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Book: Avenging Star (Star Girls Book 2) by Ken Coleman

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Stone Heart's Woman by Velda Brotherton
Heading out west to Nebraska becomes a nightmare when Aiden Conner's fiance deserts her. Having a knife held to her throat by a blond-haired Cheyenne warrior only adds to her terror. All she wants is to return home to her family in St. Louis, but a blizzard traps her and her wounded captor in a cabin in the wilderness. After the betrayal of his mother's people, Stone Heart has sworn to never again speak the language of his [...]
Untamed (The Wild Women Series, Book 1) by Sharon Ihle
Josie Baum is as a laundress at Lola's Pleasure Palace not a nursemaid. But when a Cheyenne warrior whisks her off to care for his friend, Daniel McCord, she must quickly learn. Suddenly alone in a remote mountain cabin, Josie is tasked with the household chores plus catering to Daniel's every whim. After years of cooking and cleaning for her fifteen step-brothers and father, Josie isn't about to spend the rest of her days [...]
Destined to Love by Shirley Martin
[Previously published as "High Wind Rising"] Captured by the Indians as a child, Rebecca is torn between her love for her adopted people and her yearning for the white man, Daniel Chamberlain. In the midst of the French and Indian War, a time when no Englishman is safe, they find their love may not be enough to keep them together. They were lovers from two different worlds, brought together by war, separated by a way of life. [...]
Mist Before the Rising Sun by Jonathan M. Nielson
For those familiar with the Indian Wars, the forty years of conflict fought for control of the Great Plains during ans after the Civil War, mention of the epic fight on the Arickaree Fork of the Republican River known as the battle of Beecher or Beecher's island, conjures images of heroism, sacrifice and survival, suffering unimaginable hardships against insurmountable odds. The distinction is well deserved. For the [...]
A Western Story by John Black
A Western Story, is about a young woman named Hannah. Going to a boarding school she leaves behind her father. The following year she returns to find her father dead, the ranch in shambles. Who does she turn to, for help? Would the unlikely meeting of a stranger in such trying times help her? Warren Payne a land baron, is quite interested in the property, but does his son, Clayton hold the same values? The answers to all [...]
A Time for Warriors by John T Kirkpatrick
What if fate has left you as the chief magician in a land of faded magic, a land besieged by invaders? You feel it is your duty to help -- you want to help -- but your king, a practical old soldier barely hears you. So you strike out on your own to open a portal between worlds and import a band of warriors whose skill and tactics you know can help turn this war around. Is it your fault if the band of American Indians you have [...]
Indian Massacre in Orlando by Walter Parks
Arguably the last Indians living in Central Florida in 1883 were all massacred because the chief's favorite squaw loved White Man Cow. John asked the President of the United States to send soldiers to remove the Indians. John didn't think his request was out of line; after all the government had earlier been moving Indians to the "Indians Territory" (now Oklahoma) for years. But the President wouldn't do it. So John had to do [...]
Educated Injun by R.L. Kiser
Not your ordinary western. In the late 1800s old American west an orphaned Indian boy is raised and educated by a powerful federal judge. With a law degree from Harvard, a U.S. Marshal's badge, a clever mind (and a few of the Judge's cigars from a locked humidor) he is tasked to slip covertly into the lawless west to uncover illegal cattle drug doings. On the way he picks up a former Calvary lieutenant sharpshooter running [...]
Irami by Jindriska Mendozova
The deep and inscrutable Amazonian jungle hides many secrets. No one who enters knows what to expect. Adventure, danger, strange encounters, death . . . Young Madrid lawyer Manuel Castro undergoes all this. He firmly believes the mythical tribe of the Amazons lives in the Ecuadorian jungle. During his long journey to the jungle he meets a self-seeking guide Jose and also a mysterious beauty Irami. Life-and-death situations [...]
Lincoln County Crucible (Valediction For Revenge) by Roland Cheek
The story opens after the terrible Lincoln gun battle where Alexander McSween and many of his partisans perished. The notorious "Santa Fe Ring," a crooked triumvirate composed of elements of the United States Army, Territorial judges and prosecutors, and extortionistic merchants, are in near-total control of southeastern New Mexico. Young Jethro Spring is undecided about staying in the country, or riding into the sunset. His [...]
Two Indians and A Dead Man by C. Forrest Lundin
Someone behind him pulls the hammer back on a rifle. Now James understands why his horse didn't want to move. Two Fingers McCracken doesn't want James's money or supplies; the Metis wants help. The man who kidnapped his daughter knows McCracken's face. James agrees to help. The Civil War veteran doesn't realize the situation is far more complicated than he first thought. Emmalee McCracken is a pawn in a bigger struggle than [...]
When Dusk Falls by Dave P. Fisher
Nineteen-year-old Dane Chandler rode away from his father's grave with one intention - to kill the man who had murdered him over a maverick yearling. As he left behind his home, his place on the Branson Ranch and, most importantly, the girl he had planned to marry, his father's best friend left him with a prophecy and a light, 'The time will come when you will see the error of this decision. You will be lost in an endless [...]
The Order Of Things - An Indian Legend by Robert Marquiss
Indians have lived in the south west of Northern America for longer than the white man has been on the East Coast. No one thinks that Indians ran across dinosaurs, but I venture to say that they did! I have found that not many people know that tigers, mammoths and other creatures lived in that area in the distant past. There is a museum dedicated to creatures of that distant past called The La Brea Tar Pits. Look it up when [...]
