Cerqueira
Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 Winner in Multicultural Fiction The USA Best Book Awards 2013 Winner in Multicultural Fiction Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 Finalist in Literary Fiction The USA Best Book Awards 2013 Finalist in Historical Fiction ForeWord Book of The Year Awards 2012 Winner in Translations (Bronze medal) Nominated for the Montaigne Medal 2014 Winner Global Ebook Awards 2014 - Fantasy Historical Setting When [...]
Mortal Strike - Misuse of Power, Curruption, Fate...We the People by J P Mahoney
If anyone is going to change this overpowering government, put a stop to the corruption within the FDA, and knock wealthy corporation back down to size, it will be Steven Sloth, more commonly known as "Smoke."Kristy Wise a longtime friend and a woman that will waste no time getting closer to a man she has not seen in years eagerly joins in on the venture, hoping to remain close when it is done. Matt Lune another friend Steven [...]
Saying No Guilt Free and Establishing Firm Healthy Boundaries! Are you ready to start setting firm and healthy boundaries? Are you tired of feeling like a worn, weathered, and trodden welcome mat? Are you ready to change all of it and become the new you? Then this book is for you! People pleasers are generally the most sincere, kind, and amazing people in the world. They truly think of others first which is a very admirable [...]
Machines of the Little People (The Eve Project, book 1) by Tegon Maus
Ben Harris's sister died of cervical cancer more than three years ago... his best friend and her husband, Roger Keswick, disappeared the day before the funeral. For the next six months everyone from the local police to the Department of Defense searched for him but to no avail... it was as if he had simply fallen off the face of the planet only to reappear at work as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Then by the purest of [...]
The Winter People by Bret Tallent
The Winter People talk in the wind and torment you in your dreams. They call an enormous blizzard to their aid and fall upon the tiny mountain town of Copper Creek. The residents and visitors of this quaint village have more to fear than the raging blizzard that has cut off their town from the rest of the world. They have more to fear than the nightmares they can't quite remember in the morning. The Winter People have come to [...]
Lessons from a Difficult Person - How to Deal with People Like Us by Sarah H. Elliston
The funny thing is that Sarah Elliston never realized she was "a difficult person," --someone who harangued people until she got her way, threw snip fits and temper tantrums, talked over her bosses and pointed out what she thought were their misconceptions. In her family, where she felt bullied, the only way she knew how to get someone's attention and approval was to voice her opinion--and loudly! Without standing her ground, [...]
Stop Networking! - Building Relationships, Meeting New People and Connecting with Authenticity (Relationship Building and Making Connections Book 2) by Mike ...
Do you want to get ahead in business? Advance your career and achieve success? You can get the job you've always wanted. The clients you've always dreamed of. You can take any situation you're in and make it work for you! Mike Fishbein lays out the strategies, specific steps, and inner mindset he's used to connect with the thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders -- people he has helped and who have helped [...]
Patchwork People (Patchwork People, Volume 2) by D.B. Martin
The dead can still talk - as Lawrence Juste is about to find out - and what they have to say is deadly. A tense psychological thriller for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl with No Past. He thought he'd eluded the nemesis from his past - even made some kind of atonement for abandoning his family by defending his sister's child against a murder charge. His black had become a mere dirty grey, with the possibility of being bleached [...]
Learn Bridge and Have Fun! Make Friends, Meet People by Chris Lee
If you've been thinking about learning bridge but aren't quite sure where to start, this is the book for you. Maybe you've seen others really enjoying playing and wanted to join them but couldn't admit you know little or nothing about the game. If this is the case, don't worry. This book assumes no prior knowledge. It's a step-by-step guide that you can work through with others or on your own at your own pace. Each notion is [...]
A Standard Journey - 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent by Jackie Parry
They rescued five horses from an unknown fate. They sold everything they had. Jackie and Noel trained the lost and confused horses, and forced their own unfit bodies to meld into one team. Life became horses, trail, endurance, and camping: all seven reliant on one another as they trekked along part of Australia's majestic Bicentennial National Trail. What started as a dream adventure turned out to be more than they had ever [...]
Sierra Padre (Z-Spot Diaries Book 12) by Zoe Scarlatti
Sierra Padre is Short Episode 12 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking @ZspotDiaries. Back on the campaign trail? Well, not exactly. Zoe's eyes tend to glaze over whenever the subject of politics comes up. But as one of the nation's most sought after assassins, she'll necessarily be making a list, and checking it twice. The epitome of a target-rich environment.
Betrayed (Cry of the Guilty - Silence of the Innocent Book 2) by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
Despite a promising start, a penal colony set on a far off planet quickly disintegrates into chaos. When the weather turns stormy and snow falls, hungry and cold prisoners swarm the warehouses looking for food. The spaceship that had remained on the planet to be used for trips for supplies is attacked by the prisoners and lifts off the ground. Unable to land due to fear of being attacked again, the ship finally abandons the [...]
JFK VIP2RIP by Paul Gibson
What sets my eBook apart from the rest? I am The Assassin! Unlike 4000+ authors, movie producers, magazine writers ... who were not within a thousand miles of Dallas that day thinking they know it all guessing, accusing and keeping the human genocide train running at fool throttle. The Zapruder film proved 3 things: # 1. Not One Drop of Blood! # 2. JFK Was Not Human! # 3. The Assassin Faces Freedom! 5 minutes deleted from the [...]
Hollywood Stories - a Book about Celebrities, Movie Stars, Gossip, Directors, Famous People, History, and more! by Stephen Schochet
2012 Global Ebook Award Winner - Entertainment and Performing Arts Non-Fiction - "A WILD, FUN RIDE THROUGH TINSEL TOWN, PAST AND PRESENT!" -- Jan Wahl, KCBS AM/FM & KRON-TV - At high noon on a cold November day in 1974, sixty-seven-year-old John Wayne faced off with the staff of the Harvard Lampoon on the famous campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The students had issued their challenge by calling the beloved American icon a [...]
Classic Cars of Cuba by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Due to its unique history, many of Cuba's aspects remain frozen in time. With an estimated 60,000 antique vehicles still in active use, it has more classic cars per person than any other nation in the world. A lifetime after rolling off Detroit production lines, yank tanks manufactured by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and others remain in active service on Cuban streets. Once the exclusive property of Cuba's large, [...]
Invest, Reinvest, Rest - Investment Advice for All Generations by Sonja M Haggert
Stock market investing is easy when you are given the right tools in a simple to understand format. The author spent many years learning to become a successful, independent investor. She breaks down what she has learned from investing books and other sources, into common language, so you can get started right away.With a knack for making the complicated simple, she shows how any young person can become a millionaire by [...]
Creator II - Human Behavior Explored by Allen Pollens
Jeffrey Lerner Travels into the Past to Converse with People Who Changed the World. In the first Creator book, the Guardians of the Universes meet to discuss the unacceptable behavior of Earth's humans. Wars and other violence have to stop or the Guardians will eradicate the species. Creator forewarns actions in 2025 and 2035. Professor Thomas Scribner embarks on a 25-year mission to save humanity. In "Creator II," Professor [...]



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