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Book: BEYOND INFERTILITY - 48 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Pregnant by Dr. Elvis Crews

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BEYOND INFERTILITY - 48 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Pregnant by Dr. Elvis Crews might also like our reading suggestions below

Infertility - Beating the odds and doctors - A true story by David Jeff Johnson
David Johnson and his wife Traci experienced the path a lot of couples walk: prevent pregnancy for several years, say yes to having a baby, wait and hope, wait and hope, go to doctors, take tests and more tests, produce humiliating samples until the dreaded verdict 'infertility' is pronounced in a doctor's office. Meanwhile, friends became pregnant with ease, relatives asked intrusive questions, and co-workers wondered why [...]
Children of the Mechanism by Jeffrey Aaron Miller
Young slaves work in the bowels of a massive, mysterious factory, watched over by cruel robots. They live and die without ever seeing the world outside of their own working rooms, never understanding the nature of the factory or the purpose of their suffering. The work is endless drudgery, and life for the slaves is short and cruel and meaningless. But one day a door opens where no door should be. Some of the slaves escape [...]
Trona, Bloody Trona - A Revolution in Microcosm by Paul Henry Abram
Trona, Bloody Trona - A Synopsis 2013 By Paul Henry Abram This is the story of a young radical lawyer in L.A. and his literary non-fiction tale of a labor strike which takes place in 1970 in Trona, CA, the Gateway to Death Valley. When 750 workers walked out on Kerr-McGee - a world-wide conglomerate that controls a little bit of everything and all of Trona, having paid its workers in company script until 1957 - they never [...]
Silk Legacy by Richard Brawer
In early twentieth century Paterson, New Jersey, dashing twenty-nine year old Abraham Bressler charms naive nineteen year old Sarah Singer into marriage by making her believe he feels the same way she does about the new calling of a modern woman. He then turns around and gives her little more respect than he would a servant, demanding she stay home to care for "his" house and "his" children. Feeling betrayed Sarah defies him [...]
Room Service (Novella) by Vanessa Stark
Natasha Raven has a secret. Although she is the bestselling author of erotic fiction, she has never penned a sex scene. Her sister, Liza, was responsible for the sizzle in Natasha's books - until she passed away only months ago. Now Natasha must write the scenes herself. Trouble is, she hasn't a clue what to write and being a virgin doesn't help. When she is invited to speak at a conference workshop titled 'From Your Sheets [...]
Healthy Pregnancy - A Nutritional Approach - How To Boost Fertility And Sort Common Problems Through Healthy Eating by Maggie James
Many women and couples long for a baby and assume they'll have no problems having one. Sadly, it doesn't always work that way. Women are having babies later in life these days, and so can be trying to get pregnant at a time when their fertility is starting to wane. Also, poor diet can lead to hormonal imbalances, which mean that the woman doesn't ovulate regularly and hence experiences problems in getting pregnant. Men, too [...]
The Blessing of Sarah Daily Pills - A Daily Devotional Guide for Waiting Mothers and Pregnant Women by Morolayo Anne Owoputi
This is a book on experiencing Supernatural Childbirth like Jackie Mize's Book. The Blessing of Sarah 'Daily Pills' is a companion prayer guide to Morolayo Anne Owoputi's prolific book 'The Blessing of Sarah'. It has been designed to help waiting mothers, pregnant women and those with cases of fibroid tumors pray Word-inspired prayers during their devotion. These thirty-one pills if used daily, periodically and over time, [...]
FIRE-UP YOUR FAT BURN! Super Easy Quick Tips, Strategies and Goals for Fast Weight Loss by Lori Shemek PhD, CNC
In FIRE-UP YOUR FAT BURN! - America's #1 Fat Loss Expert, Dr. Lori Shemek, lets readers in on her secrets that will easily and quickly drop excess weight through quick and easy tips, strategies and goals. This is the go-to weight loss bible that relies on proven methods to take you to lasting and healthy fat loss. Many have already benefited by using what is in this book to create rapid weight loss and so can you... Discover [...]
Infertility - Beating the odds and doctors - Infertility memoirs and the path to an Infertility cure by David Jeff Johnson
David Johnson and his wife Traci experienced the path a lot of couples walk: prevent pregnancy for several years, say yes to having a baby, wait and hope, wait and hope, go to doctors, take tests and more tests, produce humiliating samples until the dreaded verdict 'infertility' is pronounced in a doctor's office. Meanwhile, friends became pregnant with ease, relatives asked intrusive questions, and co-workers wondered why [...]
4 Months To Fertile by September Baumgartner
How to Get Pregnant in as Little as 4 Months, Even if You've Been Trying for Years! Here's what you'll learn when you read this book: What bees can teach you about fertility and how you can apply that knowledge to your body so you can get pregnant fast; How your heart affects your fertility (hint: your blood volume nearly doubles during pregnancy so your heart must be strong enough to handle the extra effort required); How [...]
Experiencing Surrogacy - Perspective and Advice from a Surrogate's and Intended Parent's Pregnancy Journey Together by Emily Dubin Field and Melissa Fleck
If you can make it through this book without feeling a shred of emotion or shedding a tear of sorrow or joy, then please check yourself for a pulse... EXPERIENCING SURROGACY is the true story of how a beautiful girl named Ava arrived in our world through a years-long collaboration of patience, determination, love, friendship, and professionalism between two couples, their families, and a host of professionals. The story is [...]
The Clone's Mother by Cheri Gillard
Nurse Kate has a date! An actual date, with a real person. Not just a Friday night with her finicky cat or a movie marathon with George Clooney. Mack is more than she could have ever hoped for. But there's one catch: Mack's lab partner, Kate's creepy gynecologist, is up to something. Something dark. Kate finds evidence that the unethical doctor has used his patients as guinea pigs to make a breakthrough in his cloning [...]
