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Book: Days of Sand and Royals by Len Steiner
Author Len Steiner

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The Saudi-Iranian War by Ted Halstead
The Saudi-Iranian War: Can Russian agents, Saudi tanks and American technology stop Iran's Supreme Leader in time? Iran's new ruler will use three nuclear weapons, VX and two armored forces driving on Riyadh to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. Can he be stopped before thousands die, and a wider Middle East war begins?
Inshallah by Sybil Powell
Jinya a wilful but otherwise a conventional Saudi girl had her life turned upside down at Abba airport when she admired an English expatriate, Mark Maxwell. Through a series of fateful situations they meet and fall in love, breaking the civil and religious laws of the country. Fighting against all the difficulties they plan their future together, only to be discovered by her brother. He had the agonising task of chooseing [...]
The Oxygen Wasters by L A Greyson
"I've killed four people in the past year, and I need your help to kill the fifth one." These are not the words Eden Franks expects to hear when he meets his best friend John for a casual drink. When a covert organization threatens to execute his family, Eden has no other choice than to enlist in their program to exterminate evil people from the world. The idea of killing is despicable enough, but the thought of blood? Eden [...]
Stories For The Soul by Jack Hammersley
A little book of just fifteen short stories drawn from the author's own experiences in life. Based in different countries, some are happy and some are sad, but all of them will leave the reader thinking about the beauty of humanity. Written over a period spanning thirty years, the author narrates a series of short stories as he would tell them to an old friend. Relax and feel comfortable, as if you were sitting beside him in [...]
Make Big Money and Live Like a Millionaire by Teaching English to Oil-Rich Arabs by David Kessel
Teach English in the Middle East and get your hands on that Arab oil money! There are possibly three ways to make a lot of money without going into business: 1)Become a lawyer - 2)Become a doctor - 3)Become an English teacher in the oil-rich Arabian (Persian) Gulf countries. The third profession is a highly guarded secret, and you won't read about it on Internet news or hear about it from your career adviser. It's not well [...]
To Steal a Sea by Simon D. Reagan
Russian oligarch Petr Damyanovitch had amassed his fortune through ruthlessness and charisma. His war record had been exemplary: as one of the most talented snipers in the Russian Army he had survived the blood-soaked killing fields of Stalingrad, and been present at the fall of Berlin. But after the collapse of the USSR his obsession became to restore his nation's place in the world, using the untamed destructiveness of the [...]
Research Sub-Contractor - Models For The Decline Of The National Research and Innovation System by Dr. Mohammed Ahmad Alshamsi
Due to the petroleum economic revolution in Arabian Gulf Countries in the last 50 years, this region has a unique and peculiar management structure for their national research and innovation system. This book adds a value as a contribution to analyze and discover a unique national R&D system from within, which is unlike any other national system in the West or the East. The book also propose several practical management [...]
Surviving Riyadh by Alma B. Apostol
My book describes the persistence of an employer to hire me, meeting him in person in Anaheim, California during a scientific convention at his request. I turned down his job offer three times, and finally he decided to negotiate the conditions where I was willing to accept his job offer. It took over a year to finally arrive in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The difficulties I encountered deciding whether to take the job offer or not [...]
The Daily Hazards of a Middle Eastern Wife by Soad Nasr
If you think a Middle Eastern marriage is something unfamiliar and exotic, filled with strange and unknowable customs...then you're only partially right. While both Eastern and Western cultures have their unique take on marriage, many issues faced by future brides remain constant throughout the world. The pressures of the first date, pre-wedding drama, and in-law approval are as familiar to women in Egypt as they are in New [...]
Max's Arabian Adventure (Shadows from the Past Book 8) by Wendy Leighton-Porter
In this spin-off adventure from the SHADOWS FROM THE PAST series, Max the talking Tonkinese cat goes on a solo mission without his usual time-travelling companions. Snatched from the house where he lives with eleven-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot, Max is dragged back into the past by an evil magician who has lined him up to perform a special task. Torn away from all he holds dear, the despondent cat fears he may never [...]
Khalifah - A novel of conquest and personal triumph by John Elray
A forced Muslim convert defies all odds to become the supreme ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia in this drama which pits Arab against Arab during the Muslims' rise to power in the seventh century AD. Through his memorable characters, John Elray exposes the inner workings of a movement whose conquests rivaled those of the Romans and whose influence on modern day life spans the globe. The author takes you [...]
Arab-Islamic Groups and Organizations - From Muhammad to the Present by Saul Silas Fathi
The Islamic faith is embraced by over 1.6 Billion people. Arabic is the official language of 22 Arab countries; spoken by 400 Million people. The original Qur'an was written in Arabic and the 5 daily prayers must be recited in Arabic by All Muslims, all over the world. T.O.C.: Arab-Islamic groups and organizations Arab-Islamic groups & organizations: A~Z (=600+) Caliphs and Caliphates (section #1 = 194) Important Islamic [...]
The Emperor is Naked - volume 2 by Joe M. Heads
This is the second volume in a series of about 6 books of practical philosophy, meant to portray situations in life, as they are in real life, and then treat them accordingly. The title of the series is based on the "The Emperor's new clothes" tale, in which the king and all his subjects live a lie in order to protect themselves from the false belief that only the wise can see truth, while the rest cannot! As in the tale, [...]