The Traditional West - Anthology of Original Stories by The Western Fictioneers
The classic American Western returns in this collection of brand-new stories by some of the top Western writers in the world today. Robert J. Randisi, Dusty Richards, James Reasoner, Larry D. Sweazy, L.J. Washburn, Jackson Lowry, Larry Jay Martin, Kerry Newcomb, and many other members of Western Fictioneers, the only writers' organization devoted solely to traditional Western fiction, take readers from the dusty plains of [...]
Spirit Dog by Frances Altman
"Spirit Dog" was the name the Indians called Adolphus a dachshund that traveled the Texas Road to Oklahoma Territory with Jeffery Martin and his family Adventure begins at Fort Gibson when they explore a riverboat where they discover a captive Cherokee Indian boy named Hawk. The threesome head for freedom only to be captured by fierce Osage Indians. Unlike the Indians' wolf dogs, Adolphus is a strange new breed with a long, [...]
Indian Lands by Fred Albert Ludwig
Tipper had been told the Western Territories already had someone living there, and that they were not interested in any of the whites encroaching onto their lands. She had been told that some called it the Great Sioux Nation, and it was peopled with savages. She had been told of wild hostiles, the Indians who rape white women; those who killed the settlers, leaving their bodies laying out on the prairie as examples of what [...]
A Sky So Big by Ransom Wilcox & Karl Beckstrand
(SUSPENCE, clean romance) Winner: 2016 International Book Award, 2016 Laramie Award finalist, Literary Classics Seal of Approval. A strong woman and a Latino man, each searching for missing family members, clash amid a Nevada silver rush scheme that leaves both unsure who to trust and scrambling to stay alive. What if you came home after a journey and your family was gone, someone else was living in your house and trying to [...]
Joshua's Tree by N. W. Harris
When a skateboarding accident hurls 17-year-old Joshua Tyler into a dismal future overrun by flesh-eating mutants, he taps into the strength and courage hidden within him and manages to stay alive, only to discover his horrifying relationship to the scientific genius who brought all life on Earth to the brink of annihilation. Aided by Nadia, a beautiful warrior student who believes he may be the prophesized savior sent to [...]
MACLEOD by Dave P. Fisher
Devon Macleod awoke staring at the swaying pines rising into the sky above him. He had been shot, his outfit stolen and he didn't know why. When the tough old widow Abby Chaney found him half-dead on her Bitter Grass ranch and got him home, she swung Macleod's future into an unexpected direction. He learned that Abby and her daughter Katy were hanging on by threads to their ranch in the Strawberry Mountains. They were pressed [...]
Silver Creek by A.H. Holt
John Garrett is my image of a real cowboy, and my heroes are still cowboys. He's good with his gun and his fists, but doesn't fight except when forced. Smart, loyal and tough, John captures your heart, and the heart of "Andy" Blaine the heroine. Andrea is a bit of a tom-boy, but a beautiful, strong and true western woman. John gets involved in the war for water rights on Silver Creek and neighboring ranches because his father [...]
A Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Unites-Struiff
Western Humorous Romance Action - Cole Walker, Sheriff of Cold Creek, has more woes than he can handle. He thought chasing rustlers would be the worst of his problems, until Mattie Wells, the new gal in town, jingles his spurs with just a smile, and he falls head over heels. Then he finds a runaway monkey under his desk, and his inclination is to get rid of him. Cole has this fear of critters that goes back a mighty long way, [...]
Seize the Lightning by Madeline Baker
Mix a wild white stallion which travels through time with troubled hearts seeking romance and you have an unforgettable Madeline Baker story... Clint Gray Bull has a good life, including a fiancee and his own company, but he feels as if there should be something more. Recent dreams of a woman drive him to seek his grandfather's wisdom. Ellie Hathaway works in a saloon, but she dreams of a decent life and a tall handsome man [...]
Where No Man Rules (The Poudre Canyon Saga Book 1) by Dave P. Fisher
The Poudre Canyon Saga - Book 1 - Behind Jean and Andre Pelletier lay Quebec, their livelihoods as Voyageurs, and the body of Claude LeSueur who had flung his final insult in Jean's face. In a sudden flash of rage, witnessed only by his brother, Andre, Jean had plunged his knife into the heart of wealthy fur merchant Maurice LeSueur's son. Together, the young trappers flee westward ahead of the hangman and the wrath of [...]
Where the Horses Run, Book I - Mass Extinction by Judith Victoria Douglas
A mass vanishing of a world's species begins this epic tale of an apocalyptic possibility. Its told through the experiences of a young woman and those in her immediate circle. They face a worldwide crisis that should have never occurred. It thrusts Elle back to the stress-filled mental state of a previous like-experience. She's barely healed and so grateful her giant black gelding isn't counted among the missing. She's [...]
Run With the Wind (A Cowboy Christmas) by Judy DuCharme
Linney Merritt loves her life in the Florida scrub where she assists her Pa in raising and taking cattle to market. The new cowman, Cyrus John, appreciates the chance to start over. Marrying holds no interest for either, but they can't help but be drawn to each other. And then, just before Christmas, they find themselves fighting together to save the life of a calf, all while discovering the One who can remove fears and [...]



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