The Teacher's Strike by Gabby Matthews
This debut novella by Gabby Matthews marks the first historical fiction set against the backdrop of the 2012 Chicago teacher's strike. Based on extensive investigative research of the monumental event, Matthews weaves a complex narrative that seamlessly blends perilous romantic intimacy with sultry political struggle. School administrators pegged Telly Jorgenson as a 'troubled' teenager in and out of six local high schools in [...]
Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room by Sybrina Durant
The book is about a delightful little girl who wakes up joyfully each day. She sets about getting herself dressed and ready for the day. In the process, she pulls most everything out of her dresser drawers and closet, tossing them this way and that. They all land in unique configurations about the room, creating a fantastic wonderland in her imagination. Through it all, she discusses her creations with her best friend...her [...]
The Consular Investigator - Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire by Onofre Poonin
Get involved with one of the unknown facts about the life of a Consular Investigator! The author provides you with an in depth description of ten of his well-depicted chapters. He carefully describes the circumstances that lead to taking you to his simple dream, his adventure and fulfillment, even to his downfall and his faith in God, the tragedy that destroyed him, and a vivid description of the character's bitter challenges [...]
Memories of Evil - A World War II Childhood by Peter Kubicek
We Holocaust survivors all suffered from what is now called PTSD -- post-traumatic stress disorder. In effect, we found it difficult to live with our memories. Each of us had to make his way back to normalcy in his own way -- a long circuitous road, which some traversed better and some worse. There are many Holocaust survivors who were unable to ever speak of their experiences and ultimately took these to their grave -- much [...]
Why Immigrants Come to America - Braceros, Indocumentados, and the Migra by Robert Joe Stout
Stout plunges the reader into the social and political upheaval that the immigration question exerts on 21st century America. Personal encounters, conversations, interviews and newspaper accounts provide a vivid and accurate picture of indocumentado life, both in the workplace and at home. They highlight the successes and failures of immigrants, as well as the challenges and contradictions that those who pursue them and [...]
The Undiscovered Room and other stories by Alison Knight
From the author of 'Peter Stone', a collection of nine bite-sized stories encompassing the darkly humorous to the supernatural. What mysterious force inspires a woman to paint a mural - with marmalade? A country policeman investigates the disappearance of two journalists from a crop circle. Berlin, 1938 - a dangerous time to be a Jew. Venture into the worlds of nine memorable characters who confront extremity.
Elephants in the Room by Charlene Wexler
Elephants In The Room is award-winning author Charlene Wexler's latest collection of short fiction and essays examining life, love, and the tragedy and comedy of the human condition. Whether she is tackling fiction or essays, Charlene Wexler writes from the heart. With a keen eye for detail and a way of looking at the world a bit sideways, Wexler's writings in Elephants In The Room will entertain while they make you think. In [...]
Evil Secret by Ben Westbrook
Detective George and his wife Beverly are impressed with the camp house she has inherited from a great-uncle she didn't know. But, there's a room they are forbidden to open. Even before they see the camp house, the murders have already begun. Mystery, Money, and Murder -- All intertwined as good and evil meet in Chester, Colorado - Dayton, Ohio and Marble Cliff Lake, Texas.
Elephant In The Room by Diana J. Febry
I really enjoyed writing this book and I hope it shows. It is about friendship, family and trust but also self reliance. Penny has suffered a nervous breakdown following the break up of her marriage which she had considered to be happy and stable. Feeling she has recovered she turns her back on her own issues and throws herself into the dysfunctional family of her new boyfriend. She thrashes around, full of good intentions in [...]
Inside Room 913 by Bruce A. Borders
"Excellent book! 5 Stars! I thought I'd figured it out, and then..." Parkview Manor has a secret, and eighteen-year-old Cynthia is curious! When Cynthia Holt takes a job at a former sanitarium, now operating as an assisted living center that doubles as a hotel, she instantly discovers something more is occurring than simply providing the elderly with housing and care. Something very strange is going on behind the locked door [...]
A Room of My Own (Legacy Series) by Ann Tatlock
Virginia, the young daughter of a wealthy doctor's family, sees her life forever altered by the Great Depression. Forced to give up her own room so that relatives can move in, her resentment at those circumstances is altered as she helps her father, who spends his spare time giving medical attention to the people of "Soo City." Soo City is a makeshift camp near the Soo Line tracks. But her father's goodwill clashes with [...]
Goodnight Irene by James Scott Byrnside
A brilliant detective...A baffling murder...An isolated manor...A list of less than perfect suspects with perfect alibis...No way out...It's going to be a long and deadly night. Hired to stop a murder at a birthday party at a Mississippi Manor cut off from the world by The Great Flood of 1927, Detective Rowan Manory needs to solve a 20-year-old case to save his client, Robert Lasciva, from unwrapping a deadly and perhaps [...]
Working for Peace and Justice - Memoirs of an Activist Intellectual (Legacies of War) by Lawrence S. Wittner
A longtime agitator against war and social injustice, Lawrence Wittner has been tear-gassed, threatened by police with drawn guns, charged by soldiers with fixed bayonets, spied upon by the U.S. government, arrested, and purged from his job for political -reasons. To say that this teacher-historian-activist has led an interesting life is a considerable understatement. In this absorbing memoir, Wittner traces the dramatic [...]



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