Bitte was? An American author's misadventures in the German language by Lawrence D. Elliott
This English-language HUMOR book hit #1 in 3 separate categories at, the German-language site. Lawrence D. Elliott is an American author, whose work has appeared in many popular books, including four from the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His words can also be read at The Huffington Post. He's been interviewed for such radio shows as The Daily Wrap from The Wall Street Journal with Michael Castner. [...]
Roland's Stupendous Imagination And The Native Americans by Jan Clifton Watford
INTRODUCING - Roland's Stupendous Imagination and The Native Americans Roland's Stupendous Imagination And The Native Americans is a story of a little boy that is overcome by his imagination and his curiosity about Native Americans. His imaginary adventure takes him to a Native American village where he meets other children his age that introduce him to their culture and legends. Full color illustrations and information on [...]
Country Girls by Karina Gioertz
**UPDATED VERSION ~ NEWLY EDITED AND REVISED** It had been clear from the beginning, that Emma, Eli and Evey Wilson would be tied together by more than just a name and the blood that flowed through each of their veins. They would be bound for life by the secrets of their past and the lies that kept them hidden. After a fire devoured their family home and left them orphaned at an early age, Emma, Eli and Evey found themselves [...]
A Drift of Daisies by Avis Randall
When Rowan marries George, she is eighteen, pregnant and believes life is perfect until the day she discovers her husband is being unfaithful and all the romance has vanished from her life. But when Canadian Alex McKinney arrives in the village, Rowan is stunned to find her emotions racing out of control. Then one of George's affairs spirals into tragedy and Rowan learns that love sometimes demands a terrible price. [...]
100 German Short Stories for Beginners - Learn German With Short Stories Including Audiobook (German Edition Foreign Language Book 1) by Christian Stahl
How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective way to learn German is reading interesting German short stories. Learning German doesn't have to be boring and agonizing! Here you have 100 entertaining and interesting German short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level. German for beginners can be challenging, but not with this book. All German short stories are unique [...]
A Guide to Foreign Obama Cartoons by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz
The cartoons we have identified in this guide are mostly foreign in origin although in many instances they are written in English, clearly prepared for distribution and use in English-language publications. Many foreign cartoons about Obama are seen to be insensitive, offensive, irreverent, vulgar, racist and otherwise "politically incorrect". They are often rated unsuitable for American audiences by large segments of the [...]
Boudicca - Britain's Queen of the Iceni (The Legendary Women of World History Book 1) (Chinese Edition) by Laurel A. Rockefeller
" " 43 Now you can read Boudicca, Britain's Queen of the Iceni in Chinese language edition! In the year 43 CE Roman rule in Britain seemed absolutely certain -- until a runaway slave of royal descent from the Aedui tribe in Gaul met King Prasutagus of the Iceni to change history forever. Rise up for liberty with the true story of Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni and discover one of the most inspiring stories in history! [...]
Lost Horses by Mark Saha
Seven compelling American tales. "Every story was a jewel ... from the very poignant 'Wide River' and 'Whiskey Creek' to the hilarious 'Why Men Cheat in August'. If you like stories that are a slice of life you should get this book." - Goodreads "The Blind Horse" > Johnny Wexler's old gray gelding may be blind and useless but is aggravatingly intent on living out its time on this earth like anybody else. "The Getaway of Eddie [...]
Embodiment Of Hope - Life Story Based On Luo Culture And Customs by Edward Orony Omolo
EMBODIMENT OF HOPE is a family's footprints on the sands of time. The author has used his own family as an example in writing is own tale of undying hope, courage and determination and the style is autobiographical and ethnographic, which makes his writing rare piece of literature. The testament ends with the story of the grandsons, and other members of this great family, who have turned into a peacetime book and pen warriors [...]
Beyond the Numbers - 5 Key Factors that Impact an Entrepreneur's Success by Larry Brummond
While strong finances and operational processes - the numbers - are essential for any business, entrepreneurs need tools and strategies that go beyond the numbers. Life-long entrepreneur, Larry Brummond, discovered 5 factors that have little to do with the numbers, but can have just as great an impact on the success of a business. 1. Personality - Explore your aptitude and attitude; should you partner up or go it alone? 2. [...]
"In Dala and Diaspora" is a journey of hope, faith, courage and determination. The writer wanders with you slowly, provocatively and elicits in you the feeling and the assertion that you can achieve whatever you set your sights on, your present circumstances notwithstanding. You are invited and encouraged to think and act imaginatively, bravely and purposively, unrestricted by local stereotypes, prejudices and limitations [...]
The emperor is naked - volume 1 by Joe M. Heads
The emperor is naked When you are familiar with the amazing powers governing life, you are able to recognize the day-to-day nuances that may be bothering you. And when you are able to pinpoint the real reasons for life's problems, you can more easily find a permanent solution. With this truth you are also able to extinguish false beliefs, such as worrying about threats that do not exist, or enjoying what is wrongfully [...]



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